Friday, 27 December 2013

And so it goes . . .

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During Christmas Eve day, I heard the news that at a little bit before six pm on that evening, until a few minutes afterwards the International Space Station would be viewable as it passed over the UK.  All day long I said a silent prayer that the skies would be clear enough for us to see it.  It is not often we have clear skies during the evenings at this time of the year over here . . . more often than not it is raining.

We settled in shortly after supper to watch Charlie Brown's Christmas.   I have watched Charlie Brown's Christmas every year for the past 48 years and I wasn't going to miss a year.   It takes me back to an innocent time . . .  and I love it so very much.   Todd has come to enjoy it as well.    Whenever I read the words of Luke 2 I always hear them in my head in Linus's voice . . .

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As soon as it was over we dashed into the hall and bundled up (it was a cold and windy evening) and  flew out the door.  The sky was as clear as a bell.  The night was crisp and even and like good King Wenceslas we trundled ourselves down to the end of the street where our views would not be spoiled by any rooftops.   We stood their together, heads turned up to the sky whilst frost nipped at our noses and cheeks, turning them quite red I am sure . . .

All was dark and silent . . . that midnight blue expanse  above us was dotted with twinkling stars and I began to pick out constellations, my eyes straining in the cold to see anything that might be a tiny bit different . . . the wind buffeting our bodies . . .

I was just about ready to give up hope that I might see it at all, when all of a sudden there it was . . . gliding silently through the night sky to the South of us . . . it was quite far away and not as large as I would have supposed, but we knew that up here in the North West it wouldn't be as close . . . and for a few minutes I was a child again, spying Santa's sleigh gliding through the sky on Christmas Eve . . .
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Todd said how did I know that's what it was . . . that it might just be an airplane with it's landing lights flashing . . . and I said it didn't matter what it really was, it only mattered that I thought it was . . . and forever in my heart I would believe that I saw the International Space Station gliding through the skies over Blacon on Christmas Eve in 2013 . . . as I stood at the end of our street with my beloved's hand in mine.

Even he had to agree that was a pretty awesome thought . . .

We had a fabulous day yesterday with the missionaries.   We have three missionary elders here at the moment, two from Tahiti and one from Chili.  The one from Chili has very good English and the two Tahitians are trying hard.   Actually Elder Pahero has been out for a while and his English is greatly improved, the other Tahitian doesn't have a lot of English yet, but we managed to communicate anyways!  They each had two helpings of their dinner and dessert and then because it was boxing day they were allowed to watch a film and so they went through all our DVD's and picked an appropriate film to watch.  I popped them popcorn and passed the choccies and we had a lovely afternoon together.   All too soon it was time for them to leave, and Todd was driving them back to the chapel.

My sister's partner Dan bought her a web cam and a microphone for her computer for Christmas and so I got to enjoy a skype video visit with my sister and mother last evening.  It was so much fun!  I think we talked for at least an hour if not longer!  Mom looked so good and so happy.  It really did my heart good to see her like that, and I am looking forward to more video chats in the future!  I told Dan it wasn't just a gift he gave to Cindy, but a gift he gave the whole family! 

Not much on today.  There is an Amber wind warning in effect for our area of the country and I can tell you it is really blowing out there.   I would not be at all surprised if we lose our power today.  It's been a horrible Christmas weatherwise for many, many people this year . . . with ice storms, and flooding etc.  I don't think Todd will be going into town today to pay the rent, and with that I will leave you with a thought to carry with you through today . . .

"Most of us have had moments in childhood 
when we touched the divine presence.
We did not think it extraordinary because it wasn't;
it was just a beautiful moment filled with love.
In those simple moments our hearts were alive,
and we saw the poignant beauty of life
vividly with wonder and appreciation."
~The Intelligent Heart  


There are Parsnip Patties in The English Kitchen today and some pretty tasty brownies.

Have a great day.  Stay safe and stay warm!

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