Sunday, 3 June 2012

Sunday twaddle . . .

Well . . . it's just tipping it down out there this morning, and it's cold.  Typical Bank Holiday weekend weather!  I expect it will make for a miserable trip down the Thames for The Diamond Jubilee Thames Pageant!  Imagine it . . . a flotilla of more than a thousand ships making their way along the Thames River from Battersea to Tower Bridge.  What a spectacle that would have been in the blazing sun!  Oh well . . . perhaps the rain will stop by 1:30 and all will be well.  In any case we hardly Brits won't let a little bit of wet weather keep us down!  Rain or no . . . the show must go on!!

I was really surprised yesterday when someone on facebook (a much younger person) had made the comment that they were sick and tired of hearing about the Queen's Jubilee, that if she was a good Queen at all she would bring all the soldiers out of Afghanistan, and what a waste of space the Royal family was.  Clearly this person doesn't know their history, for if they did, they would realise that the Royal family are merely figureheads.  Our elected Government makes all of the important decisions, passes the laws, starts and ends wars etc.  She only rubber stamps things . . . and in reality she is not allowed to do much else.  If people truly want change in this country . . . then they must learn to vote responsibly and vote for people that have the country's best interests at heart.  One person commented they'd like to smack the Queen in the face with a kipper.  I responded better they slap David Cameron with a kipper, and that the way they could do that would be to NOT vote for him or his party in the next election!

I, for one, love the Royals.  I don't think they are a waste of space at all!  I think that the Queen and Prince Phillip have always been very decent and above board.  This is a family that has lived their entire lives in a fish bowl.  They cannot enjoy the luxuries of anonymity that we do . . . they can't go to the mall, or eat in a restaurant, or sit in the front garden with a cup of tea and a newspaper . . . their whole lives are under scrutiny.  I know that they are wealthy, and enjoy a lot of the trappings of wealth . . . but at what price???  If they make even the tiniest gaff or mistake . . . it's plastered all over the papers all over the world.  I wouldn't trade places with them for even an instant.

And then there is the service that they give to this country.  The endless speeches, ribbon cutting ceremonies, the hundreds of charities and trusts they support, etc. This country also makes a lot of money off of the Royals.  Millions of people come here every year as tourists and what is it they want to see???  Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, The Tower of London, Windsor Castle, Kensington Palace, The Changing of the Guard, Horseguards Parade, etc. etc.  If you took away all of the tourist attractions which have to do with the Royal family . . . well, there's not a lot left except for some beautiful scenery and the odd rich persons estate.  This country is rich in history . . . and most of it has to do with the Royal family . . . present . . . past . . . and future!

Basically . . . I think the Royal family is loved and revered by far more people than there are those that don't love and revere them.  I look up to them, most especially the Queen, and I know I am not alone!  So I am going to jump off my soap box now, and raise my hand to the Queen and applaud her for her dignity, her grace and her most royal presence.  God save the Queen!

We've been watching this series on the television these past weeks called Awake.  The premise is that this man and his family have been in a car accident.  He is a police officer detective . . . and when he is awake . . . it is his wife who has died in the accident, but when he is asleep, and in his dreams . . . it is his son who has died.  Are you still with me???  haha.  Todd finds it a bit confusing, but it's all perfectly clear to me!  I think it's a fabulous premise and a fabulous show!  I quite enjoy it.  I have had wonderful dreams about the people I love that can seem quite real at times!  I often dream of my Aunt Freda, who has been dead some 5 years now, and it is just lovely to visit with her in my sleep.  Night before last I had a lovely dream about my son Doug.  Thankfully he's not dead, but it was sure nice to visit with him in my sleep anyways!

My cold is getting better . . . I'm not stuffed up at all today, but a cough has started.  I hope that it's not like the last one which seemed to last for months and months!  I had a really difficult time shaking that one!  Warm weather colds are the pits.  I blame them on airconditioning.  I was in Tesco's the other day and it was freezing cold in there.  I could hardly wait to get out of it!  I pity the people that have to work there.  There's no need for it really . . . I don't think so at any rate.


And, I wanted to share the message my son sent me on his Birthday.  I've been meaning to share it with you all week, but kept forgetting.  So this morning I'll top off all this nonsensical talk with something pure and sweet . . .

"37 years ago today, I opened my eyes for the first time ever, and saw love staring back at me . . . I LOVE YOU MOM!!!"

Isn't that just beautiful??  I know . . . my eyes filled with tears when I read that.  Clearly I must have done something right!!   I am a very lucky and blessed woman.  I am looking forward so very much to seeing all my babies in less than a month now.  It will be just grande.  I am so glad that I changed my mind and am going to the wedding after-all.

I'll leave you with a Sunday thought now . . . and wish you a happy day today, whether in rain or in sun . . .

"Look at light through sunlity windows, 
and you'll always see . . . 
something lovely, something good,
 wherever you may be.
Clear away the dust of fear
and let no smear remain.
Look at every problem through
a sunny windowpane!"
~Patience Strong

Baking in The English Kitchen today . . . Mrs R's Date & Nut Loaf!


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