Friday, 15 June 2012

Friday mish mash . . .

I thought I would teach my UK friends today all about wedding showers! They are not generally something which is done over here . . . but they are very common in North America. When I got married all those years ago, I actually had three held for me, which was great. Think "Hen Party" without the boozing and male nudity . . . add in some much beloved friends and relatives . . . and then toss in a few gifts for the home and some tasty food, and that's about it in a nutshell!!

Wedding Showers have their early roots in the customs of Dowry practices, when a poor woman's family might not have the money to provide a dowry for her, or when a father refused to give his daughter her dowry because he did not approve of the marriage. In such situations, friends of the woman would gather together and bring gifts that would compensate for the dowry and allow her to marry the man of her choice.

 Many different customs have developed in different regions and social groups. But the basic format has been relatively unchanged for generations, and emphasizes traditional gender roles. Sociologists like Beth Montemurro write that the ritual of the bridal shower "socializes women into the hyper-feminized traditional wife role," with its emphasis on the future role of the bride-to-be as family cook, homemaker, and sexual partner.

I don't know about any of that . . . but I do know that it is a fun way for the family and friends of the bride to get together and show their love and respect for the bride, and to give her some small, inexpensive gifts that will come in very handy in the setting up of her home.  Normally these gifts are not big things, like that which would be expected as wedding gifts . . . so no toasters, china, silver, crystal or big ticket items.  Mostly what is given are small things like kitchen gadgets and toys . . . think pot holders, aprons, spatulas, wooden spoons, tea towels, etc.

Normally a wedding shower is held 4 to 6 weeks before the wedding, but I don't have the luxury of doing this that far ahead . . . so this one will only be about 4 days before the wedding!

Nowadays a lot of showers run on a theme of some sort.  In looking up about these things and looking about on Pinterest . . . I noticed a real trend towards themes . . . I've seen everything from elaborate Hawai-in (sp?) Lua's to simple tea parties.  They can be held in the morning as a brunch, as a luncheon . . . a tea party, or a simple evening affair.

Source: via Michelle on Pinterest

Mine is going to be very simple, but you probably already guessed that!  I don't have the money for doing anything elaborate, nor the time!

I purchased a bunch of decorations and things the other day at Hobby Craft . . . mostly on a pink and white theme, because that is my daughter's colours . . . well, pink and black actually . . . so I got a few black bows to add accents.  I got pink and white polka dotted finger food plates and pink gingham ones . . . some pink and white polka dotted table covers, pink and white striped straws . . . pretty pink flowered cupcake liners, etc!  Oh, and these really cute pink popcorn bag treat holders!  I popped them all into the post and am mailing them over to myself, as I knew that I wouldn't be able to afford that extra weight in my luggage!

I have picked up some pretty good ideas though of things to do and so I am going to use some of them . ..

I thought these moustache straws were really cute and so I am going to print out a bunch of moustaches before I go and take them in my suitcase.  I thought they would add a touch of levity to the affair, plus they are black and will go with all the pink, following my daughter's wedding colours!

I just loved this idea of having a sugar cookie/fruit pizza bar!  I can just set everything up and then the girls can help themselves . . . creating their own fruit pizza's.  It looks colourful and fun!  I'll be baking and decorating cupcakes as well . . . then there will also be finger sandwiches and probably punch . . . coffee and tea for the non-mormons, which pretty much everyone but me will be.

The decorations will be very simple . . . this will not only help to keep down the cost, but also I think simple is nicest of all . . . simple flowers . . . jam jar vases . . .a few votive candles . . . maybe a few balloons.

There are always games of course!  They can range from anything simple to outrageously complicated . . . I am a "kiss" kind of girl . . . "keep it simple simple!"

I thought this Bingo one looked easy and fun . . . plus I can print it out ahead of time as well . . .

I thought this was a cute idea too!  The guests all write out their ideas for fun dates for the bride and groom to go on!  It's colourful and gets everyone involved!

I plan on having at least 4 games and have 4 prizes arranged for the winners.  I thought I might throw in a pack of my cards as well . . . we'll see how the time goes for me in these next two weeks!

One thing I hadn't really thought of was party favours . . . little thankyou gifts for the guests . . . I guess that is where the treat bags will come in handy . . . I'm not quite sure what I will put in them . . . any ideas of things that are inexpensive but nice???  (and not too fattening!)

All in all I hope that it will be an evening of laughter and fun for all involved . . . and most especially for my girl.  I wasn't able to get over to Canada to my other daughter's wedding at all . . . I have always regretted not going.  I should have just borrowed the money to go, but I didn't . . . I often wonder if that might not be a part of the reason she is so distant from me . . . I am so grateful that I will have this opportunity to do something nice for this daughter and perhaps not make the same mistake twice . . . I am so grateful that I  changed my mind about staying away.  Fat or not . . . uncomfortable feelings or not . . . I need to be there and I want it to be the best experience possible for both of us!!  One thing that will help though . . . is you all keeping me in your prayers.  Life is just somehow much, much better when you are being carried aloft in people's hearts and prayers don't you think???  Thanks!!

I have gotten a little crystal tiara for her to wear . . . with a veil, like they do at Hen parties over here . . . I may pick up a learner driver sign as well for her to hang around her neck . . . I did buy a classy sash for her to wear, which says Bride to Be on it, which might be more appropriate.  They might not "get" the learner driver thing.  The important thing is we will have fun and she will know that I love her and think the world of her . . . and that my family does too.  ☺

Baking in The English Kitchen today . . . Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins!  

Psstt!!  I am starting a new blog soon . . . which will be a special one.  It's not going to be one that I post in every day . . . but a few times a week at best.  Recipes From The Big Blue Binder.  Let me know what you think of it so far!  It's in the very early planning stages.  Thanks!


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