Thursday, 25 April 2019

My Favourite Things . . . 

A few of the things which catch my eye, inspire me, pluck at my heart strings, make me smile, or that I just enjoy.  Maybe they will do the same for you. 

I love Nivea Creme.  I use the day cream and the night cream.  I use the face wipes too.  I love the way it smells.  I love the way it makes my skin feel.  I can usually get it on offer.  Its a win win all round! 

L'Oreal Mascara. Black.  I have been using the Million Lashes one for a long time now, but looking at these, I am wondering if I should add another one to my repetoire. That lash paradise is looking good.  Ariana had lash extensions done a few months back.  She said she would never do them again. I just want something which looks natural that I can wash off at night on my makeup wearing days. 


L'Oreal True Match foundation, colour beige.  This has been the foundation I have been using for years now. I think it is fair to say I like L'Oreal cosmetics. 

I just wish they made a cream blush!  I prefer that over the powdered blusher.

And this is my shampoo of choice!  I love, LOVE the way it makes my hair smell, and feel and shine.  I do have exema however and so I do need to alternate it with my prescription shampoo.  

The artwork of Norman Rockwell.  Every picture really tells a story. 


Hares.  They have such character in their faces . . .  

Painted Wooden Dolls . . . 


Flower Fairies by Cicely Mary Barker . . . I have books of them.  They are beautiful. 

Painted glassware  . . . 


Breakfast Nooks  . . .  I would love to have one.  

Old church pews  . . . . 


Old house plans  . . .  If I had the money, this would be mine.  

Drop front desks  . . . 


Cosy chairs to curl up in  . . . 

Attic bedroom spaces  . . .  


Old Piano Stools  . . . 

Window Seats  . . . 


Garden planning  . . . 

Scented candles in pretty jars  . . . 


Whistling kettles  . . . 

And with that I best be leaving you with a thought for the day  . . . I had an episode with my left eye yesterday so I am trying to limit my screen time  . . . 

° * 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •
•。★★ 。* 。
° 。 ° ˛˚˛ * _Π_____*。*˚
˚ ˛ •˛•˚ */______/~\。˚ ˚ ˛
˚ ˛ •˛• ˚ | 田田 |門 ★

Play is the highest 
form of research.
~Albert Einstein•。★★ 。* 。 

Prune & Walnut Puddings with a Lemon Sauce 

In The English Kitchen today  . . .  Prune & Walnut Puddings with a Lemon Sauce. 

Hope you have a beautiful day.  Love and be loved! Don't forget!  

═══════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ ═══════════ ⊰✿░G░O░D⊰✿⊰L░O░V░E░S⊰✿⊰░Y░O░U░⊰✿
═══════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ ═══════════  

And I do too!    




  1. very similar likes:) I really like l'Oreal mascaras too..Las Paradise is like Two Faced Better than Sex,less natural looking than Million Lashes.I have 3 because at Winners..sometimes things are incredibly reasonable and there were packs of two..Lash Paradise plus the whie L'Oreal Primer for less than the price of one mascara..$4.99:) I bought the 3 they had;)

    Try that white Oreal primer..
    Never would I have extensions.
    everyone looks identical now lol and some lose their lashes.
    Don't like butterfly but do like Voluminous.
    I loved Clinique for years.
    My daughter loves Pupa

    Love Revlon Volume and Length..the blue cap:)♥

    I recently started The Ordinary and love.Not mascara..but like the Caffeine eye solution..etc..
    Cheap and cheerful!

    Love Uriage cleanser..:)
    Oh Marie I have lists lol..
    I worked behind the cosmetics counter at Eatons in CeGep:)And last yr of high school.LOVED shiny and classy and samples:)

    Fun stuff..

    I don't think I have seen that shampoo here:)
    I like Garnier BB cream instead of foundation or a tinted moisturizer.Funny sometimes I look at some of the things I use and want to share.
    My fave thing Revlon dry and dryer..WOW.
    On that a great day!

    1. Oh, I wish we had more discount shops here like Winners! I know my mom used to buy a lot of stuff there Monique! I will look up some of your other suggestions! Makeup can be sooooo expensive, especially L'Oreal, but I am loath to spend money and not know if I am wasting it or not! xoxo

  2. PS still love Pond's..cleanser AND Cold cream:)All my juice glasses are broken:(

  3. Oh, I want to do something like this! (Pinterest is way too time consuming.) LOVE Norman Rockwell and that eat-in kitchen banquette! Now retired, I seldom wear a lot of make-up … but like you, I struggle with blusher. Instead, I use my favorite lipstick to make a couple hash-marks and smooth it in with a generous dab of face cream.

    1. That's a great tip about the lipstick Mevely! Thanks! xoxo

  4. Oh that bedroom in the attic! The door into the room is beautiful. And the window seat! And I would love to have that tea kettle. Thanks for the fun!

    1. Isn't it cute Mary! I would love to have all these things myself! Not greedy, me, lol xoxo

  5. Oh my, I did enjoy looking through all of this one. I love L'Oreal products too. I like their mascara. I too like anything Norman Rockwell.
    I especially loved all the decor; we have the same tastes. Most of all I loved the house plan. I would love to live in a house just like that.
    Sending loving thoughts and hugs your way!

    1. Oh, wouldn't that be lovely to have a house like that LeAnn! And a maid to clean it, lol Love and hugs, xoxo


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