Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Wednesday this and that . . . .

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Oh boy did I have crazy dreams last night. I dreamt that the motel I had lived next to as a girl, had been turned into a brothel.   Well, it wasn't apparent at first that it was a brothel.  It just looked abandoned and myself a a couple of friends were walking by it and we stopped to peer in the windows.

I was telling them all about how when  I was a child my father would give us our allowances on Saturday, one whole dollar and my sister and I would make a bee-line for the lobby of the Mid Valley Motel next door to our house because you could buy candy bars, potato chips and cold pop there.

As I peered through the net curtains on the windows of the motel in my dream, I could see a round table by the window and there were three babies on it.   All were in distress and nobody was watching them, and it looked as if one of them was about to fall off the table.  (I told you my dreams were vivid and I remember then!)   I could see further into the room and a hallway and I could see oriental women, in various stages of undress and men, and I knew this wasn't a good place any longer. 

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I was very upset about these babies, and what would happen to them, and so were my friends.   We made a hasty escape down the road to the Vicars house because we thought he could help.   I ran up the steps.  His house appeared to also be his church and I saw him rushing to the door.  He was a dwarf!  (With very skinny legs.)  He was wearing what appeared to be a powdered wig and a costume from what an aristocrat would have worn during the Georgian age, and he had a red sash, covered in medals wound across his very round chest.   It became very apparent that he was not going to help us and in fact was afraid of the Mid Valley Motel and the people there.

What followed next was a cloak and dagger escape for myself and my friends as we tried to make our way back past the Mid Valley Motel without being caught!

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Whew!  Dreams, who can fathom where they come from or what their meanings are!!

It was a lot of fun growing up next to a Motel.   We only spent a couple of years in that house,  but I have fond memories of the people at the Motel and how kind they were to us children.  I suppose we broke up their day somewhat.   They had a swimming pool which we were told we could swim in, but we never did.   They also had a duck pond and we loved to watch and feed the ducks.

WE loved spending our allowances in their lobby.   They sold every variety of potato chip and quite a few candy bars.  My favourite was the treasure box.  It was like a chocolate bar composed of six different chocolate box chocolates, joined together, my absolute favourite one being the Turkish Delight.  I always ate them in order from the least liked to the best, saving the best for last so it's flavour would linger in my mouth longer, I suppose.   They had an old fashioned pop machine, where the bottles were suspended from metal rods.  You had to slide the bottles of the soda you wanted down the bars to the place where the lever opened to allow you to take it out, once you had inserted your money!  My favourite was Fresca.  I loved it's tropical flavours.

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They used to call me to babysit for their clients sometimes.   They might have a couple staying there with children who wanted to go out for dinner or something and needed a sitter.   The Motel itself paid me.  When I think back on it now, it was quite brave of me, as they were perfect strangers and could have been ax murderers!

My father almost burnt it down once.  He had read that if you burn your grass it will come back in thicker and greener and so he set light to our yard.  The wind changed though and it raged out of control and was heading for the motel.  Thankfully the fire department came and was able to put it out before it reached it!

The second year we lived there the motel began building a large dining room/lounge onto the side which almost touched the edge of our property and felt very close.  I am not sure if that is why my parents decided to sell or not.  I will have to ask my mother next time I speak to her.

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Mitzie had a good check up at the Vets yesterday.  She has lost half a stone from the last time she was there, so that is good.  They said to keep up whatever it is we are doing.   She has good teeth, ears, etc. and got her booster, so she's good to go for another year.  She is laying over on the sofa right now in her favourite position.   She's not happy with the change in weather.  When it turns wet we shut the gate between the grassed and the paved areas.  It gets too muddy and with the colder temps we have been keeping the back door closed and so she has to ask us when she wants to go out for a sniff, which is annoyingly every five minutes! 

I have a busy morning on today.  I am supposed to go and have my hair cut at 11:15, which won't take long, but she always leaves hair all over my face so I will have to come home and get rid of all of that before going to the pot luck lunch I am invited to at 12:00, which means I will have to bake my casserole before I go to the hairdressers.  Not sure what I will make yet though.  Something quick and easy . . . and so I shall leave you with a thought for the day . . .

(¯`L´¯)✿Live simply.
.`•.¸.•´(¯`O´¯)✿Love generously.
******.`•.¸.•´(¯`V´¯)✿Care deeply.
************.`•.¸.•´(¯`E´¯)Speak kindly.

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Cooking in The English Kitchen today . . . Three Brothers Casserole.  Delicious!

Have a great Wednesday!  (Can you believe it is Wednesday already!   The week is whipping by once again!)


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