Sunday, 15 September 2013

Dreams . . .

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I can remember asking my father when I was a young girl, did he dream in French or in English. He could not remember which language he dreamed in. My father was born in Quebec, and lives in Quebec now, but for all but 59 years of his life he lived in English Canada.  I suspect that during those years he probably did dream in English, but I really wanted to know.

Dreams are funny things aren't they?   I have always been a vivid dreamer, and it seems some nights I dream all night passing and shifting from one landscape to another as easily as someone reading turns the page.  And . . . I dream in colour.

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Sometimes I spend the whole night travelling . . . walking and walking and walking . . . but not really getting anywhere.  Those are the nights where I wake up exhuasted in the morning. Locations in my dreams always seem to be a combination of every place I have ever lived or visited.

Sometimes my dreams are so real it is as if they are really happening.   When I was a girl I dreamed one time that I had a Tressy Doll and it was such a real dream that I thought I really did.  I was so disappointed in the morning when I checked in my toy box, which was a little cardboard box in the shared closet of my sister and myself . . . there was no Tressy Doll to be found.  Sigh . . .

I often dream about my children, and in my dreams they are always small.  I can cuddle them and hold them . . . and smell their soft sweet heads.  Those are happy dreams.  I love it when I have dreams abot them . . .

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I also dream about banquets from time to time.  Lots of tables laden with food, all kinds of food . . . every tasty thing you can imagine.   I never get to taste anything though.   Something always happens . . . I am distracted by conversation or whatever and when I go to eat my plate has already been taken away.

I frequently dream that I am back working at the manor.  I don't really like those dreams.  I am always doing something wrong in them, or scrambling to get something done and to no avail.  My last two years there were not really happy ones, and so this is the over-riding theme in each of those dreams . . .

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I used to dream that I was being chased by bears from time to time . . . and now it is about strange men coming down the stairs.  Dark and menacing shapes they are . . . those are the nights I usually wake Todd up by crying out help in my sleep! 

Sometimes I dream things and then they really happen and when they happen I remember having dreamt them . . . kind of like deja-vu.  I like it when that happens.  It's really cool!

I had one dream once which left me feeling very lonely and bereft.  I was walking and flat Tundra stretched out all around me as far as I could see from all the way around me . . . the ground was very spongy . . . and as I walked my footsteps were filling up with water.

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Another time I dreamt I was flying by using a loaf of bread as my vehicle of flight. I was hanging on to the plastic ruffle of the twisted end of the bread bag and was whipping through the air like I was holding onto some kind of rocket.  Crazy . . . but fun.

Another really vivid dream I had I was walking on the pavement around this building.  It was enormous, this building . . . and made from gold, and encrusted with jewels and diamonds, very beautiful.   As I walked I came to a door and I went inside.  Inside there was a maze of hallways with one door after another, and as I opened the doors I was met with room after beautiful room, each one more beautiful than the last and I could hear music, beautiful music. Music which had no voice and yet it did.  I always think I had a little glimpse of heaven in that dream, the Father's mansion filled with the rooms which the Saviour went ahead to ready for our return.   I have seen the Saviour once in a dream . . .

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I never see myself in my dreams.  I am always looking out from myself, just like in real life.

Todd never remembers his dreams.  I always do. Do you??? What do you dream about???   What is the most vivid dream you have ever had???  I really want to know.  I find this topic fascinating!

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A thought to carry with you through today . . .

“Have you had a kindness shown? Pass it on; 'Twas not given for thee alone, Pass it on; Let it travel down the years, Let it wipe another's tears, 'Til in Heaven the deed appears - Pass it on. ”
~Henry Burton

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Baking in The English Kitchen today . . . Snowy Pine Nut Cookies.  Delish!

Have a fabulous Sunday!


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