Saturday, 12 January 2013

Poetry Saturday . . . Paradise

Once in a dream I saw the flowers
That bud and bloom in Paradise;
More fair are they than waking eyes
Have seen in all this world of ours.
And faint the perfume-bearing rose,
And faint the lily on its stem,
And faint the perfect violet,
Compared with them.

I heard the songs of Paradise;
Each bird sat singing in its place;
A tender song so full of grace
It soared like incense to the skies.
Each bird sat singing to its mate
Soft cooing notes among the trees:
The nightingale herself were cold
To such as these.

I saw the fourfold river flow,
And deep it was, with golden sand;
It flowed between a mossy land
With murmured music grave and low,
It hath refreshment for all thirst,
For fainting spirits strength and rest:
Earth holds not such a draught as this
From East to West.

The  Tree of Life stood budding there,
Abundant with its twelvefold fruits;
Eternal sap sustains its roots,
Its shadowing branches fill the air,
Its leaves are healing for the world,
Its fruit the hungry world can feed
Sweeter than honey to the taste
And balm indeed.

I saw the Gate called beautiful;
And looked, but scarce could look within,
I saw the golden streets begin,
And outskirts of the glassy pool.
Oh harps, oh crowns of plenteous stars,
Oh green palm-branches, many-leaved . . .
Eye hath not seen, nor ear hath heard,
Nor heart conceived.

I hope to see these things again,
But not as once in dreams by night;
To see them with my very sight,
And touch and handle and attain;
To have all heaven beneath my feet
For narrow way that once they trod;
To have my part with all the saints
And with my God.
~Christina Rossetti

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Another poem here by Christina Rossetti.   I do so love her poetry.   It touches my heart in a special way.  I particularly love this poem Paradise . . . because it reminds me of a dream I once had which has stuck with me these many years.

I dreamed I was walking down a golden path, which went around a huge building which was encrusted with beautiful jewels and precious gold and silver . . . quite wonderful to behold.   I went inside the building and inside were too many rooms to count, each fronted by a beautiful door and each room being more beautiful than the last.  And all around me was such a wonderful peace . . . there was no fear.  I felt as if I was being given a glimpse of heaven . . . I don't know for sure, I only know what I felt in my heart as I explored this beautiful place, and I have always remembered it.  Even now I can see it as clear as a bell in my mind.

My mother was a bit low yesterday when I spoke to her.  I think she is beginning to feel quite overwhelmed by it all.  She has received all of her papers via the post and it just seems too much for her to comprehend I think.   I told her to not look at the whole picture, but to just take each step one at a time.  If you could please continue to keep her in your prayers I would very much appreciate it.   Although I cannot possibly know how she feels at this time, I do know how overwhelming things can feel at times . . . and how impossible to surmount the odds can seem, especially when we are blinded by the whole of the picture.  How much easier things can seem if you don't try to take the whole in all at once.  Praying for her to have peace in her heart today and always . . .

Yesterday's Silver Lining:  Unexpected visitors which brought a smile to our faces and hearts.  It was so nice to sit and chat and enjoy each other company.   I had not bothered to put on any makeup or anything yesterday.   I was dressed however! haha  I just wasn't very pretty to behold!

A thought to carry with you through your day:

"Be believing, be happy, don't get discouraged. Things will work out." 
~Gordon B Hinckley


Baking in The English Kitchen today . . . Jam Filled Baked Cinnamon Donuts.

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