Friday, 11 January 2013

Friday thoughts . . .

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"No pessimist ever discovered the secrets of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new heaven to the human spirit." 
~Helen Keller  

 Todd likes to listen to the news every morning.   I listen to it by default.  I'm usually puttering in the kitchen or some such, but I hear it all the same.   It would be pretty hard not to know that we are living in troubled times, both financially or otherwise.  I know that we have had to drastically pull in our belts over these last months and make big cuts in our spending.  Our lives have changed drastically since I lost my job 3, some years ago now.

The bad news is . . . it's not going to get any better soon.   The good news is . . .  financial hardship gives each of us an opportunity to seriously rethink the financial yardstick by which we measure our personal net worth . . . and in the process our happiness.

In short . . . we can begin to determine for ourselves, whether our glass is half full . . . or half empty, and we can sort out our priorities in a meaningful way, redefining our values.  Necessity can  be our new virtue.  Optimism is a choice . . . and can become a habit, if we will only practice a few small steps, and make a few small changes in how we look at things.

First, we can look at each day like the gift that they truly are . . . unwrapping each one with all the delight and fervor that a child opens a present on Christmas morning.  Each morning as we open our eyes, we stand on the precipice of a new adventure.  Each day gives us the chance to start over again . . . a clean page to write upon, a new beginning.

Today . . . we can put our thoughts of lack behind us.  Instead of dwelling on what we don't have, we can focus on what we do have . . . and truthfully if you are sitting here reading this, you are already one of the very blessed and wealthiest individuals in the world.   Statistics tell me that over 50% of the people in the world live on less than $2.50 a day . . . or in pounds . . . £1.56.   I seriously doubt they are computing people.  In all 80% of the world's population actually exist on less than $10 a day (for everything) or the equivalent of £6.24 a day.   Although I am probably one of the lowest on the scale of income in this country I live in . . . I can count myself as one of the 20% wealthiest in the world.

I already feel better, don't you?

Today, I'm going to smile at everyone I meet . . . because I can and because I am blessed to be one of those 20%.   Today I am going to expect good things to happen, because . . . they do.   Good things happen to everyone every day . . . even the poorest and most down trodden.   It's all a matter of perspective, and today I am going to look at my glass as being half full . . . because it is.

If you go to sleep warm and dry.   If you have something to eat.  If you have someone to love and to love you back.  If you have a sturdy roof over your head, clean water to drink, relatively good health and a bed to sleep in.   You are wealthy.   You are living an abundant life filled with great promise.

Abundance is not counted in dollars and cents . . . or pounds and pence . . . some of the wealthiest people financially in the world, are the poorest in spirit, and the most unhappiest.   I know because I have worked with them . . . and lived in their world.  I know which life I would choose . . . and . . . it's the life I am living.

This is a little something I painted yesterday afternoon.  I just felt like doing something for me instead of working on the children's book for a change, and that was more or less my theme for yesterday.  In fact I think that will be my word and theme for the year.   Choosing happiness, because, well . . . it is a choice!  And we make it every day.

My mother had her appointment with her regular Doctor yesterday and we now have some dates for things.   If you can believe it, all the information was sent to a mailing address my mother has not used in almost 30 years!  Crazy!   Anyways, she knows now and all of her appointments are set to happen in the next two weeks, beginning with a Pulmonary Function test on the 15th, another CT Scan on the 16th and then a needle biopsy on the 22nd,   So I won't be traveling over until the end of the month it seems, and if a miracle occurs, then I won't be traveling at all.   She was told that her tumor was less than an inch in circumference, which is also good I think.  Please do continue to keep her in your prayers.  They are very much appreciated!

That was my silver lining yesterday.   Knowing that her cancer is small, and contained . . . and that the wheels are in motion towards making it all better.

A thought to carry with you throughout today:

“God doesn't care nearly as much about where you have been as He does about where you are and, with His help, where you are willing to go.” 
~Jeffrey R Holland


Cooking in The English Kitchen today .  .  . Chicken Tarragon Casserole, a temptingly tasty use of leftovers!

Happy day all . . . the weekend is here!


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