Sunday, 6 January 2013

A rose by any other name . . .

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One of the things I love most about the UK is the different words they use for things . . . and when I think back on it through the years . . . this is also the exact reason I was totally enthralled in Enid Blyton books when I was a child.

How much more interesting does the word "Lorry" sound . . . than truck?   Infinitely!   I would rather have to look for things in the "Boot" of the car . . . than in the trunk, and investigating something under the "bonnet" has to be far much more fascinating than an investigation simply done under the hood.

Or is that just me?

Here in the UK . . . we do our main cooking on a "cooker" . . . not a stove, and we place our "refuse" (not garbage) into a "bin", and we have a bin for everything from soup to nuts . . . and when we don't want something anymore . . . well, we simply  "bin" it!

We sit in the evenings . . . in the "lounge" and watch "telly."   British television is some of the best in the world I would have to say . . . "cracking" . . . I much prefer a good evening in front of the telly to getting "Bladdered" at our "local."   But then again we are boring, simple "folk."

When we need to take a "wee" we "nip" to the "loo."  We also love to stand at the gate and have a good "chin wag" with the locals.   The weather . . . always, always comes up.  It's something we all love to talk about . . . and the weather men on the "telly" never get it right, or is it that the weather is so unreliable.   "Prolly" a mixture of both I would think.  "One" never ventures out without a "brolly" just in case . . .  Or then again . . . I could be telling you a whole "load of old cobblers," or even a load of "rubbish."   But how would you know?  It may even be "codswallop!"   "Cor blimey."

Source: via Brenda on Pinterest

Have I lost you yet?   Am I sounding perhaps a bit "daft?"  or even "dodgy?"

Whew!   Time for a "brew!"  Do you think?  Me, I'm positively "gagging" for a "cuppa."  Perhaps I'll take a "gander" in the cupboards to see if I can find something we both "fancy."   If I'm not back in a "fortnight" send in the "coppers."   I may have ended up in the "loft."   Don't sit there all "gobsmacked!" and "sputtering."  Cross your fingers and hope that I won't be "detained at her majesty's pleasure."

"Keep your pecker up!"  It's all "jolly" good fun . . . "mate."

I've found something "scrummy" and "moreish," . . . "luvvly-jubbly" even, so don't be a "nancy boy", we can sit here in our "muftis" and eat some "choice" "nosh."

I promise you . . . I'm not "off my trolly."  You may not even know what I'm "on about."   I can promise you this . . . it's a "one off."  I didn't "pinch" it, not a word . . . if it all goes "pear shaped" please tell them I'm not "potty" or a "prat!"

"Put a sock in it" and don't "get all shirty."  Don't look all "stroppy!"  I'm not "waffling" on about "naught."  I'll stop "whinging" now.   We can both put on our "wellies" and "pop" down the "DIY" and drop a few "clangers" and "faff about" for a bit.

Or maybe not.

"Pip pip"  "Cheerio" and "kushti."

"Toodle doo" . . . I'm "on my bike!"  "Spiffin!"


Tasty nosh in The English Kitchen today . . . Cherry and Almond Scones.


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