Saturday, 5 January 2013

Poetry Saturday . . . The Message of the New Year

I asked the New Year for some message sweet,
Some rule of life with which to guide my feet;
I asked, and paused: he answered soft and low,
"God's will to know."

"Will knowledge then suffice, New Year?" I cried;
And, ere the question into silence died,
The answer came, "Nay, but remember, too,
God's will to do"

Source: via Marie on Pinterest

Once more I asked, "Is there no more to tell?"
And once again the answer sweetly fell,
"Yes! this thing, all other things above:
God's will to love."
~author unknown

We took down all of our Christmas Decorations yesterday.  The house always seems to be so empty when they come down.  And yet . . . it didn't seem empty before they went up.  I wonder why that is . . . but it's the same every year.  Mitzie is happy to have things back to normal and her bed back to it's rightful place.  I miss the little white sparkly fairy lights . . . perhaps I'll have to bring back a string or two . . . they did look quite pretty sitting on the mantle . . .


I worked on a painting . . . very much a work in progress . . . yesterday afternoon.  Something different.   Two chickadees.  I am not sure of where they are just yet.   I thought perhaps sitting on a branch . . . maybe even pine branches, which is where you are more than likely to find them . . . but I haven't decided yet.

Todd said to me when he saw it . . . you are an artist.   I do not know if I am or if I am not.   I only know that I enjoy playing with my fingers and paints . . . and I love birds.

As I was painting yesterday afternoon, I was thinking about my sister and the mutual love we both have of birds, and how we used to bird watch together.   Happy memories clouded my mind and I wonder . . . did she take these same memories out from time to time and ponder and wonder at them too?

We had such a mild day yesterday . . . at one point I had the back door open and the hedgerow which lines our back garden sounded like a hedgerow in spring.   The birds were gaily chattering away to each other . . . enjoying their respite from the cold of winter, no doubt.   I am always amazed and in awe of birds on bitter cold winter days . . . I think it is a miracle when I see these small creatures hopping over ice in the bitter cold of January and February . . . their little bodies all puffed up against it.   How can they continue to fly, and sing and perch . . . against such odds.

"Oh, so light a foot, can ne'er wear out the everlasting flint." ~William Shakespeare

Have you ever held a bird?  You feel as if you are holding air when you hold a chickadee . . . their delicate feet seem far too small to support anything, their body so small beneath the softness of  their feathers . . . little hearts beating fast and sure . . .

It is a miracle of nature . . . and of God.

Source: via Marie on Pinterest

A thought to carry you through the day:

Promise to yourself to be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.  To be too wise for worry, too tolerant for anger, and too courageous for fear.  To be Happy.
~Author unknown

The Silver Lining:  Although the anti-bio-tics have left me at turns feeling quite nauseated and with a very upset tummy . . . ahem . . . quite severe diarrhea . . . my cough is slowly beginning to get better.  This is a case where the cure may well be felt and seen to be worse than the disease . . . but I am glad for it all the same.


Baking in The English Kitchen today . . . gloriously delicious Queen Cakes.   How could you NOT love something called a Queen cake???  Quite impossible I think.


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