Sunday, 6 August 2017

Call me crazy but . . .


These are the types of things that really annoy me.  Maybe they annoy you too.

Crumbs in the butter.  Grrr . . . I hate finding crumbs in the butter. Nobody wants crumbs in the butter.  When I go to butter my toast, or bread, or whatever, I don't want to be spreading your toast/bread/whatever crumbs all over my toast/bread/whatever.  How much effort does it take to wipe your knife off first before you put it into the butter???  Men are the worse culprits.  Probably because they don't really care how many unsourceable/untraceable, probably steeped in a bazillion germsable crumbs they spread on their breadtoast/whatever . . .  and that's probably because they are their crumbs to begin with.

And while I am on that same strain of thought  . . .  I don't like butter in my jam either, or my peanut butter, or my anything.  Stop sticking dirty knives in things.  It drives  me crazy.  I don't mind washing an extra spoon.  Its a lot easier to wash a spoon (that you use to take what you want out of the jar of whatever to spread on your whatever) and takes a lot less time than me having to take a spoon and scrape off all of the residue from someone else's negligence.

Am I a big pain in the arse or what?


The telephone ringing after 9:30 at night.  Unless it is a great emergency, I don't really want anyone calling me, messaging me, etc. after 9:30 at night.  The last six nights someone has called our house at exactly 9:30 every night and let the phone ring once, and then called back again doing the same thing 5 minutes later.  Why?  Its a mystery to me.  I was raised to think that unless it is a great emergency that can't wait you don't telephone anyone before a certain hour of the day, after a certain hour at night or during meal times.  In fact I am getting so old and crochety now I don't like to talk on the telephone at all in the evening.  It disturbs my sleep. I like to do all my talking in the daytime.  At night I like to veg out and just zzzz.


This guy.

A middle aged opera singer warbling "Go Compare" at me at the top of his lungs every commercial break, sometimes numerous times, on every channel.  Very effective advertising however because I could not forget the name of that company if I tried. If you are wanting to know what I am talking about look up Go Compare guy on You Tube.  You'll see what I mean

Songs that get in your head and won't leave.  I just know that right now you are asking yourself, "Why, oh why did she do it.  Now I am going to have that stupid song going through my head all day".  You're welcome. 

Its like the song that never ends.

Short "Use-by" dates on the produce at the supermarket.  It is almost impossible to get anything that has a longer than two day shelf life when it comes to fresh produce.  Yes, I am the person who digs into the back and in the under trays to get something fresher. I can't afford to go shopping every second day thank you very much.  I never order fresh produce via on-line shopping either.  It always comes short-dated, or on the cusp.  

And, again . . .  while I am on that vein of thought  . . .  fruit that doesn't ripen and doesn't ripen when you get it at home and then magically over-ripens when you aren't looking, or tastes/feels mealy when it does ripen.  Hard-as-a-rock pears/plums/peaches/nectarines that you can't bite into but that are off by the time that you can.   I don't understand it.  I only buy these fruits when I am going to cook with them now.  The rest of the time I used tinned because, to be quite honest, I know that at least it is going to be edible no matter when I open it, and I won't end up throwing it away.  If I want edible fruit I buy ready to eat fruit. I know it costs more, but at least it gets eaten.  Its bad economy to buy ripen at home fruit in my opinion, unless you want it for cooking. Just my two cents worth!

Need I say more???  Yes, I must.  This doesn't happen at home. Because I have him well trained.  But there is nothing more annoying than doing your business in a public bathroom only to find out there is no toilet paper in the stall.  Its empty.  Or worse yet, there is a spare roll but its sitting on the floor.  I always carry extra tissues in my purse for just this purpose.  Oh, and soap dispensers that are empty, and empty hand towel dispensers, or air hand dryers that have no oomph. 

'Nuff said. 


No . . . 
And people spend good money on these. 

Call me old fashioned, but I don't get it. My mother would have been mortified if we had gone out of the house in a pair of trousers looking like this.  It would have told the world that she was a bad mother, or worse yet, my father was a bad provider. It would have told the world we were poor and our parents couldn't afford to clothe us properly.   I would have been mortified to send my kids out like this.  I just wouldn't/couldn't do it.  Not on purpose at any rate.  And I certainly wouldn't have spent good money on them.

Don't get me started . . . I was so proud when I had learned to tie my own shoes.  Nowadays they don't even bother  . . .  and they tuck their trousers into them.  I know we are a lot more relaxed in our dress these days, and in some ways I don't mind, but standards have really slipped low.  I was always taught that untied laces were dangerous.  You could trip over them.

Grocery shoppers who pick stuff up and carry it around the shop, then change their minds and just leave it willy nilly wherever.  I hate it when I see frozen stuff shoved on top of canned goods, or fresh produce left in the freezers, etc.  It takes very little effort to return it to its proper place.  Don't they realise that doing things like this costs everyone extra money???  Grocery stores always makes up their losses by charging the customers more.  

Post people, delivery people, leaflet deliverers, etc. that enter your yard but leave the gate open when they leave.  Its inconsiderate and could cost a family its much beloved pet.

When I see somebody littering, it really annoys me.  I want to run after them and tell them they dropped something whilst returning their litter to them, but I don't.  I just pick it up and bring it home and put it in my own bin.  But what really REALLY annoys me is fly-tippers.  You know what I mean.  People who think it is okay to dispose of loads of their rubbish on any vacant lot, spare piece of land, back alleyway, neighbor on holiday's property, etc. This is not only disrespectful to the environment, but disrespectful to everyone.  Its really not on.  Councils need to get really tough with anyone they catch doing this. Millions of tax dollars that would be better spent on other things are wasted every year picking up lazy, inconsiderate people's rubbish.

I don't smoke, but I used to.  It was really hard for me to quit, but I am glad that I did.  I like to think, however, that when I did smoke I was very considerate to those who didn't.  I really, really hate it when I have to go into a restaurant (or anywhere really) and I have to walk through a cloud of cigarette smoke to do so.  I think smoking should be banned from all entrances to buildings and that there should be dedicated smoking areas for people to do it,  areas that don't impinge upon the rights of those who don't smoke.   I really hate it when people who smoke, do so in bus shelters, etc.  Its ignorant.  I also hate people smoking those electronic cigarettes right on buses, etc.  I applaud you for trying to quit, but surely you can wait a few more minutes to suck on that thing.  I don't know whats in your vapour but if I wanted to inhale it, I'd get my own.  And I wouldn't be inhaling it where it would bother anyone else.

Queue Jumpers.  I really hate it when people butt in.  When you have been waiting for what seems like hours and them someone comes along and just butts into the line in front of you.  Its ignorant and inconsiderate.  People need to wait their turn.  Nine times out of ten if you are really in a hurry or you have a real need to get through the queue quicker for an important reason, I will gladly let you go in front of me, but ask, please . . .  ask!  There have been lots of times that there is a person with only a few items behind me in the queue at the grocery shop and I tell them to go first.  But its my choice.

And this type of thing really irritates me.  Just because your vehicle is skinny and can cut through the middle doesn't make it right.  Its dangerous and annoying.

And while I am at it, cars that pass on the wrong side, and
impatient drivers who pass when it is unsafe
to do so, putting their lives in danger
and yours as well

 Nine times out of then when you get to the lights etc. they are right in front of you, so their hazardous behaviour really didn't get them very far did it?

Child proof packaging that is totally impenetrable by anyone human at all. Packaging that requires you completely destroy it to get inside, rendering it unreturnable.  Cashiers that forget to take off the anti-theft thingies, or run the merchandise bar codes over the thing that inactivates them . . . that send the theft alarms off when you go to leave a shop. People will think you are trying to steal, and its embarassing.

I could go on and on, but I better stop while I am ahead!  I am sounding like an old grump!  I promise you I am not.  Really.  Okay so maybe a little. 😉

So proud of my son Anthony who is pursuing his dream to do stand-up comedy.  He did his very first gig the other night.  I know it takes great courage to get up in front of people like that and do your bit.  He writes all his own stuff and he has always been a funny guy.  I think he did really well.  I wish him all the success in the world, and not just because I'm the mama. ♥  

A picture thought for today  . . . 


In The  English Kitchen today  . . .  Lazy Daisy Cake.  Sooo good!

Have a blessed Sunday.  Hope it is filled with things that are sweet and non-annoying!  Don't forget!

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And I do too!



  1. Good morning Marie. I can happily say I share many of these pet hates. I do let people go ahead of me quite often. Once I let a lady through at Aldi. She was so pushy and she bought out all of their stock that was kept behind the counter. Pip missed out on that Christmas gift that year! My pill opening problem is now taken care of as I have my medicines packed by my pharmacist. I won't start on littering...because my neighbour has trash everywhere and we look on to his dilapidated land rover. Seriously it is a rust bucket that he has cut bits out of and even has wasps nests within it.

    Our road rules allow motorcyclists to ride between lanes. A few years ago they stopped it and for some reason it has been brought back. Having had an accident recently I am hyper aware of those rushing and pushing their way everywhere. Our smoking rules are now very strict. You cannot smoke within 5 m of buildings, d not at all hospitals, schools etc. I thank God for that.

    I wish your son well and most importantly I hope he enjoys himself.

    God bless.

  2. Agree with every one of these Marie!

  3. Yes, me too. If I am queue-jumped I say `Whatever happened to manners?'. This is usually ignored. Another bete noire is the person - usually a young woman - who sails through the door I am holding open without so much as a glance in my direction. Grrr! XX

  4. My son has always enjoyed performing Suzan. In plays, in whatever and he is a brilliat writer and a fabulously witty and funny guy! I am quite proud of him. Sounds like you have somewhat of a neighbor from hell. What do they call that a redneck! I don't know. So long as he doesn't bother you personally, that's what counts I guess! xoxo

    Thanks Julie! I am not grumpy today I promise! xoxo

    Ohhh yes, Bunny, they can be so rude! Well a lot of young people today have no manners at all, but thankfully some do and are quite lovely. They make up for the rest! xoxo

  5. Oh good for Anthony! How fun is that! And yes it takes courage..
    I could not do that..Kudos. made me smile..the roll on the empty roll:)

    Many things irk me too..don't worry..not all the same things lol..but I have my irks believe me.:)

  6. Hmm..quick question..can people smoke in England?

    Here it is banned in places.. playgrounds w/ kids under 16..I rarely see someone smoke.

    in May 2016,electronic cigs were banned in the same fashion..I see one couple smoke neighbours of one of my daughter's...

  7. I have already written an answer and it disappeared before I could send it....that's another ...grump of mine !
    I have just been reading your..grumps with Mary and we have such a laugh, most if not all we agree with you whole heartedly ...
    I mean to say we had a good laugh with you....not at you !!
    Hope your Sunday has been like ours church at 11 before that I leave at 9.30 to go pick up Rita from near Bath to bring her out to church, ( Pam used to bring her) I dropped her of this morning giving her my church key so she could open up so that I could continue down here to pick up Mary. We sang quite a lot of hymns that we had chosen last week so Michael was a busy organist but he was pleased to be playing our newly repaired organ...( repaired at great cost, which I very much doubt we will manage it before next year as was his pro ice to us when we said we would raise the money first, he said, no I promise I will be able to raise the funds !!). Anyway we all enjoyed the hymn singing....another friend Des at church brought Mary home for me whilst I took Rita's a pity neither Mary or Rita can get into the back of the car,,,,,well I'm away now to have a rest before I think about mundane thing such as food ! God Bless hope it's nice and sunny and even quite warm down here today xxx

  8. I try not to let much annoy me but like you do find it annoying to pay the big prices for fruit and vegetables at the grocery store and they don't last long at all. One great thing about summer here is all the fresh produced available from farmers roadside stands. It's fresh and lasts longer and tastes ever so much better. Have a lovely Sunday!

  9. I like that word Monique, irk, lol. Yes, I have many things that irk me, this is just the tip of the iceberg! At the moment people over here are free to smoke outside wherever. Not inside public buildings, restaurants, etc. but they tend to congregate just outside the entrances to these which means you have to walk through the cloud of smoke to get in. I hate it. I think they are trying to bring in a law which will ban smoking within a certain distance of the building. You are not suppose to smoke outside the hospital either, but the sidewalks all around it are filled with people smoking, some of them in wheelchairs and hospital gowns. It is a sad addiction. So happy I quit. Electronic Cigarettes are very popular, with their own dedicated shops. I know it isn't easy but just quit. If I can do it anyone can. I think if it was anything else the Government would have banned it totally, but they make far too much money from taxation to do that!!! xoxo

    Love hearing about your Sunday Sybil! Love that I could bring a smile to your and Mary's faces! That makes me happy. I am really not a grumpy person at all, but that was what was on my mind! Enjoy the rest of your day! xoxo

    I am not a person that gets annoyed easily either Pam, but there are a few things that irk me! Mostly I suffer in silence, lol. Oh, I love a good farm market. I wish we had one near us! Happy Sunday! xoxo


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