Sunday, 25 June 2017

Sunday this and that . . .


 First of all this morning I want to apologise if in my post yesterday I came across as feeling sorry for myself or complaining too much about my own health issues. I did not mean to do that. As one reader pointed out, this holiday was all about Todd having a break, which he did and we are both very grateful for that. My deepest apologies to anyone I might have offended.

 My daughter posted a photo of Cameron on his Birthday yesterday. He is such a little cutie pie.  Its hard to believe he is four years old already!  Wasn't it just yesterday that he was born???

Speaking of Grandsons.  Todd has never known much about his grandchildren.  He had three sons and a step-daughter.  All of his sons have passed away. One in infancy, one in his forties and the youngest one a year ago.  It is only the middle one that had children, and his step-daughter.  He has had no contact with any of them, which is pretty sad, but life has a funny way of turning out completely opposite to what you had planned sometimes.  Yesterday out of the blue he was contacted on FB by one of his grandsons.  He found out that he has two grandsons and one granddaughter, and this grandson seems to want to have a relationship with his grandfather.  Its early days yet, but we were both very surprised, and somewhat pleased.

Okay, maybe really pleased, and even 
a bit shocked and definitely

We proceed forward with caution. I really hope that he isn't hurt again, so I am praying to that end. I love my husband and I hate it when he gets hurt.

 I was thinking this morning about how badly my hand writing has deteorated. Largely due to the fact that I seldom do any writing anymore, but basically just type everything. I had started working on that and on calligraphy, which I think makes a person's handwriting automatically better.  I need to sort out my craft room and get back at it. How many things are not getting written because I am waiting for a better time to write them, a better style of handwriting, etc. There is no time like the present to get started.  When I was in Grade Five my teacher told my mother that she refused to correct any more of my work as my handwriting was deplorable.  My mother got me exercise books and I was made to practice, practice, practice . . .  the MacLean method. It worked, until the onset of the typewriter/word processor!

Flowers that my sister picked from the garden.  Peonies and delphinium. so pretty.   I expect this will soon be a painting.  She is doing great with her artwork. When we were girls she always used to draw horses.  She loved horses and she was really good at drawing them.  Clearly she is also very good at painting as well. 


Here is one that she did that turned out really nice. I love it.  Funny how she has discovered her artist's mojo just as I am losing mine!  I despair I will ever get it back . . .

I discovered this at the grocery shops before we went on holiday.  I finally cooked it yesterday.  Its a bit different than the North American kind.  For one there is elbow macaroni, and I think the cheese sauce is cheesier and not so yellow.  But overall it was quite good.  We had it for supper with fish and vegetables.  I know  . . . not the healthiest meal, but it filled the gap.  I didn't really feel much like cooking.  We all have days like that. I would buy this again.

 In the past I have bought this, by the case, from Amazon. It was quite similar to the Kraft Dinner I was used to having in Canada.  Its Scottish I believe!  I quite like it!

ME {----- still a kid at heart ...
The heart wants what the heart wants.

By the way, I noticed last time I was in Morrisons (a grocery chain over here in the UK) that they have an American section, with Lucky Charms, Mike & Ikes, Snyder's Pretzels, etc. None of it is cheap, but if you really had a craving, I suppose it wouldn't matter.  They even had Snapple and tinned Pumpkin.  I bought some pumpkin and thought about buying the Lucky Charms, but could not quite bring myself to spend £5 ($6.40) for a medium sized box of sugared cereal that I didn't ought to be eating anyways . . .

Can you believe it has been two years since I did this?  I know!  Time flies!  Still liking the pink hair.

Oh, do you know what I saw the other day?  Rainbow hair! 


Now THAT I really like!  Oh to be 20 years younger so
I could carry it off

I have also seen the rainbow colours a LOT brighter, but I would never be brave enough to do that.  The closest I have ever come was to have Mauve highlights done in my hair, which was quite nice actually.

Our Eileen wants to grow her hair long now.  She says the Step Mom says she shouldn't because her hair is too thin.  I agree she has very thin fly away hair, but also I think it is her hair and if she wants it long then she should have it long. She is planning on coming over now for a whole month in August of 2018.  Fingers crossed she makes it. I am a bit nervous about her husband coming with her.  Oh, I know that she is nervous about travelling alone, but I don't really know Tim all that well, and  I don't think he is a very nice person at times. Sometimes he is not very nice to her.  I don't think I could keep my mouth shut  if he started in on her when they were here.  She told me the other day that he had called her a "not very nice" name, and then she told me what it was, and it really wasn't very nice.  She said he makes her feel afraid sometimes, and that when she gets afraid she gets angry.  It is difficult to be so far away when things like this happen.  I don't know what to do.  I told her she needs to tell her dad because he is close enough to do or say something.  But she is also glad that she has me to talk to, and I am grateful that she feels like she can talk to me. Sometimes being able to talk about things is all you need.

They had blazing hot weather here while we were away.  I am not sorry I missed it.  Me and blazing hot weather are not very symbiotic! I hate "Too Hot To Sleep" weather.  But its been great for the berries!

And with that I best leave you for the day with a thought, and once again, my apologies.  It is not all about me. 

Its a picture one today. Too good
not to share.

 Love me some Mother Teresa. Love the handwriting.

Spiritual Enlightenment


 In The English Kitchen today  . . .  Bakewell Tart Muffins.  So good!

Have a blessed Sabbath.  Don't forget  . . .

═══════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ ═══════════ ⊰✿░G░O░D⊰✿⊰L░O░V░E░S⊰✿⊰░Y░O░U░⊰✿
═══════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ ═══════════

and I do too!



  1. Good morning my darling. I hope you and Todd have a great day. I will pray that there is some healing and that Todd can have some of his family back in his life. God bless.

  2. I love those colours you can put in your hair. I'm waiting for my daughters to do it, or granddaughters, and then I will be next.

  3. PS your health is just as important as Tod's

  4. Thanks Suzan! It would be really wonderful. I am praying to that you end! Xoxo

    Thanks Linda! I think colours would suit you! Xoxo

  5. Hi Marie. Unfortunately I read yesterday's comments before reading today's blog and I'm so annoyed I can't concentrate on reading today's so I will come back to it later.

    I care so much about both you and Todd and love the fact that you're so open and honest about everything that if you say that your holiday was unfortunately ruined by your knee and cold then that's just the way it was. That's not being self centered, you're just telling it how it happened. And I for one want to know your bad times as well as your good times.

    I have never seen a comment from this person before. Why would anyone just make a one-off, or at least rare, nasty/negative comment? And then have the cheek to try and make it sound better by apologising that it doesn't offend you??? TAKE NO NOTICE. Everybody else cares about your health as much as Todds.

    I'll come back later to read today's blog properly. Lots of love xxx
    P.S. hope you're knee and cold are feeling better today!

  6. no need to apologize! it's your blog and your are just telling it as it was. xo

  7. Hope all goes well with newly discovered grandchildren for your husband and for you! I wish this for you both. x
    Also, the Kraft Mac & one time this was sold in England with a warning because of the dye used to make it bright yellow...because of one woman in North Carolina who started a petition (I signed it!) Kraft was forced to take OUT that dye (chemical) and it is no longer that same bright color.
    As you say, not the healthiest but doggone it, sometimes you just want something easy! (Not that we can have it, we have to be gluten free, you know.)

  8. I just went back and read..
    and left another comment..funny how when you click n the name you are led to really nowhere.
    You say it like it is.
    I don't.
    Good for you.
    Never change.
    Our little GS are getting too big too fast.
    I find it promising a granson wants to be in touch:)
    I hope it a lovely way.

    Your sister is talented!

    Miss have been sooooooooooo busy..

    your Mojo is pain is a great mojo disturber..let's settle that first ok?:)

  9. Every day does bring some new surprises with it and that is great news for Todd. Grandchildren are wonderful ! When situations come up where there is little we can to, I've always found it best to pray. I do a lot of that with many of my own children so far away. As for your blog post I really never gave it a thought. Just glad you were both able to get away! Happy Saturday!

  10. My neighborhood grocery store has a British aisle in it (well, half of one side of an aisle) where I used to pick up HP Sauce. HP Sauce has now moved to the regular condiment aisle so I guess I'm not the only one who loves it! PS The only feeling that I picked up from you from your travel post was that of some disappointment about what you missed out on. I would feel the same way.

  11. Stop apologizing Marie!
    You write what's in your heart and it's your blog!
    You've been with ur Todd thru thick and thin!

    I'm so glad that his grands are reaching out. I would be surprized too. Maybe he was just told that he had a living Grandfather?
    So glad that ur Todd is in good health now!

    When u feel better, u prob will be taking on alot more projects again! Don't worry ur mojo will come back!

    I love that rainbow hair bc it's not over the top! Lol.

    I just bought a big can of pumpkin a couple wks ago. I'll make pumpkin pie, when I get a craving for it. Yum!
    I usually have a box of Lucky Charms in my pantry.
    Synder's mini pretzels were on sale last wk so I've been munching on them.

    I hope the dr gives u good news on Monday! Hugs!

  12. Dearest Marie, I hope you won't think any more about the nasty remark, I love you for who you are and when you blog it's just like your sitting here speaking to me..and if you can't speak honestly to a friend who can you. I'm glad that your daughter will come over next year, it's a long time away but will be all the better when you do see her and as for her husband perhaps you will just have to ...bite your will be very hard though. What a wonderful surprise for Todd to hear from a grandson. IT is amazing nowadays how many families Re being reunited, there has been a programme on tv lately about just that thing, it's really rather wonderful....well love I'm away to have an early night as I had a bad night last night. Mary has gone up to Edinburgh today's he is away for two weeks, pray she enjoys herself...night night. God bless. Xx

  13. Oh you sweet girl; I can't imagine that you would have offended anyone. I loved what you wrote about your trip. I feel sad that you had some struggles; but you were brave through it all. I am so happy that Todd was able to have a good break. I think you are both awesome.
    I don't think for a minute you have lost your artistic talent. You have been so busy with your book and etc. You just need to get better and then try again; it will come.
    My handwriting really is awful and getting worse. I'm just going with the thought that I am old and it probably isn't going to improve. It is do to using the computer.
    I can't imagine spending that much for the cereal. I don't buy it here because of the prices sometimes.
    Oh, that little Grandson is so adorable. I am extra excited for Todd to get to know one of his grandsons that would be so sweet. In today's world there are miracles like that which turn out to be great blessings.
    I do hope your dear daughter gets to come. Sad to hear her husband isn't being very kind.
    I know those things worry us as Mother's. I have that struggle with my youngest daughter. Her husband who is a return missionary has become an anti and it isn't a good thing at all. He hasn't left the church completely; but it is breaking her heart. I hate seeing her so unhappy. We can only be there for her, pray, and put her name on the Temple Roll at this point.
    Blessings and hugs for you sweet friend and prayers for you to be feeling better soon.

  14. First of all I want to thank each of you for the love, understanding and positive comments here. You are all such dear, dear friends to me, even though for the most part we have not met in person. My sister, I have met, and she has been my best friend for nigh onto 59 years now. Watch out sis, the big SIX OH is looming. Life begins at sixty, just keep telling yourself that, LOL. Suzan I have been lucky enough to meet and spend time with also, such a blessing that was. I may not have met the rest of you in person, but I feel as if our hearts have touched and that is good enough for me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Touched to tears here by your kind and generous words. God bless you all! xoxo

    PS - Been to a different Doctor today and he says he is pretty sure I have a torn meniscus and has scheduled me to see a physio-therapist on Friday. He just shook his head at the other Doctor's comments re my weight. Finally someone who wants to help me. Halleuiah!

  15. Yay! I'm so glad that u found a Dr that can help u take away the pain Marie! Hugs!


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