Sunday, 21 July 2013

A bit of this . . . and a bit of that . . . and a lot of inbetween . . .

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Of all the  lovely things that grow
in summer's golden hours . . . 
the foxglove is the loveliest.
She lifts her purple towers . . . 
above the wild flowers at her feet.
She needs no gardener's hands to tend her.
Proud and dignified in regal pride she stands . . . 
And every time there comes a sudden rush
of wind or wing . . . 
the stately steeples rock and
all the fairy clappers swing.
If mortal ear could hear
the chiming of the foxglove bell . . . 
would it be a joyous pealing or
a solemn knell?

Our foxgloves seem to be taking a bit of a break this year.   We have none at all.  Foxgloves have always fascinated me actually . . . a favorite with honey bees and other insects who take up refuge within it's bells . . . no animals will browse upon the plant.  Perhaps they recognize it's potential lethality.   Digitalis is a well known poison when taken in large quantities.

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The mottlings of the blossoms of the Foxglove and the Cowslip, like the spots on butterfly wings and on the tails of peacocks and pheasants, were said to mark where the elves had placed their fingers, and one legend ran that the marks on the Foxglove were a warning sign of the baneful juices secreted by the plant, which in Ireland gain it the popular name of 'Dead Man's Thimbles.'

Whatever they are called, I find them quite charming myself . . . and I love to think of little foxes slipping them on to keep their paws warm . . .

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Speaking of charming.  This is the latest picture of little Cameron.  He's a real cutie.

 photo Cameronvignettewords_zps549856a2.jpg

There now . . . that's better, the other one, whilst quite fancy, was a bit harder to see.  I think he's as bright as a button.  But then again . . . I am the grandma!

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I finished a little doll to put in with the Quilt when it gets mailed as a gift for wee Maryn.   I don't want her to feel left out.   I hope that she likes it.  That little cap . . .

  photo SAM_7536_zpsca726f5e.jpg

Comes off . . . isn't that just the SWEETEST thing???  I know.  I am in love with it myself.   I have decided to save the larger bunny for Christmas and that this little pocket doll would be best for now.

 photo SAM_7535_zpsc21401ce.jpg

I think she's just cute . . . Cute . . . CUTE!
Just like Maryn.  I hope that she likes it.

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Not a lot else to share here today.  We had a very lazy day here yesterday.  It was so hot and we had no energy to do much at all . . . and actually it's best you don't exert yourself overly much on days like that.   We enjoyed our dvd of Les Miserables.   What a fabulous musical that is.  It's not hard to understand why it's been a sell out in the West End for over 25 years.   The film . . . brings the story even more to life.   I cried.   I did in the theatre too . . . it's so very moving . . .

A thought to carry with you through today . . .

 “It matters not how dark it is;
His light is always brighter.”
~ Corrie Ten Boom  


There's a tasty collection of warm weather delights in The English Kitchen today . . . perfect for when it's really far too hot to want to cook . . .

Have a wonderful Sabbath Day!


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