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Small and Wonderful Things 1

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I have a dear friend April, who does this fabulous post each week on her sweet blog Dimples & Delights, which she calls Small and Wonderful Things.   (I hope that she doesn't mind that I stole her picture to show you!) It's a post where she shares quite simply the Small and Wonderful Things which help to make up her sweet life each week and bring her joy.   I love it.  It's one of my favourite ones of her posts each week,  along with the beautiful food she always  cooks, and so I thought I would do a Small and Wonderful Things post each week myself.   I think it's a good thing to count your blessings each week, so here I go.

Small and Wonderful Things 1, 2013

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Puppy Dog Kisses and Cuddles . . . It's almost three years ago now that we lost our Jess.   I am sure you all remember how heart broken we were at the time.   It was hard losing our job and our home, which all happened at the same time . . . but losing Jess, that was the worst thing of all.   We never thought we would be able to find that kind of love and devotion again.  I, for one, was afraid of opening my heart again to the possibility because it hurt so very much losing Jess . . . but what did we do?   Six months later we brought this little lady into our home and she brings us so much joy every minute of every day.   Yep, she stole my heart from day one.   We don't have any children of our own and she is our baby.

Frosty Winter Mornings . . . oh it is so cold some mornings, but the cold is countered with the warmth I feel in my heart when I look out my window to see a beautiful world etched in sparkling white crystals.   Somehow cold etched in crystals is a lot easier to take.  How can you not fall in love with such a morning . . . when your breath puffs out in great white clouds, and everything has taken on a magical glow.   Small and wonderful  . . .

A winter garden filled with lovely little winged creatures . . . they need us so much in the winter and the scraps we put out for them.  We just don't feed them scraps though, we also feed them seed and nuts, mealy worms, and much needed suet which helps to keep them warm during these cold months.   They reward us with song and we love to watch them from the window as they flit back and forth from the hedge to the feeders.   Some are very cheeky and bossy and bold, still others . . . hang back.  Just like people, they come in all shapes, sizes and personalities.

Hot Cocoa and Snuggles on the sofa . . . with the man I love.  Watching films together . . . talking about things, both ordinary and spiritual . . . being silent together.   I love that I get to share my life with this special person.  He may not be perfect, but he's perfect for me and I cannot bear to think of a life without him in it.   He is my everything . . .

Putter In The Kitchen Days . . . days when I give myself over to cooking and baking and playing in the kitchen.   I love busy hands . . . and all that they produce.   Sometimes a cake, or maybe some cookies, a muffin or two or three . . . a simple supper for my man and me.  The kitchen is one of the places which brings me the most joy . . .

Daily Conversations with My Mum . . . I am really enjoying these daily talks we share together.   Todd can't understand what we find to talk about for an hour each day . . . but then he doesn't really understand women does he . . . or mum's and daughters.  We never run out of things to talk about and could probably fill in two hours each day or more with things to say.   I love my mum and am cherishing every minute I get to share with her via the telephone.  I wish I did not live so far away.

Toast . . . toast brings me joy.  I love toast.   Have you ever noticed that it always tastes better when someone else makes it???   Funny how that goes.  I think it is the ultimate in comfort foods . . . toast.  The other day my sister, father and I had a complete conversation on how much we enjoy toast, and not just plain toast either, but what my father calls "crusty" toast, which is toast made from the end crusts of the loaf of bread.  His local coffee shop saves them just for him.  He goes there every morning for tea and toast.   We all like the crusts best of all . . . because they are just crustier than the rest of the loaf . . . and you get those crisp edges that cuddle the butter just so . . . toast.  Sigh . . . small and wonderful.

The opportunity I have each week to go to Church, partake of the Sacrament and renew my Covenants with my Heavenly Father and the Saviour.  I am grateful for repentance and all that it brings and for the Saviour and all that He did and does for us daily.   I am grateful for unconditional love and the power it has to make me a better me.

My creative mind . . . a small and wonderful thing which embroiders each week in beautiful ways.   I love taking these images that dance through my mind and putting them down onto paper.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't . . . but always, always it brings me joy.

Love which embroiders every minute of my every day.  Love of family, love of friends . . . love given, love taken, love shared . . . where would any of us be without it?

A thought to carry with you through the rest of the day . . .

"Don't let the good things of life rob you of the best things."
~Maltbie D Babcock

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Cooking in The English Kitchen today . . . Pork Chops with Pears & Blue Cheese.  A little something I threw together for a simple supper at the weekend.  They were soooo good and soooo simple!

Happy Monday!

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