Saturday, 7 June 2008

Someday . . .

Someday when your kids are all grown . . . things are going to be a whole lot different than they are right now. You'll have a garage you can actually park a car in. It won't be filled up with broken two wheelers with flat tires, and old train sets . . . racing car sets missing parts of the track, broken down skateboards, bottles waiting for the Boy Scout Bottle Drive, projects and two by fours in various stages of development . . . along with the hammer, nails and saw that never got put away . . .

Someday when your kids are all grown . . . your kitchen will be as neat as a pin. There'll be no dirty dishes in the sink, full of sticky fingerprints and partially eaten food. The fridge won't be cluttered with umpteem bottles of milk and juice and coolaid. You'll be able to find the lids for all the jars and you'll never again pick up a jar of something only to spill it because someone forgot to screw the lid back on. Nobody will put an empty bottle of milk or juice back in the fridge and you won't catch anyone drinking right from the jug. The bread will go mouldy before it actually gets eaten and the butter will always be put away, free from crumbs and jam . . .

Someday when your kids are all grown . . . you'll actually be able to take a bath all by yourself that won't be interrupted umpteen times by someone pounding on the door that needs to go pee, or needs to tell you that Bobby pinched her or that Sally won't get off the phone. You'll be able to paint your nails and actually let them dry before you have to pick something up or put something down, or answer a million questions that need to be answered now and or having to review someone's homework, or fill in a forgotten permission slip in a hurry before the bus comes and they miss it . . . you may even be able to paint your toenails without interruption as well.

Not to mention actually being able to find the lid to the toothpaste and being able to sit down on the toilet without getting a wet bottom . . . you may even be able to find an afternoon where you can get to the hairdressers to have your hair done without having to squeeze it in between picking the kids up at school and cleaning out the hamster's cage that somehow never gets cleaned unless you do it . . . likewise walking the dog . . .

Someday when your kids are all grown . . . your telephone will ring and it will actually be for you, and what's more, your telephone will be available where you want it, when you want it and however many times you want it . . . and it won't look like it's magically growing out of a teenagers ear. It will just be sitting there silent and . . . all yours for the using. There won't be any sticky fingerprints all over it and it won't smell like doritos . . . or bubblegum.

The trees in your garden won't be full of arms and legs and hammers and nails . . . and your garden won't ring with the sound of exited voices, and giggles and laughter . . .

Someday when your kids are all grown . . . you'll be able to see out your windows without having to peer between the smudge of fingerprints on the glass. The front hallway won't smell like dirty sneakers and the carpet won't be full of muddy footprints. Your couch won't have already read teen mags tucked beneath the cushions, or dinky cars, pencils, papers and crayons . . . it will be amazingly free of cookie and potato chip crumbs and you won't find any dirty plates full of sandwich crusts laying hidden underneath along with an empty glass or two or three . . .

Someday when your kids are all grown . . . you'll be able to put a plate of food down on the table, and you won't hear the phrases . . . "What's that?" "Yuck!" "I'm not eating that!" "Gross!" Normal dinnertime conversation will return. Every sentence won't be punctuated with words like "Tommy's eating with his mouth open," or "Julie's digging me with her elbows" . . . and the worst words of all . . . "Billy's looking at me."

"Hurry up, I gotta go!" will not be accompanied with the banging of fists on the bathroom door. The words, "I'm home!" won't come with the sound of a slamming door. You will no longer have to be the referee who decides who's turn it is to watch the television, do the dishes, mow the lawn, go on the computer or play with the play station. You'll actually be able to read a book or a magazine article from cover to cover without interruption and you and the husband won't have to hide in your bedroom to have a private conversation free from listening ears and watchful eyes . . .

Someday when your kids are grown . . . there will be no bed time stories to tell, no sticky kisses goodnight, no smooshie hugs, no tenderly whispered "I love you's", no secret jokes or silly stories to hear . . . the hallways will echo with the silence of missing trampling feet and children's laughter . . . the house will be quiet . . . and clean . . . and tidy . . . and empty. Your time won't be spent in looking foward to someday, but in reflection and looking back to yesterday . . . your once too busy hands will then be free and just itching for a braid to tweak or a face to scrub . . . your cheeks just begging for a sticky kiss . . .

Cherish these busy days that are now, for what they are, for as long as you can . . . before too long the kids will be all grown. You'll see, these days pass far too quickly and are all too soon gone . . . Enjoy them now . . . while you still can.

This is not so much a recipe as it is an idea, and a delicious one at that. You take a bowl of Green and Black's gorgeously sumptuous Vanilla Icecream and you top it with a scrumptious splurge of a couple of Opie's Baby Pears in vanilla and some of their juices . . . it's decadent, lip smacking and oh such a wonderful way to share a few moments of a quiet evening with the one you love . . . Scrummy! Yummy!

I know . . . total cop out, but way too good not to share!!! Get some . . . TODAY!


  1. Oh Marie, I know I am in the thick of it right now, but your words are powerful as usual. I will treasure the moments before they go.

  2. Marie this is absolutely the best post I've read ever. I have several friends I'll be sending your address to, both those with young children and those in the midst of the empty nest time of their lives. My children are long grown, haven't had one at home in 12 years, but still, once in a while, I miss the sticky fingers and endless questions. Thanks for the memories. Blessings...

  3. What a wonderful post. I really am trying to stop time here some days, but darn it if someone else has other plans!

    There is a great recipe on Everyday Food that is fairly similar, except you microwave steam the pears with brown sugar or honey and then make a sauce from the drippings with vanilla ice cream...yours is much easier! Though, I hope Green & Blacks starts selling ice cream here!

  4. Just thinking of my kids growing up makes me incredibly day I thought about how I was so sick of picking up all those little shoes that constantly get thrown around the apartment and we can never find two of the same shoe. Then I sat down and cried when I thought about NOT looking at tiny shoes strewn across the floor and my kids' feet NOT being so tiny anymore. Makes me appreciate them more!

    Yummy snack, too. We used to eat pears with cottage cheese on them a lot, but I've never tried ice cream. I will definitely have to try it!

  5. you need to warn readers that they may need a tissue before reading this post! :) i am constantly telling myself to treasure these little ones while they are little because its true how time flies. so many people are so "busy", too busy if you ask me. and i've heard so many young mothers say how they can't wait until the kids are grown. when one starts kindergarten, i've heard, "one down, two to go!" you know, comments like that. i just think, "what?" i get upset just thinking about my kids growing up! every birthday they have, i get emotional the day before thinking "this is her last day to be 3(or 4 or 5, whatever the age), ever!" we need to live more in the moment and stop looking to the future. because like you said, one day the future will be here and then we'll be yearning for the past again.

  6. Marie....this made me cry. As bad as I want them gone sometimes...oh how I hate the thought of an empty house.


  7. What a perfect and beautiful reminder.

    I fear that.... letting the days slip away... which leads me to constantly remind myself to love each and every moment, while I still have time on my side.

  8. How true your "Someday" is!... Every word. I walk through our home with it's 5 neat bedrooms that used to be messy and full of kids. I used to be after the kids daily to clean their room. Now my favorite time is when they come to visit and the rooms are full of kids and suitcases and clothes and are messy again... it beats empty and neat any day.

  9. I have been to my Grandaughters School Fete today Marie.The same school all my own four children went to.She was dancing around the Maypole.OH! what wonderful memories it brought back to me.The day ended with a sticky lollypop hug and kiss.Mmmmmmm it was delicious lol!! You are so right in your words.Nothing nicer.I miss my forty tiny sticky fingers and forty tiny toes dancing around.The best day out I have had in a long time.Have a lovely evening.Lovely posting Take Care God Bless Kath

  10. Hey Marie,

    I'm going to send an e-mail tommorow. I'm up at my parents right now. My mom wants to visit with you, so I'll e-mail you her address. Love the post!

  11. It's so true. You made me cry, darn it! ;)

  12. I arrive Marie, is late but I arrive, you know these days how are. Come Dad and Mom, (tomorrow they will be celebrated my birthday really Is Monday but is more easy tomorrow) I think only to make a Cake and some little breads stuffed with chicken!!! I dont so celebrated my birthday (not for the age) I have the same age of you dear is not problem to me, so I like the quiet things,talked and you know, Well I want to say That love your words, I think in that, the next weekend the twins Will be birthday of their 14 th, and when I think is how yesterday they arrived at home!!! yeah is really true that wehave to enjoy them and our parents too!! so Mom call me that she want to take tea!! The last!!! delicious the pears and ice cream!! love see you tomorrow if God will!n xxxGloria

  13. Your spot on with this post Marie, cherish them while they are still young, even through the ups and downs of life because you will never have that back again.
    Mine are all gone too Marie, all grown up with families of their own.

  14. Recently I've been way emotional about how quickly the boys are growing up. You've gotten me teary-eyed again, but it's a good thing. Beautifully written. Thank you.

  15. I am in tears and mine are still little! LOL I just rode home with them from the barn where they were both in heaven. All the way home they "rode" their horses. It was precious. And dirty! hoo weee!

  16. Marie: Sorry that I have been MIA, have had a lot of in and out people, etc. It has been a madhouse. This post made me long for a sticky jam kiss! Those pears and ice cream look scrummy as well.

  17. I have a way to go but the thought of not having all those things in my life when the boys are grown makes me get a lump in my throat.

  18. I work really hard at just enjoying the time I have with Griffin. I try and not stress about toys and games everywhere as I know one day I will be looking longingly at the floor for these exact objects and they won't be there!!


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