Saturday, 13 October 2012

Poetry Saturday . . . A Life Is Good

Source: via Marie on Pinterest

A life is good that holds within its span
The normal healthy life of common man,
Boyhood and youth, with dreams enough to show,
How rich the days . . . how wide the road we go.

A home is good where laughter is a guest,
Where there is quietude and joy and rest,
A have in a world beset by fears,
A blessed shelter for the creeping years.

A face is good . . . whose lines are kindly drawn,
From which all selfishness and greed are gone,
Leaving the blessed virtues of mankind,
Goodness of heart . . . serenity of mind.

A day is good . . . whose dawn is rosy red,
And all day long warm sunlight overhead,
Shining on homes where working people live;
A wounded heart that can at last forgive.

A night is good . . . when quiet stars look down
Upon the huddled rooftops of the town,
Shedding their peace upon the souls of men,
Giving them strength to rise and work again.

A life is good . . . that holds joy in it's score
Small children . . . old folks, and an open door,
Where friends are welcome and the poor are fed
And dignity and truth dwells at its head.
~Edna Jacques

I just love the poetry of Edna Jacques, and not just because she was Canadian either.  Her words just always resonate within my soul.  They are not complicated poems . . . or poems which you can't make heads nor tails of, but simple words, with deep meaning.  They paint a picture in my head when I read them and make me look with fondness about the every day goodness that is what we call life.

Not a lot on today.  Just a bit of this and a bit of that.  We will probably go get some petrol for the car.  Oh how I dread filling the car with petrol.  It's gotten so expensive now.  It's almost £1.40 a litre or more in most places now.  That is about $2.20 a litre Canadian, or about $9.00 US a gallon.  It is at the point now where we only drive if we have to.  It greatly limits our choices as we cannot really afford to fill the car more than once a month and that is a struggle.  With a chapel that is quite a distance away and with church on Sunday, meetings during the week . . . we really struggle to cope with having to go anywhere else.  It's also pushing up the price of our goods, etc.  Yesterday it was announced that yet another heating and electric company was raising their rates.   They always do this at the onset of winter.  One wonders where it will stop . . .

Ok, a happy thought is needed to offset the gloom and doom of the petrol prices!!

"Precisely the least, the softest, lightest, wren's rustling, a breath, a breeze, a moment's glance . . . it is little that makes the best happiness."
~Frederich Nietzche


mmmm . . . Baking in The English Kitchen today . . . Pear and Mincemeat Dumplings!!


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