Thursday, 26 July 2012

Thoughts on forgiveness . . .

"The cut worm forgives the plow."
~William Blake

Did you know that if you were to cut a worm into two pieces, each cut half becomes a whole and you end up with two worms??? I know . . . it's a great magical mystery! The Worm is one of the only creatures which grows from being cut.

In thinking about that . . . I just have to wonder . . . my mind often ponders things such as this. What exactly is it about how the humble worm lives, which gives it this power and allows it to take it's pain and actually grow from it??? I can come up with nothing except for the fact that the worm is one with it's existance . . . totally in touch with the earth in which it lives, eats and breathes . . . at one with the earth, both inside . . . and out.

Mayhap this is the secret to growing from our wounds . . .

To live close to that which sustains us . . . to live with our hearts, minds and bellies, always in touch with each other, from the inside out . . . to dwell with that which is larger than we can ever be, and to let it take us over . . . lead us . . . heal us . . . sustain us . . .

Perhaps when we feel as if we have been cut in two . . . the secret to healing is to be humble and to embrace our wounds, becoming one within the earth of our experience . . . and clinging to that which sustains us, that which will make us whole again . . . allowing us to become new, once more.

Forgiveness is the key to real healing . . . without that . . . we can never truly be whole again.

"Forgiveness is the scent of the violet which clings fast to the heel that crushes it."
~Mark Twain

God is good, truly good, and anything that we might suffer . . . when shared with Him . . . can become good as well. He truly can help us carry our burdens.

Well, it ended up being gloriously sunny yesterday! What a fabulous day it was. We ended up doing a lot of work in the garden. I now understand the meaning of the phrase to "make hay while the sun shines," as if you don't do these things when the sun is shining, they will never get done. We pulled out all of the pansies which were spent . . . and replaced them with sunny marigolds and dahlias, both yellow and pink. I did some weeding in the front garden and then I finished off some of the jar gifts which I am readying for our RS Activity next Thursday. So all in all, we got a lot accomplished and I was able to strike more than a few things from off of my list of things to get done!

That always feels good.

It's looking very dull out there this morning, but perhaps . . . like yesterday . . . the dullness will burn off and be replaced with a magically sunny day! One must always be optomistic, and if it doesn't??? Well . . . we can enjoy doing things that need to be done indoors. I think that's called making the best out of the hand you are dealt!

“When you are confronted with challenges that are difficult to conquer or you have questions arise, the answers to which you do not know, hold fast to the things you do know. Hang on to your firmest foundation, however limited that may be, and from that position of strength face the unknown.”
~Jeffrey R Holland, Created for Greater Things

Over in The English Kitchen this morning . . . A surprise in the post!

Have a great day!

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