Friday 30 September 2022

My Friday Finds . . .



A few of the things I find each week that inspire me to want to do better, to create, to become better, to read more, to watch, to just DO something! Things that delight, inspire, and bring me joy.  Maybe they will do the same thing for you!  

Hat & Scarf all in one.  Harlequin Hoodie by Markin of the Hat and I on Ravelry.  

Three Little Knitted Frogs.  Free pattern.  Love this.   

Leigh Laurel Studios.  Free tutorial for a Tic Tac Toe Game. 


The Cottage Mama.  Mary Jane Baby Shoes.   

No source, just inspiration. These are so sweet!


Crochet 365, Knit Too.  Daisy Mae Bag. Free. 

Sea Glass Votive. I couldn't find the source, but it looks simple enough. Put a shot glass into a kilner jar, with a votive in it, then fill around the shot glass with sea glass.  

E How.  How to make fake sea glass.   

White River Junction Pattern by Natalie Marshall on Ravelry. Not free, but not expensive. I love this. It looks great in other colours also. 

The Flavour Bender.  Quick and Easy Rough Puff Pastry.  

Live Craft Eat.  Christmas Stars.   

Lia Griffith.  Pom Pom Gnomes.   


Nag on the Lake.  Matchboxes filled with art.   

My Flower Journal.  Paint a watercolour gnome in a few easy steps. 


You Tube, how to make paper mache pumpkins. Be warned the host has an irritating voice and manner. 

Lezo Musings.  Lemon and Mint Ice Sticks.  

Ravelry.  Scrappy Lengthwise Scarf.  

All Crochet Patterns.  Women's Crochet Tribal Clogs. Not free, but not expensive either.  

I love this Simplest Sweater pattern. Free on Ravelry.  

Once again Ravelry.  Sweet Tea Cosy Pattern by Nikki Trench.  Love the colours. This is so cute!

Scrappy Bias Shawl. In The Loop Knitting. Free.  I love LOVE this.

Kitche Me. Honey and Cinnamon Nighttime Drink. 


Made in Home.  Foxy Hat Pattern.  


Love this.  Drops Design.  Free pattern. 

Suzies Yarnie Stuff. Bippity Boppity Bow Scarf. Free pattern. 

Origami Instructions.  Origami Gift Card Holders.  

Printable Vintage Tin Labels.  From Knick of Time.  

And those are my finds for this week.  I hope that there was something of interest for you!

I watched the film Blonde on Netflix.  WORST film ever. I hated it.  I think the actress was very convincing as Marilyn, but what a depressing movie. H A T E D it.

On the plus side, did you know that you can watch the show from the 1980's called Family on the CTV ap?  I always love, loved that show. I used to watch it every week when it was on. Used to day dream about having their house, etc. I had house envy.  But what did I know, a young army wife living in a dinky little house on an army base with 4 kids, 3 under the age of five and in diapers, and a husband who was always away. It was pure escapism for me.

A thought to carry with you . . . 

° * 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •
•。★★ 。* 。
° 。 ° ˛˚˛ * _Π_____*。*˚
˚ ˛ •˛•˚ */______/~\。˚ ˚ ˛
˚ ˛ •˛• ˚ | 田田 |門 ★

I am thankful for all
those negative people in my life.
They have shown me 
exactly who I did not want to be.
~Unknown    •。★★ 。* 。 

In The English Kitchen today . . .  Butterscotch Buttermilk Cake. The most delicious cake ever!

I hope you have a wonderful day!  I am meeting up with an old friend for lunch. Whatever you get up to, don't forget!

═══════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ ═══════════

And I do too!


  1. I loved Family too..Dopesick is amazing..Disney..and The Bear..really ggod.

    1. I will have to check out both of those Monique! Thanks for the recommendations! xoxo

  2. I have lots of the granny square bags in all different colours. Enjoy lunch and the last day of September.

  3. Beautiful craft projects here!!


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