Tuesday 31 October 2017

The Simple Woman's Daybook ...


FOR TODAY, October 31, 2017

Outside my window ...
Its dark. Its cold. Its dry. Its Halloween!  BOO!

I am thinking ...
I wonder how many trick or treaters we will get this year.  Last year I think we got about 10.  When I first moved over here we got zip, so things have improved. In Canada, we used to get hundreds!

In the kitchen ...

The perfect meal to end a cold day on, Chicken & Corn Chowder.  Fabulous! 

On my "To Cook" list ...

Bowl of Deliciousness.  New England Baked Haddock.  This looks fabulous!  Also very simple.  I am all for simple!

Good to know ...

To see the full demographic, click here. GREAT tips! 

I am creating ...
Working on a piece of art, a commission. 


The WHOot.  A collection of Crochet Women's Slippers. 

Debbie Shore, Felt Applique Chicken Tea Cosy.

Habberdashery Fun.  DIY quilted chicken bread basket.  

Smashed Peas and Carrots.  DIY Beginners Sewing kit.   

Crochet Mini Stocking Advent Bunting.  From How to Crochet.  This is really cute, even if you don't use it as a calendar, just as bunting! 

I am reading ...

FAITHFUL, by Alice Hoffman  
Growing up on Long Island, Shelby Richmond is an ordinary girl until one night an extraordinary tragedy changes her fate. Her best friend’s future is destroyed in an accident, while Shelby walks away with the burden of guilt.

What happens when a life is turned inside out? When love is something so distant it may as well be a star in the sky? Faithful is the story of a survivor, filled with emotion, from dark suffering to true happiness, a moving portrait of a young woman finding her way in the modern world. A fan of Chinese food, dogs, bookstores, and men she should stay away from, Shelby has to fight her way back to her own future. In New York City she finds a circle of lost and found souls, including an angel who’s been watching over her ever since that fateful icy night.

Here is a character you will fall in love with, so believable and real and endearing, that she captures both the ache of loneliness and the joy of finding yourself at last. For anyone who’s ever been a hurt teenager, for every mother of a daughter who has lost her way, Faithful is a roadmap.
I have just started this book, so its early days, but so far so good.  
I am looking forward to ...
I have another appointment at the Docs this morning. This time to see the nurse.  Apparently she is going to fit me with some sort of appliance that I will wear for 24 hours to test my blood pressure over that period of time. It was really high again yesterday when I went to the Docs and he checked it three times. I am looking forward to getting this sorted. Its very disconcerting.

Dreaming about ...

Pretty  rings  . . .  love all of these but the rosebud best of all . . . 

 Silk scarves by hermes . . . 


Sigh  . . .  can you imagine?  

Pretty mirrors  . . .

 Greengate spoons  . . .
 Something to watch ...

The Work and the Glory. You can watch it on Netflix.  There are three films.  We have them on DVD and have watched them at least six times.  They are based on the series of books by Gerald Lund.  Excellent.

A quote for the day ...

  `*.¸.*´Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ¸. •´¸.•~♥♥♥~•. ~ ღϠ₡ღ¸. ✻´´¯`✻.¸¸.Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ.
              ( ¸. ❀⁀ ⋱‿✿“` * .¸.* ✻ღϠ₡ ღ¸.✻´´¯`✻.¸¸.Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ..  
No one of us is less treasured or cherished of God than another.
I testify that He loves each of us. Insecurities, anxieties, self image and all.
~Jeffrey R Holland ❀⁀ ⋱‿✿“` * .¸.* ✻ღϠ₡ ღ¸.✻´´¯`✻.¸¸.Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ..   

Makes me smile ...  


Our lounge last evening . . .  cosy, cosy . . . we switched our livingroom around yesterday.  I quite like the new look. 

Corners of my kingdom ...
 Tintern, Monmouthshire, Wales.  I love Wales.  It is such a beautiful country. I would love to live there . . . 

And that's my daybook for this week!

  ⋱ ⋮ ⋰
⋯ ◯ ⋯ Take time to enjoy the small *´¯`.¸¸.☆
  ⋰ ⋮ ⋱ blessings in life.*´¯`.¸¸.☆

✿¸.•*¨`*•..✿✿¸.•*¨`*•..✿ ✿¸.•*¨`*•..¸✿ ✿¸.•*¨`*•..¸✿ ✿¸.•
░░░░░░░░░░░░░ ░░░░░░░░░░░░ ░░░░░░░░░░░░


BOOK OF MORMON CORNER - Today's Reading - 1 Nephi 9:1-10:10
QuestionHow can remembering that "the Lord knoweth all things" help you in your life?  
What I learned - A quote I like about God came to my mind as I read the verses today - 'I dont know what He's doing but I know who He is'.  For Nephi, knowing WHO was asking him was enough for him to accept and obey, he didn't need to know the 'WHY' behind the command/prompting as well. Nephi had constant trust in God and His plan. I can also take comfort in the truth that everything God asks of us has 'a wise purpose' ,  to uplift us, to teach us, to change us, to bless us, to bless others.  Whatever is raging around us,  because we know there is a God and a Saviour,  we can feel peace and protection.
Tomorrow's Reading (Day 12) -  1 Nephi 10:11-11:11
 Question - What is Nephi teaching us about the Holy Ghost? How has the gift of the Holy Ghost blessed you in your life? 

Wherever you go and whatever you do, I hope there's a great day ahead of you! Don't forget!

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═══════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ ═══════════

And I do too!!

Monday 30 October 2017

Small and Wonderful Things

"The world is fairly studded and strewn with pennies cast broadside from a generous hand. But who gets excited by a mere penny?...It is dire poverty indeed when a man is so malnourished and fatigued that he won't stoop to pick up a penny. But if you cultivate a healthy poverty and simplicity, so that finding a penny will literally make your day, then, since the world is in fact planted with pennies, you have with your poverty bought a lifetime of days. It is that simple. what you see is what you get." ~Anne Dillard 

A few of the small and wonderful things which bring untold joy into my life. It's the small things in life which truly mean the most. Simple abundance . . . it's the best. 

We have no paid clergy/leadership in the local and stake areas of our church.  Everyone is a volunteer, called by the Lord to do whatever it is that they have been asked to do. They are called and given the opportunity to accept or refuse, and if accepted, they are set apart by the laying on of hands by someone with authority to do so.  This means that someone like our Bishop (the equivalent of a Pastor) would just be an ordinary man, who would have a day job that he works at, and a family, would take on the reponsibility of the pastorship of our local church voluntarily.  It is a huge responsability, as he is responsible for the spiritual and physical welfare for all the members under his care, both active and inactive.  Yesterday our Bishop was released from his calling along with his counselors (two) and a new Bishop and counselors were called. Most Bishops only serve for five years and then they are more than due a rest and are replaced.  Our Bishop had served for almost 6 years as Bishop, and done so admirably  He was only 26 when he was called to be our Bishop, with a young wife.  During his time as our Bishop they had two children.  There were tears all over yesterday during our sacrament meeting when this all came about.  He has been a brilliant Bishop.  He has served with humility and a sense of humour and great love for his flock.  I never ever felt invisible or unimportant and I always felt loved by him.  I was sad to see him being released, but I knew it had to happen eventually.  The new Bishop will also be brilliant.  He is a young man with a young family also, an amazing man.  Oddly enough I had said to him several weeks back that I thought he was going to be our next Bishop and I was right.  He  will do so admirably.  The outgoing Bishop and his wife bore their testimonies yesterday, as did the new Bishop.  Tear all around, both on the podium and in the congregation.  It was a very touching service.

Every Sister who is a member of our church has two Sisters who are assigned and called to be her Visiting Teachers. These two Sisters are assigned to minister to her needs and to visit her regularly, pray for her, comfort and strengthen her when needed, be her friend, care, etc.  I was given a new Visit Teaching parter yesterday in Relief Society, and new sisters to visit teach,  and also new Visiting Teachers to visit me.   

 This is an inspired program which greatly blesses the lives of all who are involved and who participate in it diligently.  I have always come to love the Sisters that I visit and my partner that I visit with.  We have become more than just Sisters in the Gospel, but friends.  I have had visits over the years that were nothing more than spending an hour helping someone fold laundry and talking. You see a need and you fill it, with love. Its as simple as that.  I love Visit Teaching. My new partner is the woman who was my first friend when I moved over here.  She was my Matron of Honor at our wedding, so I am very excited about that and about the Sisters we will visit together.  I am also excited to know who my new Visiting Teachers are! 
Warm milk and custard creams. That was my Sunday night snack last evening. They were very good.  I had not had a custard cream in a long time. It went down a real treat.  Okay, I had more than one.  True confessions.

Outlander 3 and Claire and Jamie have been finally reunited.  So romantic.  I am sure that things will not run smoothly for the two, it never has, but I was so happy to see them back together.  I am a romantic at heart.  It is a bit disconcerting that so much time has passed and yet they look no older, but that is just the pedantic me trying to spoil a good party. The romantic me will not take any notice of the pedantic me. So there.

Whole wheat toast.  I can't believe now that for most of my life I only ate white bread.  I have a great love for whole wheat now.  And if I can get a seeded whole wheat so much the better.  It has so much more flavour and I love the slightly nuttier texture. 


The last roses of the season  . . .  the stragglers, hanging on to share their beauty with us.  That is why I love roses.  They are the last of the garden flowers to give up the ghost before the onslaught of winter.  So beautiful amidst the decay all around them.  We will give all of them a good pruning this year and the hydrangea also. Its good to do that every now and then. 

  I also love the deepening autumn colours of the hydrangea in the garden . . .  some are almost scarlet and still amongst them I see a few buds . . .  My ex boss used to have the gardener clips armloads of the scarlet and deep mauve autumn blooms off the hydrangea bushes and they would dry in the laundry room for several weeks before she used them to create a huge arrangement which always stood on a large oak table in the entry hall of the manor.  The housekeeper would lay sheets all over the floor and table so the Mrs could do her magic.  She would make an awful mess when she was doing it and the sheets helped the housekeeper with her clean up afterwards.  It was the same when there were dinner parties.  The Estate Manager would go early to the flower market in London and bring back what she had asked for, sometimes close to £1000 worth of flowers, (I know, the mind boggles) and in the hours before the dinner party she would be in the laundry room creating her beautiful arrangements and making a huge mess for the housekeeper to clean up.   Oftimes when the guests were arriving, she hadn't even gone up yet to get ready herself, but would still be in the laundry room putting together the flowers.  I will give her that, her flower arrangements were fantastically beautiful, even if they were a huge pain in the butt for everyone else, lol, not to mention creating a huge dent in the Mr's wallet.

The smell of a Christmas Pudding steaming.  Its amazing.  Its all you can do not to tuck into it once it is done, but you can't because . . .  its for Christmas.  It is fruity and spicy and a tiny bit boozy smelling, but mostly fruity and spicy.  Bring on the figgy pudding!  Can't wait.  I do believe I will really enjoy this years. (Even though I shouldn't.)

Next weekend it will be time to bake my Christmas Cake.  That will be even harder not to tuck into it.  Todd and I both adore fruit cake. This year I am going to make two, a light and a dark.  And I may even make mum's warcake.  We will see, best laid plans and all that.  There are only two of us . . . 


 And with that I best leave you with a thought for the day.  I have a Doctors appointment this morning and I need to do the dishes from last night. (Oh, I was such a lazy pup yesterday.)

.° * 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •
•。★★ 。* 。
° 。 ° ˛˚˛ * _Π_____*。*˚
˚ ˛ •˛•˚ */______/~\。˚ ˚ ˛
˚ ˛ •˛• ˚ | 田田 |門 ★

 *.˛.°Your muscles will ache along the way,
from pushing yourself to the limit that day,
and you might have to keep going anyway,
but you are going to be okay . . . 
~bravegirls club  .° * 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ • 

Spiritual Enlightenment

BOOK OF MORMON CORNER - Today's reading -1 Nephi 8:16-38
 Question - If the rod of iron is the word of God and the tree is Jesus Christ, what do these verses teach you about the role of the scriptures? How have the scriptures worked for you in your life? 
What I learned - The rod of iron led straight to the tree. The scriptures take us to God. They are His voice beckoning us, teaching us, enlightening us, chastising us, and showing us all things that we need to do, until we fall down at His feet and partake of His goodness. When I read the scriptures, I feel enlightened. I feel like the fog has lifted from my eyes and I can see the Saviour clearly. There is so much I want to know, and I know that all the answers are contained in them. From them I gain comfort when the world tries to take over my life and I need some calm from everyday toils and troubles. From them I gain sustenance and the strength to carry on. All cars come with a User Manual to help the driver get the most and the best out of their car and driving experience.  The scriptures are like the User Manual for life.  I don't know how I would ever be able to cope without them.
Tomorrow (Day 11) - 1 Nephi 9:1-10:10
QuestionHow can remembering that "the Lord knoweth all things" help you in your life? 


In The English Kitchen today  . . . Crock Pot Ham, Beans and Potatoes.  Quite simply delicious.

Have a brilliant week.  May your days ahead be filled to overflowing with small and wonderful things . . . don't forget!

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═══════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ ═══════════ 

And I do too! 


Sunday 29 October 2017

On Being Content . . .

"This day by God's mercy I am 29 years of age, and in very good health, and like to live and get an estate and if I have a heart to be contented, I think I may reckon myself as happy a man as any in the world, for which God be praised. So to prayers, and to bed."
~Samuel Pepys, February 23, 1662 

I love to read quotes like this.  These words show a man who is happy and content with the life he is living, and to me that is all that is something which should be at the root of any happy life . . . a heart filled with contentment.  No one is happy without thinking they are happy . . .  and having a contented heart is where it begins.

I like to think that I have a contented heart . . . but there are always things I can change, which might make me even more content.  I tend to be somewhat of a worrier . . . and I need to work on that.  Worry never did change a thing . . . but prayer does . . . so perhaps instead of worrying next time I am tempted to do so . . . I should bend my knees instead. 

Contented people are those who are able to laugh and who laugh frequently.  They laugh at life, they laugh at themselves, they laugh along with others . . . they are able to see the funny side in most things. Children laugh on average more than four hundred times a day.  (Don't you just love statistics?)  Think about a baby or a toddler . . . it's not hard at all to make one laugh, and it doesn't take much.  You can simply pull a funny face at one, or hide your face behind your hands and then pop it out again and they are off and laughing.  Joy in simple things . . . looking at life with a humorous attitude.  That is the key.  It's all in how you see things.  You could simply see that adult as someone who is stupidly hiding their face behind their hands trying to trick you into thinking they have disappeared . . . or you could see them as someone who is desperately trying hard to make you smile . . . and then appreciate the effort by smiling in return.


 I think kindness is another key to feeling content.  My father always told me that being kind never cost a penny, and it is true.  It's not hard to be kind and can start simply by a person trying to be more mannerly, and by that I don't just mean saying please and thank you.  I mean kindness in showing consideration for others . . . if you are in a queue at the shops and you have a full cart, yet the person behind you has only one or two items . . . what can it hurt to turn around and say, "Do please go first.  You have only a few things and I have a full cart." They might look at you a bit surprised, but if you insist, they will break out into a sweet smile and that will make you feel happier too.  Try it . . . it works.  I promise you. 

 Kindness means that when you are in slow traffic on the motorway, you let the person who is trying to edge in from the left, make their way into the front of you, with a happy wave . . . it doesn't mean that you grit your teeth and edge ever closer to the car in front of you in a determination to make sure the person on the left doesn't get in.    By letting them in, you automatically feel better yourself . . . you won't be that much later to your destination really . . . and you've done a good turn.  How bad can that be?  or feel?

Kindness is stopping to open a door for someone who is clearly struggling to do so with arms filled . . . it's standing up on the bus to give someone else a seat when they are clearly more in need of it than yourself, it's helping that short person in the shops to read the item they are struggling to reach on the top shelf, it's taking the time to listen . . . even if you have heard the story a million times before and you are in a hurry to move along.  Kindness costs nothing . . . and yet means the world. 

Criticism, judging others harshly, being finicky . . . they have no place on the shelf of contentment.  Sarcasm and pointless negativity likewise . . . how much better to fill your shelf with praise, empathy and silver linings . . . and laughter. 

"Whoever is merry and cheerful has always a good reason for so being, namely the very fact that he is so.  Nothing can so completely take the place of every other blessing as can this quality, whilst it itself cannot be replaced by anything.  A man may be young, handsome, wealthy, and esteemed, if we wish to judge of his happiness, we ask whether he is cheerful."

If you want to feel happy and lighthearted . . . you need to act that way.  Laugh out loud, be happy, find the silver lining.  Laughter is more than just a pleasurable activity.  It boosts immunity, lowers blood pressure, increases tolerance for pain, is a source of social bonding, reduces conflict, cushions social stress within relationships . . . be they at work in marriage or amongst strangers.  When people laugh together . . . they tend to talk together and to get along better with each other.  I think one of the most exquisite pleasures in life has to be making people laugh . . . and being able to laugh at life and yourself.

Act the way you want to feel, and it soon becomes a habit, and quite natural. Be positive. Be kind.  Don't worry . . . be happy.  Pray frequently and often.  Practice contentment . . . and soon it will be a way of life. 


If you are in the UK, I hope you remembered to turn your clocks back an hour last night.  I think that is the one night of the year that Todd regrets having so many chiming clocks. With an ordinary clock you can just simply move the hands, but with a chiming clock, you have to move the hands ahead 23 hours, oen hour at a time and let them chime each time. this can be quite time consuming, lol.  And every time he has to do it, he mourns that a time change is still required . . . why don't they just leave time alone.  Well, I have to agree there.  It does mess with my body clock somewhat.  Its a bit like having jet lag without having had the pleasure of the trip! You would not think an hour would make that much difference, but it does. For me at any rate, but it is the spring one where we lose an hour that affects me most. I'm not sure why that is!  Its only an hour after all!

We watched this last night.  I had not seen it in a while. Its quite a cute older film, with no swearing or violence or gratuitous sex in it.  I always find it quite entertaining.  I think I saw it for the first time when I was about 15. It was on the telly and was already about five years old then.  It made me want to be a nun for a brief period of time . . .  until I discovered that you needed to be Catholic and you couldn't have a boyfriend or get married or any of that. I was sitting here crocheting while we were watching it and Todd pipes up, "She's a really old lady now," (meaning Haley Mills) . . . and I said "and you are a really old man."  He said, " I'm not an old man."  I said, "Well, if Haley Mills is an old woman, and she is younger than you, then that makes you a really old man."  

You just have to laugh!

We are teaching our first lesson this morning in Sunday school.  We were called as a teaching couple a month or so back.  I am quite looking forward to it myself.  I love teaching.  I hope we do okay and on that note I will finish this off as I want to go over the lesson again, while I can! 

A thought to carry with you . . . 

.° * 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •
•。★★ 。* 。
° 。 ° ˛˚˛ * _Π_____*。*˚
˚ ˛ •˛•˚ */______/~\。˚ ˚ ˛
˚ ˛ •˛• ˚ | 田田 |門 ★

 *.˛.°To plant a garden
is to believe in tomorrow.
~Audrey Hepburn .° * 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ • 

BOOK OF MORMON CORNER - Today's reading - 1 Nephi 7:16-8:15
QuestionWhat do Nephi and Lehi's choices in these verses teach you?
What I learned - Nephi asked for strength to lose the bands his brothers had tied him with, not for the Lord to do it for him. I too need to ask for strength to endure, not to have my trials removed from me. My trials are my greatest blessings. It is then that I can lean on my Saviour, and come to know him better and be United with him. He in me, and me in him. Because of Nephi and Lehi's faithfulness in the days of their afflictions and trials, they were blessed. Lehi experienced the greatest gift, in his dream, to partake of the fruit from the tree of life. It we are faithful and endure to the end, we too will receive the greatest gift, that of eternal life. It is through our trials that we grow and become who God intended us to become.
Tomorrow (Day 10) - 1 Nephi 8:16 - 38
Question - If the rod of iron is the word of God and the tree is Jesus Christ, what do these verses teach you about the role of the scriptures? How have the scriptures worked for you in your life?  


 I've done a tutorial on making a Christmas Pudding in The English Kitchen today. Tutorials take such a long time to put together, but they are worth it in the end.  Its almost like teaching a lesson.  Oh but it was so tempting to dig into the pudding last night, but we had to resist as it is for Christmas.

Have a beautiful day! Don't forget! 
 ═══════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ ═══════════ ⊰✿░G░O░D⊰✿⊰L░O░V░E░S⊰✿⊰░Y░O░U░⊰✿
═══════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ ═══════════
 And I do too!

Saturday 28 October 2017

Taking time to be still . . .


Taking time to listen to God is something I try to do each day . . . it is not always easy, sometimes life tries to get in the way, but I have found that if I discipline myself to do it . . . it is a treasure and a pleasure that becomes easier with each day that passes. Sometimes we can get so caught up in the here's and the now's of our days that we forget that in our great need to be heard . . . we also have to stop and listen, for that is the only way we can hear the things He wants us to hear . . . 

 I believe that in my silence I've learned far more, as I listened for that still small voice that I hear in my heart . . . far more than I have ever learned as I prayed and begged for answers. At times, I know . . . I haven't even asked the right questions . . . but by quieting my mind, and patiently listening, I've certainly heard the right answers, answers to questions I'd not even voiced very eloquently . . . but He knows . . . He knows . . . 

 Meditative, intentional listening is a gift for anyone who practices the art, and a wonderfully rich experience. One has to be willing to sit still in God's presence. It does not take long . . . a mere ten minutes a day will suffice. Just find a quiet place where you can be alone and then . . . just sit there and be quiet. Turn off the music, the telephone and the television. Sit quietly and invite God to speak to your soul, allow Him to commune with your spirit. It won't take long before you begin to feel comfortable with the silence and you begin to hear the things that God wants you to hear . . . no, not in a loud audible voice, but in His still and quiet way. It will sooon become an integral part of your day and of your life. 

It is an integral part of mine and one that I treasure daily. Sometimes . . . just when I think I have everything figured out, He reminds me . . . that His ways are not my ways . . . and that even the simplest of His thoughts are far better than even my grandest ideas.

"Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth."
~Psalm 46:10 

 Autumn is my favourite time of year. I love the cooler days and nights. I have never been a real heat lover. Perhaps it is the soft yearnings of my Canadian soul that speaks and tells me I am happiest in the cooler autumnal temperatures. There is something so cosy about walking into a kitchen after having been for a walk outdoors in the cool crisp air. The warmth of the kitchen hits you right away. It just speaks of home to me. Had I a wood stove, I would keep a pot of soup simmering away on the back of it all day, or at least a pot of cinnamon scented water.  I once lived in an old farmhouse that was heated by an old fashioned Mennonite Wood Cookstove. Oh  how I loved the cosiness of it. I spent a lot of hours next to it meditating, writing, cooking, etc. in the winter months.  Laundry would be strung up nest to it as in the old days, and sometimes drying apples and beans . . .  leather britches I think they are called, the beans that is.  There was something very soothing about sitting next to it, listening to the snap and crackle of the logs, and every so often, one would fall down and make an exciting little stir. I loved it. In heaven I am going to have a wood cookstove . . .  

Today I am going to be stirring up my Christmas Pudding for the year.  I have had the fruit macerating all night in some brandy (shhh) in a bowl on the table.  The alcohol all cooks out.  Everyone in the house will have a stir of it and make a wish when I put it together this morning . . . before I pack it into the pudding bowl and start steaming it.  Myself, I am not a huge fan of Christmas pudding, I much prefer mince pies and fruit cake, but Todd . . .  he loves a Christmas pudding and this one is filled with lots of dried figs, sultanas, currants, cherries, etc. If I get really industrious, I might even bake my Christmas Cake today.  It seems to be a good idea.   Actually this year I also want to make a white fruit cake.  I can't get the candied pineapple for it over here however, so I think I am going to try making my own.  I'll let you know how I get on with that!  

We have slowly been re-watching the Downtown Abby Series again . . .  it is a real treat and last night we watched the Christmas Special which preceded Series Three. 

Mary: “You mean you’ve forgiven me?”
Matthew: “No I haven’t forgiven you.”
Mary: “Well, then…”
Matthew: “I haven’t forgiven you because…I don’t believe you need my forgiveness. You’ve lived your life. And I’ve lived mine. And now it’s time we live them together.”
Mary: “We’ve been on the edge of this so many times, Matthew. Please don’t take me there again unless you’re sure.”
Matthew: “I am sure.”
Mary: “And your vows to the memory of Lavinia?”
Matthew: “I was wrong. I…I don’t think she wants us to be sad. She was someone who never caused a moment of sorrow in her whole life.”
Mary: “I agree.”
Matthew: “Then will you?”
Mary: “You must say it properly. I won’t answer unless…you kneel down and everything.”
Matthew: “Lady Mary Crawley. Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”
Mary: “Yes!”

What a romantic moment with the snow falling down around them . . .  they've both been through such a lot of heartache, and we, the audiance, have finally been rewarded with what we have been wanting in our deepest heart of all hearts, all along  . . .  Mary and Matthew together . . . finally.  I just love that scene so very much. 

There are some things which just never get old.
Never, ever,

A thought to carry with you through today  . . . 

.° * 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •
•。★★ 。* 。
° 。 ° ˛˚˛ * _Π_____*。*˚
˚ ˛ •˛•˚ */______/~\。˚ ˚ ˛
˚ ˛ •˛• ˚ | 田田 |門 ★

 *.˛.°I believe that everything happens for a reason.
People change so that you can learn to let go.
Things go wrong so that 
you can appreciate the when they're right.
You believe lies so you eventually
you learn to trust noone but yourself,
and sometimes good things fall apart,
so better things can fall together.
~Marilyn Munroe  •。★★ 。* 。 

BOOK OF MORMON CORNER - Today's Reading - 1 Nephi 7:1-15
Question: Why do you think it is so important to have a soft heart? 
 What I learned - I think when it comes to approaching the gospel having a soft heart is vital.
The Lord can much more easily work with someone who has a soft heart, someone willing to learn, to be teachable, to be humble. Ishmael and his family softened their hearts and received the word and will of God. Laman and Lemuel and others rebelled against the Lord and rejected his will. When our hearts are softened they are like soft clay, we are malleable and teachable and ready to be shaped by the master sculpturer. When our hearts are hardened then the clay has set and we reject and rebel against the will of God. A soft heart can grow line upon line, closer to God. 
 Tomorrow (Day 9) - 1 Nephi 7:16-8:15
 Question: What do Nephi and Lehi's choices in these verses teach you?


In The English Kitchen today  . . .  Rugelach.  Oh boy, but these little babies are dangerously tasty! 

Have a great Saturday no matter what you get up to!  Don't forget along the way of your day . . .

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═══════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ ═══════════  

And I do too!