Friday 29 September 2023

All Things Nice . . .


I pray thee for safe conduct Lord
Through all this world's unrest and strife
Strength for the day and peace at night,
And at the last eternal life.

I pray Thee for the grace to bear
Whatever comes of good or ill,
A house to keep and polish up,
A little niche that I can fill.

A church just up the street a bit,
Where I can sit in our old pew,
Sing the old hymns that I so love,
And worship as my neighbors do.

A few relations here and there,
A friend or two of by-gone years,
That I can visit now and then
Sharing our laughter and our tears.

I pray Thee for safe conduct Lord
Through world's strife and fear and hate,
Someone to love me  . . .  and at last,
A kindly hand at heaven's gate.
~Edna Jaques, Safe Conduct
Fireside Poems, 1950

Fireside Poems was the original book of Edna's poetry that my mother had in her bookcase and that I read almost every day of my growing up years.  There is a poem in it called Bleeding Hearts.  It is about Grandmother's garden. I can remember my mother telling me that it made her remember her own Grandmother's garden and brought back many a fond memory of the time spent on her grandparent's farm on the South Mountain.  Whenever I read that poem I think of mom and my grandmother.  Well, this whole book makes me think of my mother. I have such fond feelings attached to the words on it's pages. 

I think of that sad old farm house, neglected and falling to ruin now . . .  and the voices that echo down through time of those that once lived there and called it home.  I think of my mother exploring the wonderful flower gardens that my great grandmother kept and of my mother and her sister sitting on the old front porch looking down the mountain to the valley below and the dreams and hopes they must have had.  Voices that echo down through time. Our mother was born in that house . . . 

When my sister and I go to see it, as we sometimes do . . . we can feel the roots tugging at our hearts.  If either of us ever won the lottery we would try to buy the place and restore it to its former grandeur.  You got to have a dream in order to have a dream come true they say.

I love this old photograph of my mother (on the right) and her older sister Thelma (on the left).  That is not dirt on their dresses.  They would have been pristine. My mother had the original photograph taped into a photo album with green tape which got smeared on the photograph. Those pretty handsewn matching dresses. I expect they were their Sunday best dresses. Mom might have been three or four years old in this photograph. It would have been during the great depression, as mom was born in 1932.  I wonder now, was this taken on that farm, near that house?  I will never know now  . . . 

We had a lovely visit with our Uncle Harold the other day.  Uncle Harold is my mother's youngest sister Freda's husband. We all love Uncle Harold very much and it was so nice to get to see him and spend time with him and his wife Barb. Aunt Freda has been gone many years now. She passed on their wedding anniversary when she was only 64 from lung cancer.  Anyways, Uncle Harold was so surprised to see us all and I think very pleased that we had taken the time to go up there. He lives up the North Mountain in a house overlooking the bay.  It really was a nice visit, and it was so nice to be able to do it together, the three of us.

We are very much enjoying having our baby brother around. Who knows how many more times we will have this opportunity. We are all getting up there in years now and each day given to us is a bonus and a blessing.  I find myself wishing he lived closer, but he has been in Ottawa since he was a very young man, and all of his children are there (as well as his wife and her family!) so that is where his home is and quite rightly so.  As we get older though, the ability and desire to travel becomes less and less . . . 

So, in any case, we are enjoying these few days together.  Yesterday we went to dad's and gave him a bath while David sorted out some things on his computer. Our father has just discovered Pinterest. He keeps calling it "Printerest."  He had wanted our brother to get his printer working so he could print some things from "Printerest."  

On Wednesday night we all went to supper with dad to the Big Scoop.  Dad and I broke from tradition and did not have fish and chips.  David, Cindy and I are planning on going to Jonny's, tomorrow I think, and I am saving my fish and chips for then!  I think tonight will be pizza night with pizza from our cousin Hal's pizza place in town.

I have also managed to get all the legal stuff done for my will, etc. this week.  The timing worked out perfectly so that I could do it while my brother was here as he and my sister are both co-executor's of my will. Not that I have much of an inheritance to leave, but at least I have the peace of knowing that what I do have is in good hands.


Each day now brings big changes around us. The leaves are really turning and changing color now and falling to the ground. It was only 5 degrees when I got up this morning and it was quite misty out. We do get those misty mornings in the autumn here in the valley.  The other day our skies were covered in a haze of smoke from the fires in Labrador and Quebec. It was hanging right over us.  You could see the sun, but it was like a gold ball in this pewter colored sky.  Very odd.



Last night I made a jar of spiced apple rings to use in this recipe I am making for my vintage menu post next week.  Spiced apple rings are not something you see around here.  I found several recipes for making them. One was all  natural and the other used those red cinnamon candies.  I have not seen those red cinnamon candies in years, so I went with the natural one.  They taste good, but are  not the bright red color that the recipe wanted.  I will just have to use them anyways, and hope that people understand. Apparently they are supposed to be good with turkey and pork, so maybe we can enjoy some for Thanksgiving as well.

We shall see.



I have decided to start masking again when out and about. Not just to protect myself from Covid, but also to protect myself from getting colds and flu and other illnesses like that. With this AAT Deficiency I don't want to get sick if possible, or to get any lung infections.  And there are plenty about this time of year. Covid is on the rise as well.  In Ottawa where my brother is from, they have had to all mask up in the Seniors place where his FIL lives due to infections, and I see that medical facilities are masking up again. Also my cousin who owns the Pizza place in town went into hospital last week to have his gall bladder out and ended up catching Covid in there. He has an auto-immune disease so not nice. Oddly he managed to get through all of the Pandemic without catching it and here you go . . .  catches it in the hospital.  Funny how that works out!

And not haha funny, but strange funny.

Anyways, on that note I will leave you with a thought for the day  . . . 

° * 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •
•。★★ 。* 。
° 。 ° ˛˚˛ * _Π_____*。*˚
˚ ˛ •˛•˚ */______/~\。˚ ˚ ˛
˚ ˛ •˛• ˚ | 田田 |門 ★

 *.˛.Tell me who admires you & loves you,
and I will tell you who you are.•。★★ 。* 。
~Charles Augustin Sainte-•。★★ 。* 。
•。★★ 。* 。•。★★ 。* 。

In The English Kitchen today  . . .  Cranberry & Apple Pie.  Simply delicious!

I hope that you have a lovely day and a beautiful weekend!  I probably won't get on again now, until Tuesday, so don't worry if you don't see me.  Stay happy, stay safe and be blessed. Don't forget!

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═══════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ ═══════════   

And I do too!    


Wednesday 27 September 2023

Today . . .



I'm probably going to be a bit sparse on here for a few days.  I am busy spending time with my brother while I can!  Who knows when we will all be together like this again. Yesterday we got my will sorted and he is helping me to get my files off my old computer which has my book manuscripts on it, etc.  Today we are going to my bank (which is only open Mon/Wed/Fri) to have him put on my account so that when I pass it will be easier for him to pay my bills.  Then we are going up the mountain to visit our Uncle Harold. He will be so pleased to see the three of us!  Then it is the Big Scoop for supper together with Dad.  Tomorrow we are going to dads in the a.m. to give him a bath and David is going to do some computer work for him.  We might be meeting him for breakfast first.  Then on Friday we are going up country to pick up some dongles to download my stuff onto and then have lunch as Jonny's.  My brother is looking forward to that.  So much planned!  I will check in as and when I can!  

Be safe and be happy. Be blessed and don't forget!

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And I do too!       

Tuesday 26 September 2023

A Day Book . . .



The telltale signs of Autumn are becoming more obvious with each day that passes. I think the first sign is the smell in the air, and then the turning starts. Oh, it started back in mid August, those first few tinges of changes dancing upon the tops of the trees, easy to ignore.  Here and now . . . .  just a few weeks later, the change is unmistakable. These things will happen more rapidly now, with each day that passes. It is undeniably autumn, and the world around us is starting to sing the song and dance to the melody that that cannot not be ignored and will not be put off. Oh, there will be the odd day that still speaks of summer . . . but it is truly on the wane.



It was so nice to see my brother last evening. He, Cindy and I spent a couple hours just chatting here in my living room.  It makes me sad that he lives so far away, but he has lived in the place he lives now, since he was a very young man. It is his home. His family is there, wife, daughters . . .a whole lifetime of memories. It is nice though that we will have this next week to catch up with each other and spend some quality time together. 


I am grateful that he is here to go with me to my lawyer today and help me sort out my will. I have never had a will before. This is all new territory for me and a bit daunting.  It will be nice to have someone who knows what they are doing with me. He is my executor, along with my sister, so it will be nice for him as well to know what's what.

Also thank you so much for your feedback yesterday which reaffirmed that my decision was the right one. I spoke to my oldest son and he also thinks it is the right thing to do.  We are all in accord  . . . 



These next few days when we will all be able to spend some time together.  A very rare opportunity to celebrate what our familial uniqueness and what has shaped us into who we are.  We are all good people.  We had some pretty good parents to help us become such. Not perfect, who is . . .  but they helped us to grow into some pretty decent human beings.  Grateful for that and for this time we will have with each other and with our father.  It will be good.


I am really loving my bowl of yarn balls. All different sizes. I may need to shake it up with just a few more colors and sizes, but it makes me happy to look at it. It is an easy occupation, winding these balls of yarn. Just the type of thoughtless thing that I can do while I watch telly without having to overly concentrate.  So far the cats are not even curious.  That's a good thing.



I forgot to share the results of my latest blood tests.  I have high hemoglobin  and an AAT deficiency.  The liver produces something which prevents mucus from forming in your lungs (from what I understand). Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency is a genetic condition that can cause lung and liver damage. Lung symptoms are usually similar to emphysema, including chronic cough, shortness of breath and wheezing. This explains a lot to me.  Because it is genetic it is something I have had my whole life, but it has only been picked up now because of my liver disease and the tests that they have done to keep a check on that. This would explain to me why, when I do get a cold, it goes immediately to my lungs and why it seems to take me so much longer to shake these things off.  I still have not cleared my lungs from the last one.  They will be retesting me in December. I think it is perhaps time for me to start masking again.  Especially around my dad, LOL



Anything to do with the home or homemaking. I love this little home I have made for myself.  It makes me happy.  This little kingdom of my own. Just myself, Nutmeg and Cinnamon and those who we choose to share it with us.  For the rest of my life, I shall be content.



Old plates and dishes. My sister has shared a few with me from her collection. I use them all the time when I take photos of plates of food. I just love them.  I love their vintage feel. I love to think about all the meals that have been enjoyed on them through the years. If they could talk, what would they say?


He's never really very far from me. His watchful eyes keeping a check on all that is happening in our little world. He is on guard. My little Nutmeg. He is such a little treasure.



The October General Conference from my church. I really enjoy these conferences.  It is a chance to feel a part of something larger.  To feel a part of something big. To know that as odd as we might seem to many, we are not alone.  There are millions of us throughout the world.  And twice a year we get to gather and listen to inspirational words from men and women who inspire and invite.  Who help us to want to be better, to grow, to love the Savior and to follow Him. I always really enjoy these few days of inspiration and I refer to them often in the months that follow. Or even years.  Right now I am re-listening to all the talks of Elder Jeffrey R Holland. A great many of them are ones I have never heard. I get something, some inspiration, some knowledge, a spark of joy from each and every one.


Indian Horse on Netflix. Stripped of his heritage at a residential school, an indigenous student finds refug on the rink when he discovers a passion for hockey. This is quite good.


This is called a Hootenany. The recipe is on Buns in my Oven.  It looks like a big Yorkshire pudding. But a sweet version. I bet it would be lovely with some fruit and syrup.


The Locked Room, by Elly Griffiths

Pandemic lockdowns have Ruth Galloway feeling isolated from everyone but a new neighbor—until Nelson comes calling, investigating a decades-long string of murder-suicides that’s looming ever closer, in USA Today Elly Griffiths’ penultimate novel in the beloved series. (This is #15)

 Three years after her mother’s death, Ruth is finally sorting through her things when she finds a curious relic: a decades-old photograph of her own Norfolk cottage—before she lived there—with a peculiar inscription on the back. Ruth returns to the cot­tage to uncover its meaning as Norfolk’s first cases of Covid-19 make headlines, leaving her and Kate to shelter in place there. They struggle to stave off isolation by clapping for frontline workers each evening and befriending a kind neighbor, Zoe, from a distance. 

 Meanwhile, Nelson is investigating a series of deaths of women that may or may not be suicide. When he links a case to an archaeological dis­covery, he breaks curfew to visit Ruth and enlist her help. But the further Nelson investigates the deaths, the closer he gets to Ruth’s isolated cot­tage—until Ruth, Zoe, and Kate all go missing, and Nelson is left scrambling to find them before it’s too late.

This is really good. I am on the last few pages. Then my plan is to go back and start with book one of this series of novels.



Faith, family, home, friends.  Having time with my daughter one on one.  Sunday dinners with family. Seeing my brother again after over a year.  Feline cuddles.  A comfortable roof over my head. Its all good. I am blessed.



° * 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •
•。★★ 。* 。
° 。 ° ˛˚˛ * _Π_____*。*˚
˚ ˛ •˛•˚ */______/~\。˚ ˚ ˛
˚ ˛ •˛• ˚ | 田田 |門 ★

 *.˛.Neglect not•。★★ 。* 。
the gift that is in thee.•。★★ 。* 。
~1 Timothy 4:14•。★★ 。* 。
•。★★ 。* 。•。★★ 。* 。


Today, my Vintage Menu Madness. A whole menu for a main meal with recipes taken from one of my vintage cookbooks.  Delicious as always. A taste from the past.

I hope that you have a beautiful day filled with love and light. Whatever you get up to, don't forget!

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═══════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ ═══════════   

And I do too!    


Monday 25 September 2023

Small and Wonderful Things . . .


"The world is fairly studded and strewn with pennies cast broadside from a generous hand. But who gets excited by a mere penny? It is dire poverty indeed when a man is so malnourished and fatigued that he won't stoop to pick up a penny. But if you cultivate a healthy poverty and simplicity, so that finding a penny will literally make your day, then, since the world is in fact planted with pennies, you have with your poverty bought a lifetime of days. It is that simple. what you see is what you get." ~Anne Dillard 

 A few of the small and wonderful things which bring untold joy into my life. It's the small things in life which truly mean the most. Simple abundance . . . it's the best.


Eileen and I had a great sleepover.  I picked her up mid afternoon on Friday. We went to the shops to pick up some stuff to make naan bread pizzas for our supper and some salad things. She had brought a dice game to play.  We made our pizzas. We watched Peggy Sue Got Married and then Elemental (cute) on Disney +.  We laughed a lot and just enjoyed each other's company until it was time to take her home on Saturday afternoon. She really enjoys the cats.  It was a lovely time together and we both had fun. I could only dream about spending time like this with my family when I was in the UK, so its nice to know that dreams can come true! 


I've been struggling a lot with insomnia lately. I think a lot of it is down to anxiety.  I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon to see a lawyer about making up my will. I have never made a will before.  I want things to be settled however before I die as I don't want to leave chaos behind.  I have been waffling back and forth between leaving everything to be divided between my two oldest sons with the promise that they will take care of their sister, or just leaving everything to all five of my children to be divided equally. Not that I have a lot to divide. Its complicated, because one of my children has not communicated with me since 2016 and the other since 2013.  There is a huge part of me that wants to say "Didn't want anything to do with me in life, then nothing for you."  But another part of me thinks, what do I want my legacy to be?  

Do I want to be remembered as a mother who chose between her children at the end, or do I want to be remembered as a mother who loved her children unconditionally, no matter what.  It is gut wrenching, and was very much on my mind yesterday.  I've been praying about it so much.

Whether they deserve it or not, I think I will leave everything to be divided equally amongst all five children. Because at the end of the day I love them all and it is not a love that is contingent upon whether or not they love me back.  I don't want my final message to them to be one of judgement, and by leaving the two out I feel that I would be sitting in judgement.  That is not like me. That is not who I am. I am a very forgiving person.  And I do love my children unconditionally.  

Its not like I have a huge legacy or anything. I do not. But what I do have I want to gift to them all. By leaving two of them out I will be saying to them that their treatment of me was justifiable.


I didn't make it to church yesterday. I had not slept most of Saturday night and I didn't feel capable of driving safely to the church, which is in the next town over.  Instead I lay back in my chair and listened to church hymns played by the piano on You Tube.  It was relaxing. I thought I might fall asleep, but alas I did not, so I spent most of yesterday in a over-tired haze.  I did go to my sister's for supper.  Thankfully I slept pretty good last night.  I fell asleep pretty much right away and only got up twice during the night. I slept until almost 7 a.m.  I needed it.


This upcoming weekend is the Autumn session of our church's bi-annual conference.  I probably won't be able to watch much of it in real time as my brother will be here, but I can catch up next week. (hopefully with all of the hymns etc. intact)  I really love our church conferences.  They are a great opportunity for us to hear our leaders speak and received direction and inspiration for the coming months.  I always enjoy all of the speakers.  They come from a wide spectrum of peoples, speakers from all over the world. Some of them men, some women. I always get a lot out of the talks.  

I have been listening to the collected talks of Elder Jeffrey R Holland. I have always loved his talks.  He is such a humble man.  I gain a lot of inspiration from them each time I listen to them. I am filling my soul with goodness.

I have been thinking a lot about this lately. We are each part of a world that is filled with beautiful, talented people.   A world where there is a huge diversity in wealth with some people having way more than any one deserves and others having next to nothing.  Images of  beautiful people living seemingly beautiful lives assault us at every turn.  It is so tempting to want to envy the most talented for their talents and their worth, the rich for their abundance, the beautiful for their looks, etc.   A person could spend a lot of time wishing for more . . .  more of everything.  How much joy would be found in that.

There is a great peace that comes with being content with what you already have.  Joy in believing that we already have is more than enough.  

Comparison isn't just the thief of joy. It is the thief of everything.  How much better to find purpose in your life, in the here and the now and the what, to keep your eyes on a path filled with purpose and meaning.  To cultivate a love where we celebrate others and progress, not perfection.  A life which cultivates gratitude. Gratitude is the magic potion that turns what we have into enough. 


Time is a precious commodity. Today, once spent, is gone, never to be repeated. Every minute lost is a minute lost forever.  What a shame to waste the time we have been given, or to allow it to be contaminated with boredom, self-pity  . . . and anxiety (a crime I am often guilty of). How much better to face each day with the joy of expectation and courage, with hope.  How much better to spend our time sharing and serving others when and as we can.  

Loving and sharing turns what I have into something very precious that gives and gives and gives. Like dropping a pebble into the water, it creates ripples of abundance that cannot help but touch others.

Real happiness isn't something looming on the horizon. It is here now and it is already ours. It is the smile of someone you love, the stroke of a furry ear, a decent breakfast, a warm sunset, warmth in the belly and a roof overhead. Small and simple things, little every day joys all lined up in a row.  Its about not taking for granted the blessings you already have. In taking the time to trace the goodness which is in each of our days.  In being grateful.


I am so blessed to have a home that serves me rather than drains me. A home that is an oasis in the desert, a sanctuary from the rest of the world. Uncluttered and unfettered, filled with things that bring me joy, filled with love and comfort and  . . .  peace.

And with that I best leave you with a thought for the day. Time is marching on!  My brother arrives later today and my father is coming here for supper tonight. Lots to look forward to.  Sorry if I have gone on a bit this morning. Some days are like that. I do a lot of pondering.

° * 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •
° * 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •
•。★★ 。* 。
° 。 ° ˛˚˛ * _Π_____*。*˚
˚ ˛ •˛•˚ */______/~\。˚ ˚ ˛
˚ ˛ •˛• ˚ | 田田 |門 ★
*Where there is great love
there are always miracles.
~Willa Cather•。★★ 。* 。

In The English Kitchen today . . .  Easy Cheesy Sausage Chowder. This was simply fabulous!

I wish for you a beautiful day and a week filled with the abundance of the things that matter most.  Don't forget!

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And I do too!       

Friday 22 September 2023

All Things Nice . . .


I never knew a room could hold,
Such loveliness within its walls,
A little cupboard painted red,
Upon whose face the lamplight falls,
Making it glow with warmth and grace,
And casting shadows at its base.

A dainty China figurine,
An ugly little god of brass,
A garden done in miniature,
Holding a tiny tree of glass,
A bridge with doll-like figures on,
A path of gaily painted lawn.

And through a doorway you can glimpse,
 A kitchen done in yellow tile,
With copper kettles on the stove,
A willow teapot English style,
A window where a backyard shows,
With vegetables in tidy rows.

And over all these lovely things,
There's something else you cannot see,
A nameless charm and happiness,
An air of sweet serenity
As if the people living there,
Had found a jewel rich and rare.

As if its beauty were in part,
Reflected from a human heart.
~Edna Jaques, I Never Knew
The Golden Road, 1953

Oh how I love these poems penned so long ago by Edna Jaques.  She had the talent to capture the human life's experience with her words.  They hold a certain timelessness which rests in the flesh of every human heart. The need for family, hearth and home . . .  community, nature . . . a love and longing for simple things, simple pleasures, a simple life.  Simple values that never change. Faith, hope, charity . . . things which hold eternal charm.

These two are on chipmunk duty all day long.  They sit in front of the window giving it their rapt attention as it sits and grooms and suns itself on the front porch railing.  Its like he is teasing them and enjoying their watchful gaze and inability to touch him as he does so.

The other evening,  as my sister was leaving after having help clip their nails, we were both out on the porch and we could hear the rustle and crunch of little hands and teeth enjoying a few purloined peanuts.  Perhaps leftover from the day.  When we investigated, sure enough, there he was at the end of the railing, basking in the shadow of the window boxes, turning a nut over and about in his hands, and amiably munching away, master of his domain.


Enjoying  misty mornings where the dew lays heavy on the grass.  I do not notice it in the summer months so much. The sun is up and has dried it before I get to see it.  Now, with the shortening days, the sun hasn't the time to dry it up before I can enjoy it.  Spider webs caught in the crystal drops, gossamer threads adorning branch and leaf like little golden hanging bridges, sparkling in the early morning sun.

Soon, all too soon, with the dropping temperatures they will be caught in the icy grasp of Jack Frost's brush.  Indeed it was only 6 degrees here this morning, so a chill is in the air.  We soon will not be able to gad about in just our shirt sleeves.

I am looking forward to picking up Eileen a bit later on today. Her husband is going away overnight for his special Olympic training for the Winter games and she is coming to spend the night with me.  It will be fun.  We will play a game I guess. She is bringing one, a dominoes game.  We will laugh and perhaps watch a film.  Share some good food together.  A "girl's" night for us to both enjoy.  We see eye to eye on enough things that we enjoy each other's company.  This is a real treat for us both.


Out here in the rural area of Nova Scotia, there is not a lot of light pollution. On a clear and cloudless night, the sky is filled with stars.  Apparently we should be able to view the Northern Lights I am told, although I have not seen them here as of yet.  Perhaps if I was to leave the safety of my front room and to venture out onto the street?  

I remember many years ago, when I was living in Northern Alberta, we could lay in our bed and watch the Northern Lights paint their dance across the night skies above our house.  I had never seen such a thing.  I watch a girl on YouTube, Cecelia Blomdahl, who often posts videos of the Northern Lights taken from her home on Svalbard, an Island close to the North Pole. It is a fascinating life to be sure.  


What a magnificent world and time we live in. We now get to be spectators and enjoy glimpses into lives and places we could never have imagined before. Many wonders to behold. What would our grandparents think of this amazing technology we all take so much for granted.  They knew these things only from books. We can now see them all, as if in real time, from the comforts of our chairs. I love to explore new worlds in this way, to see how other people live, to travel to places and see them with my eyes, places once only dreamt of. My friend Val and her husband have spent this last week on a Norwegian Cruise and she has been posting lovely photos of her travels on Facebook. Norway was a place I had wanted to travel to.  

Norway, Sweden, Denmark . . . the Netherlands.  Greece, Italy, Ireland.  All places I have wanted to go in my lifetime, but never got to. As a child I used to study the pages of these countries in our home encyclopedia, and dream of perhaps one day visiting them.  I got close.  I have lost my taste for wanderlust now. I am content to stay where I am and am very much at peace with my surroundings, content for my travel now to be explored mostly from the comfort of my chair.  I get to sleep in my own bed each night, which is an extra special blessing.  There really is no place like home.

I will end today with this sweet story. I do not know if it is true or not, but it is sweet and I like to think that it is true.  Nature is full of magic tales such as this.  I do not think this is so far fetched as to be impossible, do you?

I am posting my all things nice post a day early this week as my daughter will be here tomorrow morning and I doubt I will have the chance to post again until Monday.  And then next week my brother will be visiting us from Ottawa, so I am not sure how much I will get posted then, perhaps only small catch-ups.

In the meantime I leave you with a thought to carry with you . . . 

° * 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •
•。★★ 。* 。
° 。 ° ˛˚˛ * _Π_____*。*˚
˚ ˛ •˛•˚ */______/~\。˚ ˚ ˛
˚ ˛ •˛• ˚ | 田田 |門 ★

 *.˛Even in a time of elephantine •。★★ 。* 。
vanity & greed, one never has to look far •。★★ 。* 。
to see the campfires of gentle people.•。★★ 。* 。
~Garrison Keillor•。★★ 。* 。•。★★ 。* 。
•。★★ 。* 。•。★★ 。* 。



In The English Kitchen today   . . .  Easy Spanish Rice.  Quite simply delicious.

I hope you have a beautiful weekend filled with nice things and abundance, with the things that matter most.  Don't forget!

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And I do too!