Saturday, 7 May 2016

A bit of this and a bit of that . . .


I have been sitting here mesmerized this morning by video and photographs of that horrific forest fire which is burning in Northern Alberta and which has forced the evacuation of a whole city.   This is the type of thing that you see in disaster films at the cinema, but not what we are used to being able to see in real life.  This is scary stuff.   My heart and prayers go out to the people of Fort McMurray and the surrounding area.  I know something of how they might be feeling.

Back in 1980 my ex and I were on our way back to Alberta from Ontario in our car after having visited family in Southern Ontario when we were re-routed down into Minnisota from our planned router due to Forest Fires which were raging across the Nothern Ontario/Manitoba border area.   We came back up through South and North Dakota into Manitoba and there were forest fires raging on both sides of the highway and I can remember being tired and exhausted and afraid,  and having to spend the night in a motel not too far from the fireline and not being able to sleep for fear that the fires would reach the motel.  With two toddlers and a newborn baby in the car . . . it was a pretty scary time for us.

It must be so much worse when it is your home that is burning.  Kudos to the emergency services of Fort McMurray that helped to evacuate this city safely and to the fire fighters who so bravely deal with this type of thing all the time.

This could be any one of us, and it needn't be fire . . .  it could be floods, or earthquakes, war, or any type of disaster that might cause us to have to flee from our homes.  


This makes me all the more aware of Todd's and my need to make sure our 72 hour packs are ready and in place.  Right  now we have sleeping bags, air mattresses, tent, camp stove, lantern, wind up radio, etc., but very little else in place  We need to get our act together and really be prepared.   This graphic comes from HERE where you will find printable check lists, etc. 

Emergency preparedness isn't something we really think about on a daily basis, but with the increase of these types of situation in the world is is something we all need to be thinking about, as it could one day be any one of us and we won't have time to think about it then!  We need to be ready to take care of each person in our family and our pets in an emergency evacuation scenario.



Its too late to plan this type of thing once the emergency hits.  My plan over the next three months is to make sure that we have a kit in place for each Todd, myself and Mitzie, and then if time and money allows, one extra for just in case.  You never know when you might need an extra one.

There is a ton of information out there to help us and help you.


72 Hour Food Supply kits from yearzerosurvival.


This post on A Bowl Full of Lemons is a fabulous resource.   There is a full 8 week plan on how to get this done with printables, and a plan for what to do on each of eight weeks in order to have your emergency preparedness in place for the whole family.


30+ Essential things you should keep in your car.  From Life Hacker

God forbid we ever need any of these things, but there is an old saying which goes . . .  an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

"If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear."  ~D&C 38:30

We had a great day yesterday with some service in the morning and then in the afternoon we went to our friends Tina and Tony's for a late lunch/visit.  Even Mitzie was with us.  We had a lovely time.


I love these two people to bits.  Tina is my best friend here in the UK, and such a fine example to me.  She never complains or grumbles when she is asked to do something.  She just mucks in and gets it done.  She is compassionate and caring, hard working, funny, a great listener, etc. and a fascinating lady.  Every time I spend time with her, I learn something new about her.  She is like an onion I keep peeling . . .  with each layer that falls off I discover a new and wonderful thing about her, and something else to love.


Yesterday I started some sourdough starter for a new book I am getting ready to review.   This is after 24 hours.   It doesn't look too different, but has a very distinct sour smell beginning.   I have never done sourdough bread before, but I have done friendship cakes and I suspect they are somewhat similar.


My second oldest grandson turned 10 yesterday.   Its hard to believe!  He's a lovely little boy, but then again I am very biased.  He's my artsy grandson.  He loves to work with his hands.  We got him a book on Monsters called Monsterology. 


He loves it.  (We had gotten his younger brother a book on Pirates, Pirateology)  These books are fabulous for boys.  They are filled with all sorts.  


There is a ton of stuff to learn, facts, puzzles, etc. in them.  More than just a read.  We also sent him a book on "How to Draw a Dragon."  Maybe I will get lucky and he will send me a dragon picture he has drawn!

A gal can dream!


A new salt and pepper grinder which for the life of me I can't figure out how to use.   It's a mystery.  I will keep trying.  It took me several hours to figure out how to fill it.  I finally got it, so I expect I will be able to figure out how to use it as well.  Its probably something simple that I am overlooking.

I know  . . . it shouldn't be so complicated.

A thought to carry with you through today  . . .

The newborn lamb, the fledgling bird,
the buttercup, the honeybee.
The pregnant earth, the greening wheat,
the flush of bloom on bush and tree.
Once again the flowers are blooming,
and the songbirdss call their mates.
Spring returns in all its glory.
Man destroys and God creates.
~Patience Strong

Spiritual Enlightenment

 photo DSCN6777_zpsg31qq1is.jpg

In The English Kitchen today  . . .  Tasty Oat and Cheddar Scones.  Delicious!

Whatever you get up to today, hope your Saturday is a great one!  Don't forget!

═══════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ ═══════════ ⊰✿░G░O░D⊰✿⊰L░O░V░E░S⊰✿⊰░Y░O░U░⊰✿
═══════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ ═══════════

 And I do too!


  1. Good morning Marie,

    I have watched the fires in Canada with real fear. They happen here and there is always so much loss of property and life. It is difficult and I can imagine your fear with your babies in the car. How horrible.

    I have a number of tabs up and hopefully I will be able to see a little more of the sites you have referenced.

    Hug Mitzy for me and have a brilliant day. God bless.

  2. Marie...I had a sourdough starter given to me about 45 years ago from a friend at work. I made rolls, a loaf and cinnamon rolls every week. It was fun for a while :)

  3. From what little I know of sour dough it does sound like the the same idea as friendship cake. I used to do those a lot, but haven't done that in a long time. Happy Birthday to your grandson! Time does fly by!
    The books you got for the boys sound wonderful. Hope you have a super Saturday !

  4. A very timely post:(

    you are wise to be prepared..I must admit we are not..I have never even thought of it..except for cars..and right now we have nothing.

    Wise words Marie..
    The sast and pepper shaker you are right it should not be that complicated..I have been stumped byt things too:)

    I have been the sourdough way..I didn't excel..I have a young frind who makes beautiful bread..and Ann Thibeault does too:)

  5. They expect the fire in Alberta to double in size in the next 24 hours, which is very alarming Suzan. When I was married before my husband always had to go with the army fighting forest fires each spring/summer. Very scary stuff. The loss is horrendous! xoxo

    That sounds like you were an expert at it Linda! I am hoping I can work with this! I have plans! xoxo

    Thanks Pam! I hope you have a super Saturday also! xoxo

    MOnique, although we have tents etc. we are no where ready. WE need a dedicated backpack for each of us with some medications in them, important papers, water, food, toileteries, etc. It's quite a process but a lot easier to do when you are not in a blind panic! You can look in about a weeks time to see how I have coped with sour dough! I hope it works for me! xoxo

  6. Thanks for the prompt and useful links re: emergency preparedness. We live in an earthquake zone and an area of long warm very dry summers (which are lovely) but we are also surrounded by forests so fire is a worry. I too, am going to get that emergency kit put together.

  7. God willing you never have to use it Susan, but if you do, you will be glad that you were prepared! xoxo

  8. Hi Marie!

    I have sure missed your posts!! Hopefully I will have a little more time to sit down and get caught up on all of my blogging friends.

    I have watched closely on the fires burning in Canada. My Nephew is a firefighter and is currently fighting the fires there. My heart goes out to all who have lost so much . . . very tragic!!

    Thank you for posting about 72

    hour kits! We have kits for us, and even an extra kit for our large dog. But, I'm pretty sure I need to go through them and replace and add a few things. I love the idea of having everything on a shelf so you can just grab and go. I'm afraid it would take me a little time to get everything together if there were an emergency. This is something I REALLY need to work on.

    There is nothing like a good friend . . . you are a very lucky woman, and so is she . . . :0)

    Happy Mother's Day sweet friend!

    Hugs and Love,

  9. I always feel sad for people who are evacuated due to fires. Many years ago we were evacuated from our home in Spokane Washington for a few days. It was a bad one; "entitled Fire Storm". Your experience did sound scary.
    Thanks for all the preparedness ideas. We need to do one for our cars for sure.
    Your little grandson that turned 10 is adorable and I think it is awesome that he is artsy. I wonder where that Gene came from.
    Love all of this one as I always do.
    Sweet Marie; have a really spectacular Mother's Day! Love you much dear friend and I am sending loving thoughts your way~

  10. Thanks Barb! So nice to see a comment from you! I will keep your nephew in my prayers along with the rest! Glad you enjoyed the post! xoxo

    Thanks LeAnn! A very happy Mother's Day to you also! xoxo

  11. You're welcome Shorty Bear! xoxo


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