Saturday, 14 May 2016

Saturday this and that . . .


This is Janell and Joel.  What a fun visit we had with them yesterday afternoon.  Janell did her mission here in the EMM two years ago and so did Joel, but amazingly enough, although they knew of each other . . .  they never actually met or served in any area here that was remotely close to each other.  Long story short, they both served their missions and returned home, Joel asked  a friend of Janell's to go on a date.  Her friend didn't want to go alone, so Janell went along with a date of her own, and Joel ended up getting  her number from her, they had a date the next week, and the rest is history.

They are now married and what a cute couple they are.  We had such a fun visit with them.   Its incredible to be able to serve with young people like this, and then . . .  to be able to see them come back to the UK married and happy is even more incredible.  I just love it.  I adore their happily ever afters.

What a great generation of young people!  We have always stayed in touch with all of them that we can over the years, and it's so wonderful to see them progressing in their lives, finishing their educations, finding jobs, getting married, having families, etc.


Another thing we did yesterday was drive some friends of ours who don't have a car out to the campground that our Church Stake is camping at as a group this weekend.   Todd and I are long past our desire to camp out days, but it was fun taking them and we did visit with everyone for a few minutes when we got there before we drove back home.    When we first arrived one of the Sisters who actually just lives around the corner from us came running up to me all excited because she thought I was camping.  That made me feel good and almost a bit sorry that I wasn't going to be camping . . .  almost being the operative word here.   I don't like camping.  I have never liked camping.  I will never like camping.  The "love camping" gene is not wired into my DNA.

Speaking of DNA, did you know that you can have your DNA  tested through  It's true.  They send you a sample collection tube via the post for collecting your DNA via your saliva (quite a lot of your saliva) which you then send back and they analyze it and then send you back a report containing the results.  It includes your ethnicity, and can be matched to new relatives on your family tree. It uses up-to-date DNA autosomal testing, meaning it covers 22 of your 23 chromosomal pairs. It looks at both maternal and paternal lines, and works just as well for men and for women.

I now know what I want for my birthday this year.  Every year I have no idea of what I want, but this year I do.  I want my DNA tested.  I want to know for sure what my ethnicity is.  I think it will be fascinating!  And, I want to give this test to Todd for his birthday as well!

Don't you think thats a great gift?  I do!   We better start saving our pennies because its not all that cheap.  Perhaps it could be combined birthday/Christmas presents???  We'll see  . . .it may stay just a dream. ;-)


Do you know what this is?  Its an infrared photograph taken of Fort McMurray before the forest fires.  The red area in this photograph is the surrounding living forest.


This is an infrared photo taken after the fires . . . . the forest is now dead.

The images above come from a pair of satellites operated by DigitalGlobe, a remote sensing company. Called WorldView 2 and 3, each looks at different swaths of the infrared spectrum, which allows them to see a dynamic picture of the devastation caused by this brutal fire. First responders use images like these to predict a fire’s movement, and plan their suppression efforts.  These photographs were taken from 350 miles above the earth.  Amazing.

And here is an amazing thought . . .  and something else  to think about.


The book of Mormon was published in the year 1830. Some 186 years ago.   At that point in the world's history . . .  which includes some 6,000 years prior to Christ walking upon the earth, and 1830 years after his death . . .  the fastest mode of transportation on the planet was  . . . the  horse.

 Flash forward  only 186 years . . .


We now have high speed trains, the capacity to fly all around the world in sleek and fast aeroplanes, indeed into outerspace on even faster vehicles.  We are capable of capturing moments of time for eternity with the click of a button in photographs via phones which we can carry with us wherever we go, and then we can store those same photos along with our music and books, etc.  in "clouds."  Communication is almost instantaneous . . .  from one side of the world to the other within seconds.  News happens and we know it almost immediately.  The world of Medicine has made enormous strides and anihilated much disease in the world, and given us cures for many others.   The strides we have made in transporation, education, medicine etc. are fantastmagorical!

I remember watching the Jetsons when I was a child and seeing the moving sidewalks and thinking they were impossible, but fantastical to see.  Could this ever be possible????

Our airports are filled with them.

Isn't it just so amazing that all of this has happened in less than two hundred years?  And actually a lot of it over just the past twenty or so years?  I mean . . .  computers in every home, computers the size of mobile phones and as thin as a credit card you can carry in your pocket . . .  I could go on and on . . .  its all so very amazing.   Mind boggling.  If my grandparents were to come back now they would be utterly gobsmacked at what is available in our world.

And why has this all happened in the last less than two hundred years?  Are people smarter now than they were before that?  I don't think so.  I don't think humans are any smarter than they have ever been.  All the resources have always been there for us to find, discover . .  . develop.

 And yet  . . .  we didn't.  Why now?

Food for thought I think.

Thats how my mind works.  I like to think about things like this.  And now that I have your brain clicking too, I will leave you with an inspiring thought for today  . . .

But I also say this,
that light is 
an invitation to happiness,
and that happiness, 
when its done right,
is a kind of holiness,
 palpable and redemptive.
 ~Mary Oliver

Spiritual Enlightenment

 photo DSCN6907_zpsdmdjiluk.jpg

In The English Kitchen today  . . .  something for the weekend, Date and Walnut Coffee Cake.  A cake meant to be shared with friends and eaten along with a nice hot drink, or a cold glass of milk.  Pick your own poison!

The sun is shining gloriously here today.   I love it!  I hope you have a truly lovely day! Don't forget!

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And I do too!


  1. it's called progress and it's progressive!

  2. Good Morning Marie. I have been busy today. We were up early so Pip could help rig out the theatre for the Joseph one showed. This afternoon and evening I have been four year old sitting. I watched some of his tv shows, transfixed. Almost everything was cartoon and no people.

    How things have changed. I remember my year three teacher telling us that washing and ironing would be a thing of the past as we would be wearing disposable clothing. The nappy thing is definitely there. The dog exerciser exists as people exerciser. $1000 would be great and those who earn that here are classed as lower income. We do have robot vacuum cleaners. I think my grandfathers would be gobsmacked. One was born in 1889 and he saw so many changes. The other would have loved our phones.

    God bless your day.

  3. There has always been progress sister! But the progress just over the past 160 years is amazing in comparison to the rest of the earth's lifetime and the history of mankind prior to that date. I just ind it all very fascinating! xoxo

    I really dislike today's cartoons in comparison to the cartoons we had when I was a child Suzan. Its all computer animation. That's one progression I am not a fan of! I love the oldies! They had loads of character! Fun babysitting though! God bless the remainder of your day also! xoxo

  4. It is amazing what has happened in our life time and sometimes I wonder about the changes my grandchildren will be seeing too. Hope you have a super Saturday!

  5. Adorable couple indeed♥
    I can't say I want my DNA tested..I find the more tests I have had the the more things they found....truly.. so no.. and no.:)
    But FUN for you:) Hope you do it..

    Jacques and I were just talking about how things have changed..large high end dept stores are kidding when online shopping is at our effort and sometimes are being replaced by technology..etc..I am not sure what the future holds..
    You will either need to be in helath..or a trade..teaching also..but that too you can do online..Oh lala..hard to predict.
    Enjoy the weekend!
    BTW I think I had the camping gene for 1 weekend when I was 17.

  6. Hi Marie,
    I love this post. It is so awesome that those two cute returned missionaries found each other and got married. So cool that they served in the same mission. I am praying that my own son finds a cute sister RM to get married to sometime after he returns home this fall. Well, actually maybe after he gets some college in and has a decent job... ;-) The church camp out sounds fun. We haven't been to our ward camp out for years - since the youngest was in high school. We tried a couple of times, but it always seemed like that was the weekend when heavy rain was forecast, even if it hadn't rained here in the desert for weeks! Good thoughts about technology going so far so fast. Maybe the Gospel needs to go forward quickly and technology is helping that process along! That is what I have always thought. I always look forward to your blog posts. Have a nice weekend!

  7. Well later getting on today again Marie, it's really funny this isn't it. Nerd mind here I am, How exciting that was for Janell and Joel to come and visit you. You and Todd are such wonderful friends and carers to the young folks that walk your way it's no wonder that they love you and never forget you..Bless them all..and you and dear Todd...I like you often think back and wonder how we could ever have got so far with inventions etc. Without even realising it. My brother in law Mitch was over for a wee visit yesterday and we were just talking about computers most of his life he was a engineer working mainly repairing computers at government offices in the South West.including right here in Box Corsham and Chippenham. The computers in those days were massive and could take up rooms that were giagantic and nowadays even much bigger in capacity can be held in ones hand...he retired some 22 years ago now and has actually never looked at a computer since...I think that's strange....but agrees that things have changed out of all recognition....and that's just one thing!!!....I wonder what our world will look like in fifty years time....I don't think we can begin to imagine.......hope you have had a lovely day. It has been glorious here, I have been sitting out most of the afternoon...night night God Bless xx

  8. I loved all your thoughts on this one. I like the photos of the sweet couple that visited you. I love the stories of how they get together. It is fun to know they served in the same mission but never met.
    I like the idea of DNA testing also. We may look into and start saving too.
    So sad about all the fires; so much distractions. I hope all the displaced families will find the help they need to continue on.
    I enjoyed our thoughts on the Book of Mormon and the technology of today. I think that when the restoration of the Gospel happened then the Spirit has worked hard to inspire the technology and progress we seen in today's world. Before then it was almost zero progress and now it is all such a miracle no great blessing from our Loving Heavenly Father. Of course, Technology needs to be used in the right way and that is a bit scary. Satan too is busy!
    Thanks for your thoughts and I am sending loving thoughts your way! Hugs~

  9. Pam, one truly wonders what is next! How much more can we progress? Its mind boggling! xoxo

    It can be somewhat frightening to think about Monique! I think the old ways were the best ways in a lot of cases! xoxo

    I think you're right about technology Deb! I hope your son finds a nice Sister RM also! xoxo

    You are right Sybil, I don't think we can begin to imagine what will be in place in 50 years time. Technology is progressing at an alarming rate! Hope your Sunday is blessed! xoxo

    I hope the displaced families get all the help they need also LeAnn! Such a worry for them and for Alberta! There but for the grace of God go I! I think technology is great when it is used for good, but not so grate when it is used for others. I read statistics once which said that they three most popular things on the internet were Religion, Pornography and food. The mind boggles. Love and hugs! xoxo


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