Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Wednesday this and that . . .

More and more lately I find myself scratching my head  . . . seeing the things that are going on in the world around me and wondering, just what are we coming to.   I woke up this morning and upon reading the latest news . . . discovered that "the" Donald is set now to become the leader of the Republican party in America and it looks very likely that he will be running against Hilary Clinton.  This kind of things leaves me scratching my head because I have to wonder at a world in which one of the most powerful nations on the planet has a choice between these two when it comes to choosing who will lead them.


 It just seems slightly insane to me . . . especially when you consider that they turned down Mitt Romney, not once but twice.  I liked Mitt Romney, and not just because he was LDS.  I liked Mitt Romney because he had values and valid ideas for making America great again.  Ideas that didn't involve building walls to keep people out, mass deportations, or thinking that the world would be a better place if Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddhafi were still in power.

I know Americans think that who they vote in as President isn't really anyone's business but their own, and that other countries don't really have the right to have an opinion on it, and that is certainly true to a degree  . . .  but the fact is that when you are talking about one of the most powerful countries in the world, decisions such as who becomes the President affect a whole lot more people than just those living within its borders.  That is one of the perks of being one of the most powerful nations in the world.

Donald Trump is rich, yes . . .  he is bombastic, yes  . . . he is colourful, yes . . . he is a ticking time bomb, yes, in my opinion.  Is he the right person to lead the America??   I don't know.    Admittedly . . . . I like him better than Hilary Clinton who is a big fat liar in my opinion, and a cheat . . .  and we don't want another Clinton in the White House do we  . . . but . . .  I think its really, really sad that the choice comes down to these two in the first place.

There is no choice.  Neither one is fit for office, really.  This is a crazy world and becoming crazier.


I blame Paris Hilton really.  Its all her fault.  She is the one who started this trend of people who wanted to, and who became famous . . .  simply for being famous.  She was the tip of the iceberg which began the slide down into depravity which means that people are no longer valued for having real talents and morals and principles, but rather that people have become great lovers of selves and think they deserve to receive rewards and accolades and great sums of  money just for simply "being" the most popular, instead of actually achieving something worthwhile.  She preceded the Kardashians who have achieved a multi million/perhaps billion dollar empire on just being watchable, vapid, inane, self absorbed, promiscuous, lovers of selves.  Lovers of pleasure, more than of God.

Children used to aspire to be Doctors and Nurses, Teachers, etc.   Now children aspire to be  . . .  rich and famous.  Its crazy really.

We are indeed living in perilous times.   Now excuse me while I take another selfie.


"From Bradley Cooper’s noteworthy Oscars selfie to David Ortiz’s selfie with President Barack Obama, using a smartphone to snap a quick photo of yourself and others has become such a cultural need that “selfie” became the 2013 word of the year. Although snapping a few photos with friends, notable personalities, and of course, ourselves, seems like a fun way to capture memories, it could turn into a deadly habit. Psychologists such as Dr. David Veal believe selfies can become an addiction for people who already have certain psychological illnesses"

This is a really interesting article on that phenomenon.  Lovers of selves indeed . . . .  I recently read an article about an Indian lad who fatally shot himself while taking a selfie of himself with his father's gun.  He accidentally pulled the trigger on the gun instead of the button on the camera.  Sad, so sad . . .

Question -  Does pouting into the camera make a selfie better?  Just wondering, as it seems to be all the rage these days.

And now for some real achievements.


Look who's finished!  Yep, my Bunny Doll is all done.  Now I just have to work on creating a whole wardrobe of goodies for her.  Todd asked me what was I going to do with her now.  I told him I'm going to play with her.   I have plans.  A cardboard Wardrobe with doors that open and a hanging rail, and drawers inside filled with lots of goodies for her.  This is an ongoing project I think.  I have only just begun.  Watch this space.

Okay, I think I will close now on a thought of positivity . . .

Happiness is letting go of what you
think your life is supposed to look like,
and celebrating it for everything
that it is.  ~Mandy Hale

Spiritual Enlightenment

God loves all His children. He wants all of them to return to Him. 
He desires everyone to be in tune with the sacred music of faith. 
~Quentin L Cook

In The English Kitchen today  . . .  Crusty Lasagna Buns.

I hope that you have a beautiful Wednesday.  The sun is shining brightly here and there is the promise of some warmer temperatures.  Here's hoping!  Whatever you get up to don't forget  . . .

═══════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ ═══════════ ⊰✿░G░O░D⊰✿⊰L░O░V░E░S⊰✿⊰░Y░O░U░⊰✿
═══════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ ═══════════

And I do too!


  1. Morning Marie, yes got in first thing today, it's really odd why some days I can't get in at all or till late in the day and yet another like now, in first thing. Oh how much I agree with you about the elections in the US. It may not be our business but we sure will suffer if the world is lead by people who think of nothing but power and money. I also know that ultimately we are all in Gods hands and that good will prevail in the end. It's just very frightening to imagine what we may have to face before that to try not to think and just leave it all in Gods hands but not forgetting we do have free will to go out and vote...for us it is on Thursday...and although we may feel our opinions are not listened to....we know that the Lord is watching and we are only responsible for what...we..Do, not what others in power may do.
    Oh my serious commenting this lovely beautiful sunny morning....hope that you are going to have a lovely day ahead. Xxx

  2. Good morning Marie. I am here but have no photos. This is better than most days. Sadly I cannot see the bunny and I bet she is beautiful.

    Our day has had blue skies and fluffy clouds and a maximum of 31C. It is autumn folks. The air conditioning is back on as the nights are not falling down cool enough. Now after this whine Mother Nature is likely to send a cold snap and no on around here will be ready for it.

    Like you I do not understand the selfie/pouty and big dark eyebrow thing. (the last one is my personal gripe) As for the politics from the USA, the whole situation is bamboozling to the nth degree. I have never been a fan of Donald Trump and I do wonder about the Clinton family being in charge again. When one considers how influential the USA around the world this is all very scary indeed. I might have to pray harder because this is something that is too low on my list.

    God bless your day and have a cuddle or two for me. I miss hugs.

  3. As a voting American, I agree with you on this ridiculous campaign here for president. I liked what you said about Paris Hilton. I think I will choose to blame this all on her! ;) Maybe she could be our next vice-president? Maybe she could at least persuade Mr. Trump to fix his hairstyle? I must say that I would vote for almost anyone who runs against D.T. I was considering running my 13 year-old dog Sammy for president, but he told me that he wouldn't take the job if it was handed to him. He's afraid he might have to get up occasionally from the bed where he lays most of the day. I told him no, probably he wouldn't have to. He still turned it down.

  4. Your bunny is the cutest !So beautifully made:)♥

    I don't have enough political knowledge to judge the candidates but..
    President Obama has been such a class act hasn't he?
    So at ease..natural,smart,excellent public speaker,lovely family.

    I will comment on the selfies..ALWAYS everywhere..even alone girls are looking at themselves walking on the street.
    Very narcissistic society .
    I am glad we didn't have all that when I was growing up.

  5. It has to be one of the mysteries of the Internet Sybil, which I will never understand. Just happy to see you comment at all! It really makes my day! You are right, we must exercise our rights to vote, otherwise we have no right to complain when things are not the way we want them to be! Like you I trust in the Lord. He knows the end of the story and in the movies, the good guy always wins in the end. ;-) xoxo

    I cannot imagine the temps you have to endure in the warmer months Suzan. I think it must be almost unliveable. Or at least it would be for me! I am not sure I understand the really dark eyebrows either. I think they are all trying to copy some supermodel who has very thick eyebrows. I can't remember her name! I wish I could give you a hug! xoxo

    Thanks Shortybear! xoxo

    Laura, I'd vote for your dog! Even if he did stay in bed all day! It would have to be an improvement! lol xoxo

    Thanks Monique, wait til you see what I post with the bunny tommorrow. I have had a few hours to play today! Selfies. I think that youth have always tended to be a bit self centred when it comes right down to it, but nowadays they are even worse than ever, or maybe I am just turning into a grumpy old lady! xoxo

  6. Love your bunny. You are very talented.

  7. Thank you Susan. I am only just learning. Xoxo


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