Sunday, 10 July 2016

Smilemakers . . .

 A few things which made me smile this past week . . .


Elder Launer takes a dip.  He's been home in Switzerland for over a  month now, and clearly enjoying himself!   He was such a great missionary and friend.  And a great artist too!

Sister Brimley got married.  Now that is a happy bride.  Oh she was such a little sweetie pie when she was here in Chester.  Such a gentle girl with such a sweet spirit.


Elder Hollingsworth got home just in time for his sister's wedding.   Miss that big guy so much.  He was here for a very long time, and he served just down the road in Colwyn Bay before he left to go home.


Elder Judd, he's home too!  Its so nice to see these wonderful young people back in the bosoms of their families.  Two years is a long time to be away from home.

They're both home now.  Sister Walker and Sister Harp.  Reunited at last.   They were a formidable combination when they served here in the Chester area.  Sister Walker was here for a very long time and Sister Harp was here, and then in Wrexham at the end of her mission.  Two great gals!


Elder Singsam is also home now, back down under.  Elder Loleisi has a little bit more time to go, but Cody is home and I know you are not supposed to have favourites, but Elder Singsam was the Missionary every mom wants her daughter to marry.  ☺

Doug and Kayla.   It was so nice of Doug to send me this.    He has a Brigham Young Beard going.  They are a sweet couple.  They just recently celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary.

And I saved the best for last  . . .  thanks so much to Doug for this.


Mr and Mrs Bruce Ramsay . . .  and Maryn.

Plus he sent me a video of the first dance, which I think he got in trouble for taking, but I am very grateful that he did.

Another repeat in the English Kitchen today.  Chocolate Bounty Cake.  So good.

Have a great Sunday!  Sorry for the short post.   Don't forget!

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And I do too!


  1. Good morning Marie, what lovely happy photographs this morning....I'm so glad that you got the last one, I know how very much it means to,you. The last one didn't come through, so not sure if it was the video ...or today's recipe !...rather a dull start down here today just hope it lifts later, although don't think I will be going out today, I had another wonderful day out with Lyn and Masy yesterday...Today at church we are saying farewell to,our minister Rachel after 7 years in the district she is moving to the Southampton District although she will actually be base near Hungerford the district must be a very largely spread over Dorset,Hampshire etc...We also have three ladies taking membership of the church today so we will have a nice cuppa and piece of cake after the service...Don't think Lyn Masy and I will go out today, Masys wee legs must still be tired ! Hope you enjoy a lovely Sunday xx

  2. Good Morning Marie. Your photos made me smile and I loved your special bride and groom with Maryn too.
    It is inspiring to see so many young people happily giving service to the Lord.

    Today has been very quiet. I think we are all exhausted. I had a sick girl this morning. She is not made for partying and many of the older cast members told me it was great to see a young who is on responsible about alcohol. So I was upset for her when she was sick this morning. She had two very small drinks and a bottle of champagne. The champagne came home.

    God bless your day. Enjoy it as much as possible.

  3. July is a great month for weddings it seems. We have two anniversaries in our family to celebrate this month. Glad you got a picture of your son and his bride. What a happy couple ! Happy Sunday!

  4. YAY!!
    I was so hoping for this:)

    Happy for you:)

    Everyone..looks great!

  5. Hi Marie, hope you and Todd are both well. Your baby looks really happy on his special day, I'm sure you would have loved to have been there and my heart goes out to you. I can't imagine how difficult your life must be at times with all your family on the other side of the ocean, but God has blessed you with Todd. I have been busy lately as I put my house up for sale two weeks ago. It's going to be strange leaving as I've lived here for thirty years! I also have so many wonderful memories here, especially of my lovely husband who also loved the house and loved and cared for it for so many years. But I know he would understand, it's too big and I also want to help my daughter get on the housing ladder. I also think I will have to pay for my daughter to see a consultant in London. He is really specialised and it's difficult to get to see him on the NHS. I can't imagine how much that's going to cost, but if it helps her get her life back it will be worth it. Lots of love to you both xxx

  6. What a great looking couple! Bruce is the image of you! You are such a champion trooper- Ivwould be sulking if I didn't get to go for my child's wedding. Not you- you stay happy and positive. You are a lovely lady, Marie. May God bless you and Todd.

  7. Congratulations on your son's wedding. Wishing the happy couple lots of love and happiness. I'm sure you are a proud and happy mom to see all your children happily married and having their own families.
    Take care and stay positive.

  8. I really enjoyed all of the phtots on thoughts on this one. I love that you posted about all the missionareis that have gone home and so of the things they are doing. I liked the wedding photos and especially the ones of Bruce and Sara. I am so happy that you have them and the video.
    The chocolate cake looks so good; I will investigate it and try it. I really do have a chocolate addiction.
    You are such an amazing sister in everyway. I know that the missionaries and your friends treasure you so much and I do too.
    Blessings, love and hugs for you!

  9. Thanks everyone! I will just do a combined response today! I was very grateful to get the photos of my son and his new wife and wish them all the best in the world. I love our young missionaries and am so grateful for all that they do. It always makes me sad when they leave to go home, but it also makes me happy because I know they are returning to their families after 18 months (sisters) 2 years (Elders) of sacrifice on both their parts and their family's parts. I can only imagine the joy at their return! Love all my babys, even the Missionary ones! xoxo


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