Wednesday 30 September 2009

Finding light in the cracks . . .

"There's a crack, a crack in everything . . .

that's how the light gets in, that's how the light gets in."
~Leonard Cohen, "Anthem"

We do not lead perfect lives. We make mistakes, and we often stumble on the paths we have taken. Sometimes we make decisions that turn out to be the wrong ones, and so we must bear the consquences of having chosen badly. Sometimes we don't exactly put our full efforts into things that we are doing and, again, we bear the consequence of our having fallen short of our ideals.

Sometimes we suffer, through no action of our own, but as the consequence of someone else's wrong doing. It doesn't seem fair somehow, but it happens anyways . . . sometimes life can seem, quite . . . quite . . . hopeless.

I love the above line in this song by Leonard Cohen. It helps to remind me that no matter what my shortcomings . . . it is through them . . . the "cracks" in my life, that I am able to see the Light of Christ shine. It is through our flaws that He enters our lives, and then . . . it is our choice to let Him shine out again.

Just my thoughts on this early Thursday morning.

My, but we have had a lovely autumn so far this year. The days have been warm and sunny for the most part here in the South Eastern part of the UK. It's been lovely and I have noticed that there don't seem to be as many wasps so far this year. Could it be because it has been so dry? I don't know . . . but I'm not complaining. I really dislike the things!!

It seems hard to believe that we are already in the month of October! This past year has really flown by. Already I noticed that they have put out all the Christmas goodies in the grocery shops. The shelves are stocked with Christmas puddings and cakes, and mince pies of course! I'm not sure how I feel about that. It seems a bit early to me, but I expect that it is a good thing in a way as it allows you to purchase all your Christmas treats a few at a time so that it is not all a huge expense at the last minute. I expect it only seems strange to me because back in Canada, the shelves would be filled with Thanksgiving and Halloween goodies at this time . . . not Christmas, and it is only, after those holidays are done, that the Christmas stuff would come out.

I miss Thanksgiving. Oh sure, I know I could celebrate it anyways, but somehow it doesn't seem quite the same if everyone else is not celebrating it as well! It's the Canadian one on the 12th of October this year and the American one on the 26th of November. I think I prefer the American date. It seems to kick off the Christmas season in a good fashion!

Anyways, I have prattled on long enough this morning, I expect you are a bit tired of reading it. I'm not sure if I have posted this tasty cookie recipe for you before or not, but in any case this is what you are getting today! These are just gorgeous! Todd and I both love them!

*Yummy Filled Gingersnaps*
Makes 2 dozen
Printable Recipe

These lovely cookies are not a "Blow your head off" kind of ginger cookie. The ginger flavour, whilst there, is very subtle. Eaten on the day they are filled, they are crisp, but left longer they soften up. I like them crisp, I like them soft . . . that's not a problem for me, but if you do want to keep them crisp, then only fill them on the day you want to serve them.

1/2 cup butter, softened
1/4 cup vegetable shortening
2 cups sugar
2 cups flour
2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1 TBS ground ginger
1/4 cup maple syrup (not pancake syrup, but the real deal)
1 large egg, beaten
To Fill:
1 cup raspberry jam, or strawberry jam, or apricot jam, or plum jam
also can use chocolate ganache (white or milk), nutella or dulce de leche

Pre-heat the oven to 190*C/375*F. Line several baking sheets with parchment paper. Set aside.

Cream butter, shortening and 1 cup of the sugar together until light and fluffy. Beat in the maple syrup and the egg. Sift together the flour, soda,salt, cinnamon and ginger. Blend this into the creamed mixture, mixing it in well.

Place the other cup of sugar into a bowl. Scoop out 2 tsp sized portions of the cookie dough and roll it into balls. Roll each ball in sugar, then place on the baking sheets, spacing them 3 inches apart.

Bake for 12 minutes, until golden brown. Remove from the oven and lift off onto wire racks to cool. Repeat until all the cookies are baked.

Once the cookies are all baked and cooled, sandwich pairs of them together with a bit of jam in the middle, or any one of the other suggestions. My favourite is seedless raspberry jam. Enjoy!!

It's not turkey, but it's tasty . . . delicious Chicken Kiev over on The English Kitchen!
Super scrumptious and very easy to make from scratch!


  1. Oh yes, so it is - October! I do hope your autumn continues so lovely - at least for a few more days so I can see at its best a bit of the south of our glorious country. I usually have to make do with ogling "Homes under the Hammer" or "Escape to the Country" on telly.

    Three more sleeps!

    love, Angie, xx

    p.s. I think you have posted this recipe but it might have been in your 'Muses'.

  2. Hi, Marie! October--already, I was thinking the same thing this morning! I miss a lot of things about autumn back home in the US--I often get a little extra homesick just now. And especially at Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving isn't a holiday here in Norway. I bring it with me of course, but it's not the same. We used to have hubby's family over to celebrate. But it's not a day for them, they have no connection to it. So it's just a big dinner to them. Not to sound unkind, or that we don't wish them with us, but in recent years hubby and I just celebrate the two of us, and that is very ok. :o) Not so much fuss either--LOL! These cookies today are calling my name...mmm... I'd love one now with a cuppa tea! Happy Day, sweet friend--LOVE YOU HEAPS! ((BIG HUGS))

  3. They do have Christmas things in the stores right now here in US too. Halloween didn't seem to take as much space as it has in other years. All the treats and masks etc are still on the shelves but they've also made room for Christmas. Thanksgiving is all about food it seems and takes a back seat to most of the other stuff. I'm looking forward to it as I'm having family at my house this year. It gives me a chance to really cook too!

  4. The cracks in the wall part was JUST FOR ME this morning. I am humbled and grateful for this word.

  5. October was a fun time in our house;of course it is different now that we are just the 2 of us,but still great memories.
    Tnaksgiving next weekend here and I am excited;this year one of our sons is coming with his family.Cooking a turkey and making pumpkin pie.

  6. Another wonderful post by sweet Marie.

    Love Renee xoxo

  7. Thank you for such a beautiful post that I so needed to hear today!!!

  8. Beautifully said, as always, Miss Marie! Thanks for the reminder of the good that can come from my slip-ups... big and small! And thanks for the tempting cookie recipe- ginger snaps are one of my favorites!

  9. Hi Marie
    That is a great saying about cracks, so true! I was at a local store today to buy a gift bag for a baby shower and they were all replaced by Christmas ones. So even with Halloween and Thanksgiving on the way they are still pushing Christmas on us. Oh How I dislike the way Christmas has become one big shopping spree!
    Hope you have a good weekend.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  10. I am so excited to see those gingerbread cookies that I can't remember the rest of this lovely post....I know that I loved it but those cookies have my 100% attention...after all I am the gingerbread Grammy. I can't wait to make them. I will see several grandkids next week. Loni and I will have to make them so sure!!!

    Love you dear. Lura

  11. Oh, now I remember what I was going to say....I went to costco today and they have all their Christmas stuff out too. What is with that? Doesn't Halloween and Thanksgiving come first? I agree with you that this is too soon. I love Thanksgiving...sorry that you don't have it there. I think it is my favorite holliday. I love Christmas too but lets wait until after Thanksgiving to get out Christmas stuff. Do you think anyone else agree with us??? We should take a poll. OXOX Lura


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