Thursday 8 June 2023

My Favorite Things . . .



Sharing today a few things that I really love to do, experience, enjoy  . . . 


I love the Word of God. I love reading it, studying it, living it.  I am not necessarily good at any of those things, but I try. It speaks to my heart in a special way.  I get/gain something different from it each time I read it.  It always reaches me exactly where I need to be reached.  I love the language of the scriptures. I try to study it as best as I can. I love to watch scripture studies on YouTube, in particular, Don't Miss This. I always learn something new and gain a new perspective on the things I am reading. 

Not for everyone I know, but the word of God is really important to me.

I really love my Scottish porridge oats.  I have a bowl every morning.  With just a small drizzle of Golden Syrup on top.  I buy them from a company here in Canada called Blighty.  I make mine with milk. Not water.  I don't drink milk or tea or coffee, so this is probably the only way I get any milk into me. 

I really love spending time with my sister. She is my best friend.  I hope that the feeling is mutual and that I am not a big pain in the patootie to her.  I love my brother also, but there is a really special bond between my sister and I.  I wish that I could do more for her.

I love this photograph of me taken with my two girls on the day of my daughter Eileen's wedding. It is not the greatest photograph of me, but I'll take it!  It is probably the only one I will ever have of myself with my two girls.  My hair was so short there, and Eileen was much thinner, so was I for that matter! Good times!

I love my two fur babies. They were only 8 weeks old in this photograph. They have grown a lot since then.  Back then they were all ears and whiskers. I wish they were a bit more cuddly, but Nutmeg does like to lay near me and Cinnamon loves me to brush her.  I think every older person, especially those who live on their own, should have a pet to keep them company.

I love music.  Especially good music. I love almost all genres. Classical, Swing, Pop, Rock, Country, Gospel.  I love Worship Music.  I love listening to Music and the Spoken Word on Sundays.  I find most music to be especially inspirational.  Piano music, classical guitar, orchestra music, etc. I love it all.

Dove soap. It is the only soap I use on my face and body.  I don't use it on my face very often, I mostly only use water on that, but the rest of me gets a daily dose of Dove.  I have used it for years.


Roses  . . .  I love roses  . . .  when I got married the first time I carried a small spray of red rosebuds on my childhood bible that my father had given to me when I was four.  That was my bouquet. It was nothing fancy. Just simple and meaningful.

I guess I have always been sentimental.

This will probably gross some of you out, but I love white bread spread with butter and sandwich spread.  It is a guilty pleasure of mine.


I love buttons. It has been ever so  . . . 


I love street lamps  . . .  especially ones that look old fashioned.

Cups and saucers. I had a lovely old one that my sister had given me, but it got broken traveling from the UK back here to Canada. It lives on in my heart however.

A well made bed . . .  a feast for the eyes and the body . . . 

Post cards  . . . 

Period Dramas  . . .  ones that are well done and authentic . . .  love them. Poldark, Cranfield, Larkrise, etc.

Vintage Pot Holders  . . . 

Paper Quilling . . .  I used to love doing it.

Wings  . . . 

Bird nests, but  . . .  not in my soup  . . . 

And I am running out of time so will end this here.   Please could you keep my friend Glenna in your prayers. She has had a small stroke. She is back in hospital. Her son took her yesterday.  I am not sure how long she will be in.

Also praying for all of those who have been impacted by the fires, either directly or indirectly. The smoke is becoming very dangerous, especially to people with breathing problems.

A thought to carry with you  . . . 

A picture one for today  . . . 

In The English Kitchen today  . . .  Ten Foodie Things that the British Do Better than Anyone Else

I hope that you have a lovely day.  May you be blessed in a multitude of ways and enjoy a few of your favorite things. Don't forget!

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And I do too!    



  1. Oh I do hope that Glenna is doing better, thank goodness her son was there with her. I used to eat Sandwich spread all the time when young, haven't had it for years. Must check it out. Yes, thanks to all the fire fighters who are battling these terrible fires across Canada. Hope you enjoyed your Chinese food last night and of course the good company.

    1. The firefighters are doing a great job and such a hard job to do as well. I did enjoy my Chinese meal and the company very much! xoxo

  2. Lovely post today, as usual. Wishing you a happy day, V.

  3. Praying for Glenna. Lovely favourites today. Love and hugs, Elaine (in Toronto)

    1. Thanks so much dear friend. Love and hugs, xoxo

  4. Another lovely post, Marie! Just thought I would tell you, i made your copycat Cozy Shack rice pudding last night to take to church. So nice, light and creamy. A real keeper! Much love - Raquel XO

    1. Thanks so much Raquel! I am so pleased its been enjoyed! That makes me happy! xoxo


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