Friday 10 March 2017

My Friday Finds . . .

A few of the things which I find each week that strike my fancy.  I am hoping that they strike yours too!

 A Baking Pan Conversion Chart from Just a Pinch.


Ice Cream Cake in a Bundt Pan.  Now why didn't I think of that!!  From the people at BHG.

 12 Spring Flower Arranging Ideas from Country Living UK.  Love the idea of the cabbage leaves!


 Winter Twig Identification.  From Wallace Gardens.


 Journey Sticks.  Found on Growing Family.  What a great family activity!


 Painted Walking Sticks.  Such fun! A Girl and a Glue Gun.

Popsicle Stick Harmonicas.  Housing a Forest. Once more a really fun activity for the kids. Why oh why are my grandsons so far away!

 Scripture Art Journaling.  A guide and how to.  From Sakura of America.  Love LOVE this!


 Back Yard Bug Snacks.  Another fun thing for the kids.  From The Crafting Chicks.



 No source, but a great idea to use brand new wooden spoons as towel holders.  You could even paint them to match your decor.

 Soft and chewy homemade dog treats.  From Simply Zaspy.  Yum!  Something for Mitzie!

 Evergreen and Herb Mason Jar Candles.  These sound lovely.  From Garden Therapy.

Crochet Moccasins using flip flops.  From Cool Creativity.  Love this idea!

Mesh Honey Shrug Blanket Sweater.  From Mama in a Stitch.  Looks very simple.

Fox Apron.  A complete tutorial.  This is sooooo cute!  From Simple as That.

And those are my finds for this week.   I really hope you saw something you liked and which inspired you to get busy with your hands!

I was feeling a bit low yesterday.  (I am sure you can always tell.)  I said a little prayer and a few minutes later there was a knock on the door.  (Todd was at his treatment.  I save my tears for when he is not home.)  I opened the door and there were the Missionary Sisters.  They were in Blacon and said to themselves, lets pop in and see Sister Rayner!  God must have inspired them, for they cheered me up to no end and Todd was back before they left and I felt a bazillion times better.  Sometimes we just need a little lift.  Once again a confirmation from my Heavenly Father that He knows me and is there for me.  We are His hands.  Never suppress a generous thought, it is His way of putting you to work on His business.

A thought to carry with you  . . .

A picture one for today.   I love this.   What a difference it would make to the world if only everyone would put this into practice!

Spiritual Enlightenment 


Baking in The English Kitchen today . . .  a delicious Coffee and Cardamom Loaf.  Scrumptiously simple!

Have a great Friday.  Don't forget!

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═══════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ ═══════════

And I do too!


  1. Hi, Marie! Another Happy Friday to you! :) That baking pan conversion chart is terrific--bokmarking that one! I can't get a Bundt pan here, which is sad... and Amazon won't send things like that here (just books & media), which is also sad. :( Love me a Bundt cake. Those Journey Sticks are a sweet idea! GORGEOUS Bible art journalling, and those pens are beautiful colors! Those bug snacks are adorable--yum! Your Coffee-Cardamom Loaf cake is going in my bookmarks too. I've been baking more loaf cakes lately. Seems less to have around or freeze than other types of cakes. Oh, Marie... I'm sorry you had such a down day yesterday. Given all you've been going through, and coping with Todd's treatments, a down day in between is very understandable. So glad some Sisters came by to see you... A Godsend for sure! :))) May God bless you both there... ((LOVE & BIG HUGS))

  2. Hugs and love for a happy day for you and Todd. Not much to say as the internet at sea is a ghastly price. Off to read the post when off line.

  3. Thansk Tracy! I wish I could afford to send you a bundt tin! I would if I could. Maybe next time you come over to the UK, we could pick you up one! The hospital transport was here at 8:30 this morning a full six hours before Todd's appointment. He was not ready of course. He had only just got up. A quick call to the hospital assured us that he had been double booked and there was still transport laid on for this afternoon, which will probably come an hour or so late if history repeats itself, lol. Love and hugs! xoxo

    I hope you are having a great time Suzan, from your posts on FB it sounds like you are. God bless. xoxo

  4. Hi Marie, it's perfectly normal to have off days, and it shows how kind and thoughtful you are to save it for when Todd is out. So pleased you're visitors came and cheered you up. Lots of love xxx

  5. A wonderful potpouri. Love those journey sticks. I'll get my grandkids doing that next time they're here. Am going to try that cake today. Amazing that I actually have cardamon!
    Keep well

  6. I pinned the conversion and that cute cabbage arrangement..I may have to try thanks to you Marie.

    You are so brave to not only post about ON also OFF ones..I am so glad yu get perkups..everyone needs them..:)

  7. Thanks kate! I reckon Todd probably has his moments as well that he protects me from. I know I would if it were me! I feel a lot better today! My visitors were timed perfectly! Love and hugs! xoxo

    Ohh, Linda, you are in for a real treat. Its an excellent cake! Lucky you to be able to spend time with your grands! xoxo

    Oh, I was thinking of you with the cabbage arrangement Monique! The cutest thing I ever did was when I worked at the Manor and I presented the vegetable dip for a luncheon in a hollowed out Savoy cabbage. Looked really nice. I would never want my readers to think I live a perfect care-free life Monique! You get me warts and all! xoxo

  8. I'm so glad the sisters arrived just at the right are so good at trying to keep cheerful for Todd.....but sometimes if you would just let him see you cry it would give him permission perhaps to cry as well...that way maybe you could release some of the tension that must build up in you both as you struggle through the your finds as always. I especially like the wooden spoon hangers, people are so clever with their ideas !....Hope that you Todd and Mitie will have a lovely restful weekend...night night. God Bless xxx

  9. Marie-I have followed your blog for years and have grown to love you, your beautiful testimony of the gospel, and your love of life. Thank you!
    Anna Clark Salt Lake City

  10. Thanks Sybil. I know what you mean. I am so private in so many ways. I hate to see Todd upset, and so I holdit all in. God bless! xoxo

    Thanks so much Anna for your lovely comment. You made my day. Sorry that I did not find it until this morning. God bless. xoxo


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