Friday 21 May 2010

Home . . . where you hang your heart.

Marriage is still very much a living institution, worth all the time and patience invested in it. Marriage is the stable structure that encircles and supports two clumsy individuals learning to love and to live with each other.
~Ronna Romney and Beppie Harrison, Giving Time a Chance.

This year Todd and I will be celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary. On the one hand, it is hard to believe that already ten years have seemingly flown by . . . and on the other hand, it's hard to believe that I have not spent my whole life with this special person in it.

I never wanted to be a divorced woman. I don't think anyone goes into a marriage thinking that this will not last forever. But it happens . . . even when it shouldn't. I have learned so many things being married to my Todd, that might have been helpful in my last marriage, but then again . . . my Todd is a completely different person than my ex was, so . . . perhaps it may not have helped at all. I only know that "THIS" marriage works, and I am grateful that it does.

First and foremost, we are the best of friends. There is nothing that I cannot share with him. He shares all my joys and my sorrows and everything in between. Even when he doesn't always want to!! He listens anyways . . . because he knows that whatever it is I am talkign about . . . it is important to me, and in being so, it then becomes important to him!! It also works the same way in reverse. We have an easy companionship that rolls along like a ship rolling along the waves of an even ocean.

That's not to say that the waves are always calm though! I don't know of any marriage that never has a bit of tumult in it, and orus is no exception! Success lies in how you handle the rocky stuff. Understanding and patience is the key. We may not always agree with each other's position, but we always try to be understanding and respectful of the position that they hold. I know my weaknesses and so does he, and so too do we recognize his. That is when we need to be strong for each other and to help to hold the other up. We are the wind beneath each other's wings . . .

We love each other. No, not with the juvenile love of starry eyes youngsters who love today and not tomorrow . . . but with the enduring love of two people who care deeply for each other . . . come what may, forsaking all others, in sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer . . . in all times and for all times.

Ours is a union blessed in the heavens, and we have been joined together in our Holy Temple eternally in a marriage that goes beyond the boundaries of this earthly existance. Knowin gthis helps us to be even more careful with the treasure that we hold in each other . . . to uphold and honour the covenants that we have made in our Temple with each other and that we keep together. It is a sacred place to be with the one you love . . . each and every day . . . and a place I always want to be.

There are times that I wish that we had met each other when we were young enough to have had a family together, but in the next breath, I am filled with gratitude that we were able to meet at all. I am ever grateful for the Lord's timing in bringing us together. I trust that we met at the perfect time for "us." It surely would have been nice to share the bringing up of a family together, and I cannot pretend that when I see moms, dads and children doing things together as a family my heart does not ache for what might have been . . . but I know that if we do things in the way we are supposed to do them here on earth, and if we hold true to what we have promised each other and to our God . . . then He will uphold His promises to us in return and that there will be even greater things to come when we leave this earth . . . and so . . . I trust in that.

We always try to encourage each other and to be kind to each other. That is not hard to do when you are walking on a righteous path. I see in my Todd the fingerprints of God and I know he is always doing his best for me . . . how ever could I ask for or expect anything more than that. In turn, I try to give my very best back. When he falters, I try to to understand and I know he trys to understand me. We are patient with each other . . . even when it is hard to be so . . .

No . . . we are not perfect, neither one of us . . . but we are perfect for each other. We love each other, warts and all. When I look into his beautiful blue eyes . . . I see my future and it's where I always want to be. We are each other's strength and purpose and that is as it should be. We each count our blessings and hold each other close, knowing that there is no place on earth than that place where we are right now . . . two hearts hung together . . . at home, for home is truly where you hang your heart.

This is my good friend Angie, from Can You All Hear Me At The Back. I know alot of you know and love her as much as I do. She is in hospital right now with Pneumonia so if you could spare her a kind word and a few prayers it would be much appreciated. She hopes to be out in a few days, fingers crossed. We have been texting back and forth. It is hard to keep her down!

Here's a quick and easy entree that will be a real family pleaser. I like to serve this with some potatoes and a few steamed vegetables, such as green beans and broccoli. A tossed and lightly dressed salad also goes very nicely.

*Maple Glazed Ham Steaks*
Serves 3 to 4
Printable Recipe

Ham is called Gammon over here in England. A butcher told me once that it only becomes ham once it is cooked. You will see it on the menu in most pubs, usually served with an egg and some chips, or maybe with a pineapple ring on top. I prefer it this way, sweetly glazed with a tasty variety of vegetables on the side. Delicious!!

1 pound of ham (gammon) steaks
1/4 cup of Maple Syrup (don't use the pancake kind, go for the real thing!)
1 TBS apple cider vinegar
1 TBS Dijon mustard

Whisk the maple syrup, vinegar and mustard together in a small bowl. Snip the fat along the side of each ham steak at one inch intervals with some kitchen scissors. This helps to prevent it from curling up when you cook it and keeps it flatter in the pan. Brush one side of each steak with the maple mixture.

Heat a large nonstick skillet over medium heat. Spray with some non stick cooking spray. Place the ham steaks into the skillet, glaze side down. Brush the other side with glaze. Cook, over medium heat, turning from time to time, until they are cooked through, the glaze had thickened and coated each one nicely, and they have browned a bit in places. Serve hot with some of the pan juices spooned over top.

Over on The English Kitchen today?? A delicious Butterbean and Fresh Tomato Salad. Fabulously healthy!!


  1. Marie, This was a touching post. Marriage is a gift from God. I am so glad that you were blessed with true love with Todd. You are so dear. 10 years is a BIG !!! That's wonderful have shared these delightful years with your Best Friend. I want to be like you! I will be praying for you and Todd as well as your dear friend with Pneumonia...I hope she will pull through...

    P.s I missed out on you Annie I liked... She was darling..Hugs, Mica

  2. Wonderful advice Marie. Jerry and I have been married nearly 46 years and we've found patience and tolerance to be the two most important virtues in a marriage. Thanks for letting us know about Angie - I'll be saying a prayer for her. blessings, marlene

  3. Happy Anniversary sweetie! What a beautiful post and so well written, it should be required reading for all engaged couples. Thank God for His impeccable timing!

  4. Gosh, I hope Angie gets well fast!

    I loved this post, Marie! There is nothing like a good marriage just as there is nothing like a bad one! It is the core of our lives and when it is good...all else can be handled. With the Savior in our lives it is an unbeatable way to live. And the temple, what a blessing and comfort! We are loved.

  5. Oh, I forgot to say Happy Anniversary! It will be 42 for Jim and me on June 15th. Also I would lvoe to have your paint that little Texas Road for me. A small one about 5x7 would be perfect. I have a fun place for it right in my laundry room.

    If you can do it just email me with the price and I'll PayPal it over to ya! Thanks, Marie!

  6. First of al,l Congratulations to both of you!--for finding each other, for 10 years together, for all the reasons you listed of why your marriage is perfect for each of you. Second, have you thought aout writing a book? You are so eloquent with your word and style. Third, I wish you many more years together. I love the picture of the SL temple too. I will add your friend to my prayer list. I hope she is better soon. And, you keep well and strong, my friend!

  7. What a beautiful post on a wonderful marriage, Marie! I'm grateful to have such a husband as well...quite a gift, isn't it?!

    Hope your friend improves quickly and can leave the hospital--much better to heal at home!

    Hope your day is beautiful, dear friend...much love and many hugs sent your way today!

  8. You have been so blessed to find someone to share you life with. Not everyone has the opportunity. I'll be sure to visit Angie's blog. I didn't know she'd been ill. Thanks for letting us know. I hope your Friday is a great one.

  9. Happy Happy Anniversary Marie to you and Todd. That is wonderful that you are so made for each other. I enjoyed your post today as always and I'll bet that glaze for the ham steak would be really good on pork chops as well.

  10. Hello sweet Marie,
    What a beautiful and touching post! You shared so much godly wisdom and I thank you!!! Marriage is a wonderful blessing from God, and I am so glad you and Todd have each other and are celebrating 10 happy years of marriage! He sounds like a very loving husband and I know you are a loving wife to him. I will be praying for your sweet friend! I am so sorry she has pneumonia! The recipes sound yummy! Have a very happy weekend! Love, Paula… I enjoyed your wonderful photos too!

  11. Such sweet sentiments about your husband. What a blessing you both have in each other. God is so good!

    Have a great weekend!

  12. I remember Angie from when I used to blog! I'll be sure to pray for her. I know she has been struggling with poor health for quite a while now.

    Like you, I found my true love after a half century on this earth. Wish we could have met earlier, but no internet!

  13. Happy anniversary! You and Todd are so cute!

  14. Now that's true love:) ~ Margie

  15. Well as you know Marie I am not married but to be together 34yrs as Rooster and I have been,I think that proves the love we both have for one another,just as you and Todd are.I am so happy you found one another.Shocked at the news of Angie,I was just comeing online to switch off when I decided to read your post first..I have been over and left a message on Angies blog I hope she gets it.If you hear from her,give her my well wishes would you please and tell her she is in my prayers always.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  16. I am so happy for you and Todd. He looks like a real nice man to me and nice certainly matters! :D

  17. Marie and Todd I whish you a lovely and belated Happy wessing Anniversary is a gift you have each other.And God blessings you alot!
    I hope Angie willbe better soon!!

    hugsss my dears, gloria

  18. I like the sound of combining sweet maple syrup and salty ham!


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