Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Wednesday thoughts . . .

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 Yesterday I had one of those "Aha" moments.  You know the kind I mean I am sure.   They are moments when you suddenly see or think or experience something in a way or means that you never have before and you go wow . . .  never thought, did, felt that before.  It's an "I could have had a V8!" moment.

It started off innocent enough.  I came across a video on FB that I watched which really made me laugh.  It was of a woman on a roller coaster with her family.  Those roller coaster videos of people can be quite funny, so I watched it.   It started off rather innoculously . . .  the usual squeals of fright, etc.  About halfway through the video the womans hair blew off . . .  it was a wig . . .  revealing a somewhat bald head underneath.  I laughed and laughed.  I thought to myself, this is too funny, too good not to share with my friends.  I want them to laugh too.  And so I shared it.

A few people commented, oh wow, that was funny, etc.  Then I had one comment from a friend in which she said simply . . . "I feed sad for that poor woman."

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And I thought about that.  And I was instantly chastised.   I had not thought about that poor woman.  About how humiliated she might have felt when that happened.  About why she may have not had any hair and had to wear a wig.  Did she know that she was being filmed?   Did she then know that film would be shared on the world wide web?  How did she feel about that?  How would I feel about that  . . . if it were me?

And I was totally humbled . . . and I felt ashamed.  I removed the video immediately and then thanked my friend for helping me to see it in a different light.  It wasn't a funny video.  It was a capture of someone's most humiliating moment, which should have been personal amongst just family and friends . . .  people who love you . . .  shared via the internet so that the whole world could see.

And in sharing it with others myself,  I had participated in her humiliation . . .  and I was so sorry for that.  That was not funny . . .  that was unkind.  Lesson learned.

Think twice.

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I'm a little behind in my writings this morning.  I had to reboot the computer for some reason.  That always throws me off a bit.   While I was waiting for it to boot back up again, I sat and read  a few pages in an old book of mine, entitled The Best of Stillmeadow, A Treasury of Country Living" by Gladys Taber.  they are monthly writings.  A portion of what I was reading this morning was  so perfectly sweet that I just have to share it with you.  She is talking about her wee granddaughter who has come out to the country to stay for a few days with her mum, and how it had blizzarded through the  night . . .  her granddaughter's first experience with clean snow.

"In the morning the world was a drift of pearl and the sun shone from an intensely blue sky.  Muffin, at a year and a half, had her first experience with pure country snow.  In her blue bunny suit she looked like an indigo bunting as she went out.  Her boots had been forgotten, but Connie devised boots from a plastic bowl cover and a plastic bag and tied them on with some leftover Christmas ribbon. 

At first Muffin just stood and stared.  Then she sat down in a soft drift, ate some.  then she made miniature brooms of her arms and swept.  All the time she said, "Whoo-whoo-whoo," like a tiny owl.  By the time she had gotten both mittens off and her hands were stone-cold, Connie brought her in. 

"Whoo-woo." Muffin said."  

(my brother's shed in Ottawa, yesterday afternoon a prelude to another half metre of snow)

As I read this passage my heart was instantly cheered . . .  and I thought to myself . . .  that is a "Whoo-woo" moment!!  How many times, as adults . . .  do we just look out at the falling snow (or rain for that matter!) and grumble to ourselves . . .  thinking about all the shoveling we are going to have to do, or how difficult it is going to be to get to the shops before the snow plough/gritter comes through, etc. . . .   instead of seeing the magic in those softly falling flakes of white  . . .  drinking in the magic of the glitter . . . divining the miraculous of what is a seemingly very ordinary moment.

Are we not here to find joy?  To divine the miraculous moments out of each and every day?  To be able to take the ordinary and lift it up to something which is beautiful and  not to be missed?

 "Adam fell that men might be; and men are, that they might have joy" ~2 Nephi 2: 25

Once we become adults, we seem to lose the ability to look at ordinary things with child-like wonder.  I don't think that is a good thing.   We need to have more "Whoo-woo" moments.  More "Ahah" moments.

We need to be able to look at things more with child-like hearts and eyes, and to divine and embrace the miraculous of each one of our days. I believe with all my heart that God the eternal Father wants his children on this earth to have joy, an abundance of joy.  It is up to us to find it tucked away safely . . .  in each one of our days.

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This is our Luke, opening up his Birthday present from us which he received yesterday.  Oh, it did make me smile to see this.  His joy and wonder is almost palpalable.

Our days should be like that.  Gifts which we open and which bring us wonder and joy.  And oftimes that joy comes from very simple and ordinary things . . .  done, seen, felt, experienced   . . . with "miraculosity."

Yes . . . I made that word up.  But that is my word for the year now, and that is how I am going to live this year, with miraculosity.

The End.


Oh, I baked the lads a Yellow Cake and slathered it with chocolate fudge icing which they enjoyed with their tea yesterday.  I had a tiny sliver and it was pretty good if I don't say so myself.  You can find the recipe here. 

I wish for you a fabulous Wednesday!  May you be able to find the miraculosity in each and every moment and see it for the gift that it brings.  Don't forget!

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And I do too!


  1. Morning Marie...that is a lovely photo of the wee fella opened ng his birthday present...even better is the fact that it was shared with you...I agree that occasionally we do see something and enjoy it but when others seethe same thing they see something completely differently...I'm pleased though that you saw the video through someone else's eyes and managed to delete it........can't remember if I told you my cataract op. Was cancelled in the end...apparently the machine broke down so they have given me another date....a week on Friday....
    Hope you and Todd have a lovely day xx

  2. Sybil, I was so ashamed of myself for having laughed at another's discomfort. I try so to be kind and that was not kind. I learned a very valuable lesson there. These seemingly innocent videos we all watch and may laugh at. ,they are not really funny if you look at from the perspective of the heart and through the Saviours eyes. I think he must be very disappointed with us as times, but also very kind in his forgiveness of our foibles and weaknesses, always believing and knowing that if we know better we will do better. I hope you have none of the problems and delays with your next Cataract Op appointment! God bless you! Xoxo

  3. You have done what you can to rectify the situation and now be kind and forgive yourself. The lady in question may have laughed too.

    I loved the photo of your grandson with his present. I hope he enjoys the gift for a long time to come.

    We went out tonight with Beth. We had sushi for dinner and then saw the movie Brooklyn. Quite a nice time was had by all for most of the evening.

    God bless your day.

  4. This is so true Suzan, we must be able to forgive ourselves when we mess up move forward, vowing to do better next time! I have not heard of the movie Brooklyn! I will have to check it out. So happy you had a nice time! God bless you also! xoxo

  5. To be kind and respect others is always the way to go. We should always treat others the way we would like to be treated. It's sad how many times others take joy in the mistakes people make, rather than in the good that they do. You put it beautifully. I love the saying about being a lady. Good advice for all.

  6. I love this post..
    that you shared your feelings about the video..:)

    You find humor everywhere and don't lose that..ever..your laughter was not nasty I am sure.

    I have to say..I hate things I have seen on my daughters FB's..when I see know..the stupid things that a heavyset woman in a bathing suit and the waves taking her out..the ugly comments that follow..:(
    I used to love a blog..a young woman..gorgeous ideas..gorgeous kids..until she posted photos of larger women not well tight jogging pants etc..real people she had photoed and inserted in her posts..and awful derogatory comments..
    I think I even posted a comment and said how mean it was.
    Never liked her blog afterwards.

    She did it more than once..
    I know laughed out of Funniest Home Videos.You have the joyful good heart you write about.
    No malice was in you.

    Our tress are sparkly today after the snow and rain and snow..we both said..they GLITTER.
    I thank God..I find beauty..because we can all use a natural optimism serum.
    I need it.
    I agree a little note so FUN.

  7. Thank you Pam. I try to be a kind person always, but had never thought about the unkindness that can be spread by sharing on social media. I just thought it was a funny video, yes Monique much like Funniest home videos. I am so glad I had my eyes and heart opened to what is really not very funny at all. Xoxo

    I don't think I would like that blog either Monique, but there a lot who make money from making fun of others. Not nice. Oh I would love to see your sparkly trees. I am sure that it is beautiful! Xoxo

  8. I forgot to mention your darling grandson..and his joy at receiving your thoughtful gift!X

  9. He was pretty pumped Monique! It did my heart good to see his joy at what he had received! xo

  10. Hi Marie~

    I am so behind on my blog reading this week, and can I just tell you, I have really enjoyed going back and reading your last two posts! I loved them both, you have a wonderful way of saying the most wonderful things, and finding the most wonderful crafty fun.

    I think we really do live in a world with so much, "stuff" continually in our face and waiting for us to respond, either repulsively, or humorously, that we sometimes forget that we are looking at real people. Your humbleness is to be commended, you are a sweetheart. I have a Face*ook page, but I don't look at it anymore. It seemed I was so caught up in other peoples silliness or battles, that I forgot about my own affairs. Social media has it's place, and does a lot of good in the world, but not in mine . . .

    Your little grandson is adorable, the look on his face is priceless! and I agree, we do need to look at life with child-like hearts and eyes; it would sure look different!


  11. I think probably the main reason I have FB is to keep up with my children's lives Barb. They are not great communicators. Having said that I have about 800 friends on there. Most I probably don't even really know. I would come off it if it were not for my kids. I'm also in charge of the Ward's FB page and keeping it updated, etc. Which I really don't like, but you do what you have to do. God bless you! Thanks for your comments and hugs! xoxo


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