Wednesday, 30 September 2015

As September slips off the calendar . . .

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It seems to me that the last day of September is a milestone  . . . it truly brings to my mind the fact that summer is gone.  Once today has passed . . . there will be no mistaking it . . . you can hang on to summer no more  . . .

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Like dry leaves that scatter in the wind . . . it's quite simply gone, like the Swallows  . . .  and the fieldfares and the redwings have arrived from more northern climes  . . . to grace us once more with their presence.

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Ladders still stand against trees in the orchard . . . . the pickers are still busy with the harvest, and the wind is full of leaves . . .  dancing and whirling about the laneways and streets,  the smell of woodsmoke in the air . . .

 photo 664d13906f7019375159805b9b68c9dc_zps8f7z0gdg.jpg

Autumn has well and truly arrived . . . without the blowing of trumpets, or any fan fare at all, it is here, with it's blood moon high in the clear crisp night sky . . . a glowing moondog halo surrounds it, ice crystals in the cirrus . . .  winter is coming . . . she waits in the queue . . .

 photo 1bf2110b8b6124d33cf34dc2e2633846_zpsgl9smexm.jpg

but for now, we dance to the tune of an autumn wind, still tinged with the vestigial warmth of late summer days . . .  with crimson vine and fading rose . . .

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Mist covers the valleys and there is a sharp tang in the morning air confirming what has already been discovered . . . the golden days of autumn have arrived . . .

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My heart is inclined to say . . .  this is the best time of all . . .  this time of fruit and falling leaf . . .  blue smoke and pearly haze.   A time of peace and fulfillment.

Just my thoughts on this morning, the last of September, 2015 . . .

A thought to carry with you through today  . . .

 What is the meaning of life and of living.
The joy and the torment,
the taking, the giving . . . 
Love is the answer, the power and the glory.
Life without love is a meaningless story . . . 

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In the Kitchen today, a very autumnal side . . . Turnip and Carrot Dish.   So good.

I wish for you joy and peace and golden hours on this the last day of September.  Don't forget!

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And I do too!!


  1. Enjoy your day Marie. God bless.

  2. It was a fast month here and the days ahead are looking busier and busier. I am trying to savor each one as they come. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.

  3. Sigh.....
    Soon I will be chopping down the gardens and emptying the pots.I am trying the two oldest boys for the pots this fall:)I hope they like doing it..I think they will..Cute movie alert Marie..MCFarland/Kevin Costner..a movie about running..and hard work..

  4. Thanks Suzan, you too! xoxo

    Thanks Pam. I am like you, trying to squeeze as much as I can from each day. Why does every season except for Winter seem to rush by? xoxo

    I think they will enjoy it Monique! Until they realize it's a job instead of a fun activity anyways! Thanks for the movie suggestion! I am on epi 22 of Friday Night Lights Season1 and loving it! xoxo


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