Thursday 11 December 2014

Five things about me ...

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 Me as a very young mum in Winnipeg Manitoba.  I was probably just barely pregnant for my eldest daughter here.  Anthony would be barely two years old.  I think I was probably close to 22 years old.  So not very old at all.  I Love the little sailor suit he is wearing.  Yep, it's another five things about me post.

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I am a half glass full kind of person.   It's not been easy for me to become one of those.  My mom, God bless her . . .  always looks at every little bad thing that happens to her (even if it's something as simple as it raining when she has to go out) as a personal punishment from God.  I just shake my head.  My father, on the other hand, is like a duck and is very easy going.  Most things just roll off his back.   I think I am more like him in that way and I have learned to conquer that part of me that thinks life is just waiting to trip me up.  I have cultivated an attitude of gratitude and am now able to find the silver lining in most every cloud.  Oh, I am not perfect by any stretch, and I still have my moments, but . . .  by and large . . .  I am a half glass full person.

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My faith is the greatest source of strength in my life.  I truly believe that even the smallest portion of faith can move mountains . . .  I have seen it happen.   My faith helps me to be and to become a better me.  Faith goes hand in hand with prayer and I believe in the mighty miracles of prayer . . .

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My prayers have always been answered and in sometimes very unusual and quite remarkable ways.  If I could give the world one gift it would be to have the same faith that I do in yesterday, today and  . . .  tomorrow.   I am not afraid of tomorrow.  I try not to bemoan yesterday (can't change it!) and I try to get the most that I can out of my todays.  It is only through my faith that I am able to do these things.

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This will always, always, always be the single most wonderful thing I have ever done in my life . . .  being a mother.   And even though it is a role that has ultimately brought me the greatest of joys along with the greatest of sorrows it is not a role I would ever exchange for anything . . .  ever.  I love my children.   They sometimes disappoint me . . .  they often hurt me . . .  but I am so proud of each and every one of them and all that they are and who they are.  There are no do-overs in life . . .  but if I could do somethings over, I would try harder to be better sooner.

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My days are filled with this serendipity stuff.   Everyone's are.  You just have to decide that you are going to find the magical in the every day stuff.   It's a choice you make.    You just decide that today is going to be filled with magicality . . .  and suddenly it is.  And it just happens without any effort. Being able to discover the miraculous in the seemingly mundane is a special gift . . .  and it doesn't happen over night, but faith is the seed . . .  and if you keep watering it . . .  it grows.   Trust me on this.

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There were moments when my children were being children that I would have dearly loved to have a tidier house . . .  but at the end of the day I wanted my children to be happy and unburdened by nagging.  They had chores, of course . . . for their own good.   But I was not pedantic about anything.  I played with them.   I let them hug me and mess my hair up.   I let them bake cookies if they wanted to.   I let them turn my living room into a fairy castle and the trees in our garden into forts.  Our house was clean, if untidy at times . . .  and I never ever EVER got caught up on the laundry or matching socks . . .  but it was filled with cookies and  love and laughter much of the time.  I regret none of it.   I hope that they have good memories of those years . . . 

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A thought to carry with you through today   . . .

“Christmas! The very word brings joy to our hearts. 
No matter how we may dread the rush, 
the long Christmas lists for gifts and cards to be bought and given . . . 
when Christmas Day comes there is still the same warm feeling 
we had as children, 
the same warmth that enfolds our hearts and our homes.” 
~Joan Winmill Brown


Baking in The English Kitchen today  . . .  War Cake.   A family Christmas tradition. 

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Have a wonderful Thursday!  Stay safe and stay warm!


  1. Morning MArie, Thanks as always for starting my day with a good read !! take care...cold this morning down here and other than teh coffee orning that I Have to go to to help out I will be staying in all afternoon...

  2. I home from Beth's graduation and exhausted. That is a milestone day for me. My preemie baby gas grown up.

    God bless.

  3. I'd say that like you I think being a mom was the greatest too! Well I still am, that is one job that really never ends. They may grow up but they are still our babies. Hope you have a happy Thursday!

  4. It's very cold here today as well Sybil, and as you say windy. Were it not for the wind it would be a bit warmer! I have not ventured outside my door needless to say! xxoo

    Hope it went off without a hitch Suzan! I remember going to each of my children's graduations. Thankfully I did not miss a one. Proud days all of them. xxoo

    I often find myself wishing there were not an ocean between us Pam. I think we could be great friends. We are so alike! xxoo

  5. Me too..22..I had one little girl ans was pregnant for our second..
    We were babies ourselves Marie!
    It's been snowing since yesterday and a wonderland here!

  6. We were weren't we Monique? Seems like just yesterday but it was almost 40 years ago! Where has the time gone? I would love to see some photos of your Winter Wonderland. I am sure it is beautiful. It might make me homesick a bit, but it would still be nice! xxoo

  7. Hi Marie how are you? I haven't been to visit for a long time. I didn't know you had a new blog! I LOVE the title you chose! Wouldn't it be fun to have a cup of tea together? We keep saying every year that we want to get back to England for a visit. If we ever do we really will have a cup of tea together!

  8. I always love learning 5 more things about you. I do love your positive thoughts on life. Your picture with your son is beautiful.
    I can just imagine you as a mother with children. I can tell you would be a fun mother. I often feel sad that I wasn't more patient in many ways.
    The picture graphics are awesome.
    Blessings for this one and hugs!

  9. I can see the happiness you both were feeling in that first picture. What a wonderful shot. Enjoyed your 5 things. Always well put. xoxo

  10. Rhondi, that would be just lovely! I am always happy to welcome a friend into my home for a cuppa and a sit down! xxoo

    LeAnn, you are a treasure. Hindsight is always 20/20 eh? If I could give a young mum advice it would be enjoy every moment as they pass far too quickly and are . . . gone! xoxo

    Thanks Valerie! I try my best! xoxo


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