Sunday 4 March 2012

Marie's Sunday Six

I haven't done a Sunday Six Post in a very long time so I thought I would do one today! It being the first Sunday of the month and Fast Sunday, I thought it would be rather fitting to spend a few moments pondering the blessings in my life!

This little lady makes me smile bigtime and she turned one years old this month. This is Maryn, my only Granddaughter. I have yet to meet her in person and I am thinking I probably never will . . . especially if the way things have gone in the past are any indication of what to expect in the future . . . but I do so love her very much from afar. I sent her two very beautiful dresses for her Birthday along with a matching sweater and tights for each. When her mother was a little girl, she used to love for me to read her The Little Grey Rabbit stories by Allison Uttley. I was able to find a compendium book of all the Little Grey Rabbit stories and I sent that to her mom. I thought she may have some happy memories of the stories as a young child and that she might like to build some happy reading memories with her own daughter . . . this thought makes me smile.

Cyber hugs and kisses make me smile. My son and daughter in law sent me a special video the other day of the boys singing. It was lovely. It just did my heart so much good to watch it and to hear those little voices and get those special sweet cyber kisses at the end! I do so love my grandchildren and I am grateful for all the photos etc. that my eldest son and his wife send to me. They go the extra mile and that means so very much. I know it is hard for me to get close to my grandbabies living so far away, and it was my decision to move all the way over here. I am grateful for a son that understands and tries to make me a part of their lives in whatever way that he can.

These three little lumberjacks make me smile too . . . that is Jacob sitting on my daughter in law's lap, Jon sitting next to her, and the cute little redhead is our Josh. They are beautiful little boys. My son Doug has to live and work away from home at the moment and I know it causes him heartache at this time to have to do so . . . but as parents we always have to do what we have to do. He has a good job that provides lots of benefits and a good living for them as a family. He goes home (two hour drive) to his family on his days off and whenever he can do so and I know they are in contact daily. I wish that he could find a job as good as the one he has right where his family lives, but in the meantime I am grateful for the job that he does have. Last year he was able to take Parental Leave and spend a nice chunk of time with the boys as a stay at home dad and he loved that time they had to spend together. I am so proud of my sons. They are such good fathers. That makes me smile too.

Tim and Eileen make me smile. This is my eldest daughter with her fiance. This week they were competing in the Canadian Special Winter Olympics in Northern Alberta. They'll be arriving home today after having won 2 bronze and 1 silver (Eileen) and 2 sliver and 1 gold (Tim) in their respective races. I am so proud of them! I know they have had a fab week with team Nova Scotia, helping to represent the Special Olympics program in their home province. The Special Olympics Program makes me smile too. It is a wonderful program which helps these young adults with special needs to feel a valuable part of society and to feel competent and to develop special skills and attitudes. Too often in life they are jeered at or made fun of. This program allows them to shine and to show to the world just how very special they are! Thank you Special Olympics!!!

Thoughts of Spring make me smile. We have had some lovely weather this week, with milder temperatures and lots of sunshine. Spring is just around the corner. The crocus are blooming and all of the trees are getting little buds . . . the birds are nesting. I watched them yesterday gathering dried grass in the back garden to build their nests and the birdsong each morning is becoming even more beautiful. Bumble Bees are bumbling. There is frog spawn in the pond and the gold fish are feeding again. I know we have a ways to go yet . . . but these are all wonderful signs and symptoms of whate are about to experience . . . soon . . . soon.

Being creative makes me smile. I love that I can bring all the little thoughts and whimsies in my mind to life in such a way. It brings me special joy.

Being Creative is some special in each of us and something which can bring joy to each and every life. You may not think you are creative, but you are. Oh . . . you may not paint, or write beautiful poetry or songs . . . but I am sure that you do something which is creative in some way, be it large or small. I believe it is in each of us . . . this yearning to make something where there once was nothing . . . perhaps you bake lovely cookies and cakes . . . maybe you knit or sew . . . maybe your talent is simply to bring joy into other's lives, perhaps you have a smile that lights up a room when you enter it . . . or maybe you have the ability to help other people to feel loved and valuable. These are all talents and special in each of their own unique ways. Being creative makes me smile.

“As you take the normal opportunities of your daily life and create something of beauty and helpfulness, you improve not only the world around you but also the world within you.”
― Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone and smile!

There are Toasted Teacakes cooking in The English Kitchen today!

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