Wednesday 21 March 2012

Faith . . .

Up in the lofty heaven's, an angel looked down, observing all of the horrible things which were being played out in the human realm of existance. He was absolutely horrified by what he saw . . . his eyes moving from one unspeakable scene to another . . . Finally he could take no more, and he pointed to one horrific scene, and spoke to God about it . . .

"How can you allow this???? Look at what evil is setting into motion down there!"

"There is none better than Lucifer for creating a tragedy like that." was God's reply.

"But God!" exclaimed the angel "That man is one of your people . . . oh that poor man!"

"I gave all the freedom to choose between good and evil," God said . . . his face full of sadness. "No matter what they choose, they all have to live there together. Sometimes, those who choose my way are impacted negatively by those who choose not to live my way." He slowly shook his head and went on . . . "It's always painful and heartbreaking when that happens." He sighed in sorrow.

"But those people right there have no choice!!" the angel protested. "Evil is being pushed down their throats! That isn't a choice!"

God looked at the angel and then patiently replied, "Have I ever let pain go unavenged?"

"No . . . no, but . . . " the angel cringed from the sight, unable to bear watching it any longer.

"Watch!" God commanded, as He put his arm around the hunched shoulders of the angel, and turned him back to see more. "Look right over there, by the wall."

"That one?" questioned the angel. "He looks almost dead. Is he praying?"

"Ahhh . . . " whispered God. "You should hear his prayers!" Intense love flashed in God's eyes like lightening. "Simple prayers from an aching heart. THIS is triumph over evil. Trusting me . . . that is the choice." God smiled through tears of love and joy. "Isn't he magnificent?"

Together they stood in silence, and the angel began to see as God did.

"Now watch this," God spoke softly . . . never letting His eyes leave the scene. He called for Michael, and the archangel appeared.

"Go down and get him, Michael." Tears of Divine joy spilled over onto God's cheeks. "I'll arrange a party."

"Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God."
~Corrie ten Boom

A little something I painted yesterday afternoon. I was thinking about springtime and Easter and all that it means. I hope that you like it. I think it would make a fab Easter Card for someone, don't you???

Baking in The English Kitchen today, some scrummy Banana, Chocolate Chip and Oat Streusel Muffins.

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