Sunday 27 March 2011

Marie's Sunday Six . . .

As many of you know, my good friend Lura and her husband John were in a terrible car accident on Friday. This did not make me smile. Aux the contraire . . . I spent most of yesterday in a fog of tears and on my knees in prayer. I have prayed continuously on my own, out loud, silently and together with my Todd. Lura is the best friend that I have ever had. From the moment we connected on here we felt a very special bond, an eternal bond. We both know that we have always been friends. That we were friends before we came to this veil of tears we call the Earth . . . . that we have been so blessed to have been able to find each other here on the Earth, even though we may live thousands of miles apart . . . that we will still be friends when we live this Earth. That makes me smile. The living thousands of miles away part doesn't . . . but knowing we are eternal friends does. I am so very grateful that she and John are holding their own and that they have survived this horrible accident. The fact that Lura is in so much pain does not make me smile either, but knowing that it could have so very easily have gone the other way and that she is still with us, despite the pain . . . that makes me smile in a very big way . . . but then Lura, always makes me smile.

Lura is one of the kindest, dearest people I know. She gives so freely of her spirit and her time and her love.

Serving in the Temple with her husband each week. I know that she is often in pain because of ongoing problems with arthritis etc., but still each week she goes to the Temple and works for the Lord, serving Him lovingly and Faithfully.

Serving her family in every way possible. I have been so blessed to have been able to spend time with her and John and their lovely family and was able to see first hand the beautiful relationship that they have together. Lura and John's children and grandchildren are all lovely people.

They are a wonderful testimony of the strength of good Parenting and Grandparenting skills, and a prime example of what can go so very right in our l ives when you walk the Lord's path, and in His footsteps. I am so grateful that she and John are surrounded at this time by the love and ministering hands of their family. That is a wonderful thing.

Serving her friends. Lura is the best friend that anyone could possibly ever have. When she is able to, she calls me every week. We spend at least an hour on the telephone each time, laughing together, sharing together and even crying together. When I have something special to share, she is the first person I want to share it with . . . both the good and the bad. I know that she is a good friend to all who are lucky and blessed enough to be able to call her their friend. I know that she gives generously of her time and her love to all her friends. The old and the new and the inbetween. She and John are wonderful people. I think they should have a sign over their front door that reads . . . "There are no strangers here, only friends we have yet to meet."

Serving her community. Lura is a good citizen. She worked for years as a Teacher and I know that it was not always easy for her to do so. I know that sometimes her students were not all, or even close to being what they should have been, and that some of them were often very difficult to handle, and rude and inconsiderate. There were many who weren't and they were the lucky ones because they got to experience first hand what a wonderful and giving person this very special lady is. The ones that were difficult and stroppy truly missed out on knowing what I think is a National Treasure.

Serving her church family. Lura has always been a wonderful example to me of someone who honours her callings to the best of her abilities . . . even when it is not easy to do so, or when she would rather be doing something else, she serves and she smiles and she does it with all sincerity and all of her heart.

I know that some of you would be thinking now that I think that she walks on water, but the really beautiful thing about Lura and about John is their humility and tender spirits. They do not do any of the things that they do because they expect anything in return. They serve others because they love the Saviour. They do not serve because they want accolade or huge pats on the back . . . they do it in a humble and selfless way, because it is in their very natures and core to want to give back to Him who so freely gave so much to each of us.

I know that many of us cannot be there in person to minister to Lura and to John, but we can minister to them with our prayers of healing, comfort and thanksgiving. We can also send them cards and letters of support. Those can be sent here:

Utah Valley Medical Center
1034 North 500 West,
Provo, UT 84604

She is in Intensive Care and will probably be so for a few days at least. In the meantime do keep up the prayers and if you would like to leave a message for her, you could do so on her blog, Grammy's News. I just know she would love to hear from you and that her daughter is reading her the messages that have been left. Her friend Sil, is also updating her page as she receives news about Lura and John's conditions. Keep the prayers coming!

I have no recipe here today. Between all the prayers, and having lost an hours sleep with the spring Time change, I just could not get it together this morning, but there is a tasty recipe over on The English Kitchen should you want to go over and have a gander. It is a tasty Apple and Blackberry Crumble Pavlova.


  1. Oh, Marie... I am so terribly sorry to hear what's happen to Lura, and her husband. How is he? So sorry she has be so awfully hurt. I pray she will make a full recovery and be strong again in time. I know her faith will keep her going. May we dwell in hope & love as she recovers. Please know that I am here for you, if you'd like to talk--any time! :o) Thank you for letting me know what was happening. I don't know Lura well, but I will certainly go visit her blog and leave her a happy message. We're off to our niece's party this afternoon. Hope we get to talk more soon! Thinking of you... And especially Lura! LOVE YOU LOTS ((BIG HUGS))

  2. You are blessed to have such a good friend. I will continue to pray for her. Being so very far away is not easy when a friend is so ill. I hope you do find comfort knowing she is in the best hands possible. Try to have a good day.

  3. Your tribute to John and Lura is beautiful and deserved. All you have spoken of them is true.
    We are praying for them intensely.
    Before we went to bed last night Craig (my husband) spoke with John and I spoke with Lura.
    Lura's voice was a little stronger. It is evident that the epidural was helping her breath. Can you believe that she was given a Rx that took her memory away of the excruciating experience of the injection procedure? What a miracle is that?
    She is filled with faith and humor. Sweet lady.

  4. I love Lura too, have a pleasure to talk with her sometimes in the blogs and she always stopping by, we continue praying dear Marie, huggss, gloria

  5. What a lovely tribute Marie, and I can testify that every single word of it is true, and then some. She is an angel on earth, and on earth is where we need this angel. Sending her love and prayers, as well as to her angel companion John.

  6. Marie I am continuing to pray for Lura and John, but also for you. blessings, marlene

  7. I have always enjoyed your comments about your friend Lura. She sounds like such a wonderful person and someone we all would like to know. I will continue to pray for Lura, John, and their family and friends. You both have touched so many people through blogging. The thought that the whole world can become a caring community really is a comfort.

  8. lura is truly a gem. i feel so blessed to have found her through the world wide web and have also had the pleasure of meeting her and spending time with her in person. i love her and her fam! wonderful people. i was devastated when i found out about her car accident..but so relieved that they made it through. truly a miracle. i saw a pic of the car and they could've easily been taken. i'm so grateful. prayers for their recovery...especially lura as she is in icu and having the hardest time. i hate that she is in so much pain:(

  9. Marie, this is such a beautiful tribute to your friends and I pray for them. I saw the car, it is a miracle they are going to be OK! Thank God! Each day a little better until the perfect day!


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