Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The Measure of Man's Humanity . . .

The measure of man's humanity is the extent and intensity of his love for mankind."

~Ashley Montagu

I've always been lucky in that I am a person who has always been able to pretty much accept other people for exactly who they are. Each one is an individual and I am able to look at them and approach them with dignity, no matter their appearance or circumstance in life. I realize that they have lives as complicated and mysterious as my own, and I accept in my heart that . . . "There, but for the Grace of God go I." I try hard not to have any preconceptions about others and I really try hard not to judge them. I am not perfect, but I do try hard just to be the best person that I know how to be, and to love others for who and what they are. Even I will admit that this is not always easy . . . but, it must be done, for . . . it's a commandment after all.

And Jesus said unto him. "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all they heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it. Thou shalt love they neighbour as thyself."
~Matthew 22:37-39

I know that who I am is because of the things in my life that I have experienced, the environment I was brought up in, the priviledges that I have been exposed to, the teachings of my parents, grandparents and other loved ones etc. . . . and that I have been blessed that, for the most part, it's all been good. My life has been richly blessed. There are so many people in this world that have not been blessed in the same way, or who have learned the same lessons in life. They cannot help who they are, anymore than I can help who I am. Plain and simple . . . when people know better, they do better. I truly believe this is so.

My faith also helps me in that it has taught me that we are all, each one of us, the spirit children of God, each one a unique and wonderful creation of a Heavenly Father . . . each of us deserving all the dignity and respect and attention that "that" knowledge engenders. I know that when our Heavenly Father looks down at us, He sees us all as His children and He loves each one of us the same. Just as we look at our own children and see them as individuals with all their own unique qualities, strengths and weaknesses, so He must look at us. Just as we love all of our children equally and with all the strength of our hearts, so He must feel the same, and maybe even more so, as it is a perfect love, which we cannot even begin to be able to imagine or fathom . . .

I think that this one thing . . . being able to love others no matter what . . . this one thing has the power to change the way that we see our world. It has the power to actually change the world. Oh . . . that everyone could only see this and act upon it. What a wonderful place this would be . . .

I made us a lovely soup yesterday for our dinner. It went down a real treat. I had made some chocolate chip scones too, that turned into a big flat pancake, but that's a whole nother story . . . it's back to the drawing board with those to be sure!!!

*Corn Soup*
Serves 4
Printable Recipe

This soup is quick, easy and oh, so very tasty!! Serve hot with some crisp crackers or crusty bread for a real rib sticking pleaser!

1 TBS olive oil
1 medium onion, peeled and chopped
1 garlic clove, peeled and crushed
4 cups chicken stock
1 cup frozen sweet corn kernels, thawed
310g tin of creamed corn
1 medium potato, peeled and chopped
1/4 cup cream
sea salt and ground white pepper to taste
50g plain salted corn chips, crumbled
2 TBS finely chopped fresh chives

Put the oil in a large saucepan and heat over medium heat until it is hot. Add the onion and cook, stirring until it has begun to soften. Add the garlic and cook for one minute longer, until quite fragrant.

Add the stock, creamed corn and potato. Bring to the boil, then reduce the heat and simmer for about 15 minutes, or until the potato is soft.

Using a stick blender (or food processor or regular blender, with care please!) blend the soup until it is completely smooth. Return to the pan and stir in the thawed corn kernels. Season to taste with salt and white pepper. Stir and cook over low heat until the corn is tender. Stir in the cream and heat through.

Ladle out into hot bowls and garnish with the crumbled corn chips and some chopped chives scattered on top of each serving.

If you'd like to see what I've been up to over on The English Kitchen, click here. I can assure you it's really quite tasty!


  1. "...being able to love others no matter what..." That is so profound, that really is the key, isn't it? Love...it's all about love. :o) Loving the comfort food on today, Marie... soup for autumn is always ideal. And served up with love, it warms the body and the soul. Happy Day, dear friend--miss you--and LOVE YOU HEAPS! ((BIG HUGS))

  2. It would be a wonderful world if we could all have your attitude. Soup weather has arrived here for sure and I'll be making plenty of it at my house too. I do hope your Tuesday is a great one.

  3. if only EVERYONE was like you marie! the world would be a better place.

  4. What a fantastic post my dear Marie.



  6. I just read your note about the cookies you make at the big house. (giggling)

  7. Being able to love others unconditionally is Christ-like. I try to do that but I fall short at times. I will keep trying.

    We are very busy here. I get little time on the computer as John needs to use my laptop for business and the house computer is being used for homework reports. I just wanted to drop in a minute to say hello and send my love.

    I enjoyed all the fall decor you put in this post....it is so festive.

    The corn soup looks so good. We enjoy having a nice bowl of soup for dinner. I will have to try it.

    I send love. I'll drop back to visit when I can. Love, Lura

  8. If I didn't choose to tell blogland that I'm deaf or use a wheelchair or am small, no-one would know. People would draw their conclusions about me from what I write in my blog, or in my comments or to them personally. They would take me at face value. What a shame some people in real life can't do that Maybe they should start blogging?

    love,Angie, xx

  9. p.s. Come over and see what John has been up to now. XOXOXO

  10. SO true Marie. I often think/imagine what the world would be like if everyone would love each other, accept each regardless of thoughts, opinions, religion, situation. I wish more people would strive to that goal...

    I made soup tonight for dinner. I think I could eat it every night and never get tired of it. So warm and comforting! I hope you are having a wonderful week so far my friend!



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