Sunday 14 March 2010

Marie's Sunday Six

It's been two weeks since I did a Sunday Smile Makers as I was away last Sunday. I think one is long overdue, don't you? I surely have had a lot to smile about these past couple of weeks and I can't wait to get started!

This is a CTR ring, a reminder to the people who wear them to always "Choose The Right." I have always wanted one. I gave Todd a lovely one for Christmas a number of years ago. His is quite a fancy one, not at all like the ones above. Me, I am somewhat of a plain Jane. I don't go in for a lot of frou frou. On Friday one of my former Young Women visited me and gave me a CTR ring! I was so excited, and for many reasons I guess. One being that she came to visit me. Two that she thought enough of me to do so, even though I have not been a counselor in YW's for awhile now, and Three, that she thought enough about me to want to give me a remembrance of her! I have it on my baby finger now and it will stay there to always remind me of my special times in Young Women's and this sweet young lady that I love so very dearly. It makes me smile.

The kindness's of strangers. When we decided to move back to Chester, we knew that we would have to make a trip up there to scout out the area and see if there were any house vacancies that might be within our budget. We could not afford to stay in a hotel or a B&B really, but this lovely family from our Chester Church Ward offered to put us up for as long as we needed to be there. We did not know them at all as they were not members of our Ward when we were there and it was so very generous of them to do so. Their youngest daughter gave up her room just for us and they were so very kind to us while we were there. We were very grateful for their help. In the process, I like to think that we have made some new and very special friends. They were a real blessing to us and they surely made me smile in many ways, both large and small.

This is not the exact one, but is only an example of a Terraced House over here. I think it is what you would call a townhouse over in North America. Finding a house to rent that suited us to a "T" surely made us smile big time. Ours is similar to those above, except it has a much larger front garden, large enough for us to park our car in it, and it is fenced, which is nice. We are just waiting for approval from my employer now for things to go ahead. We were so very lucky to find this place, for the rent that it is going for. We are surely blessed and that makes me smile.

I never thought I was a baker, really. I always thought I was more of a cook than a baker. I have come to realize that I really love to bake! Baking makes me smile. I think that when we get all settled in Chester I am going to don a baking apron and churn out cakes, cookies and cupcakes until I can find a good job. There is something very therapeutic about baking and creating.

Finishing up these little ladies made me smile. I just love creating dolls. Two are already gone, but there are still two left for sale in my ETSY shop. I will not be making anything else now until after we are settled into our new home. I am just too busy sorting things out and organizing everything to get ready to move. You sure accumlate a lot of tat through the years don't you! Moving is a good excuse to have a good clear out! If you are interested in seeing the dolls that are left in their entirety, do take a look at my Shop. Being able to create makes me smile.

Psalm 145:9
The Lord is good to all, and His tender mercies are over all His works.

I am so grateful for the tender mercies of the Lord. I can clearly see his hands at work in my life. His fingerprints are all over it and me. I am so very thankful for this, and for a heart that knows and believes and has faith. It would be so easy to be very afraid right now and to be angry, but I cannot. I know that there is a plan for me, that He has a plan for me and that this is a part of that plan. I know that whatever happens, He is in control and that gives me a great sense of peace. That makes me smile.

All over the UK today people will be cooking up Sunday Lunch for their friends and family. Sunday Lunch is a wonderful institution and something that I totally embrace, except that we most normally have it on Saturday because of a lack of time on Sunday. It just wouldn't be a proper Sunday lunch without Yorkshire puddings though and today I am sharing my recipe with you. It is the same one I have been using for years and years. I got it from my late Father in Law who was a cook in the Canadian Army his whole adult life. These are the best!

*Yorkshire Puddings*
Makes 12
Printable Recipe

I wonder who it was that discovered that with just a little flour, milk and eggs you could create something that is so crispy, light and delicious! Sunday lunch just wouldn't be Sunday lunch without a couple of these on the plate. These turn out perfect every time, as long as you follow the directions to a "T." Not hard to do really as they are very simple.

2 large eggs, at room temperature
1 tsp salt
1 1/3 cups milk, at room temperature
1 cup flour
a little oil or dripping

Make sure all your ingredients are at room temperature before beginning. Beat your eggs together in a large measuring jug until very light. Whisk in the milk. Sift the flour into a bowl along with the salt. Make a well in the middle and add the wet ingredients all at once, pouring them into the well, adn then whisk them in, slowly incorporating the dry mixture from the sides until you have a smooth batter. Now, this is the important bit . . . COVER IT AND LET IT SIT ON THE SIDEBOARD FOR ONE HOUR.

Preheat your oven to 230*C/450*F. Place a small amount of oil or dripping into each cup of a 12 cup muffin tin. Place the tin into the hot oven to heat up until the fat is hot and sizzling. remove from the oven and quickly divide the batter amongst each muffin cup, filling them about 2/3 full. Return to the oven and bake for 20 minutes, until well risen, browned and crispy, reducing the oven temperature by 10 degrees every five minutes. Serve hot with plenty of gravy!!

It's Upside Down Pudding over on The English Kitchen today. Very yummy!


  1. Smiles are something that we just cannot do without, so I'm glad to see that you still have them in your life. Baking and cooking are something not all of us have a knack for so besides all of your other artistic abilities you are so blessed to be able to do it all like that. I'm sure it won't be long and things will be much more settled for you. Once you can make the move your life will move forward too.

  2. Marie I love how positive you are and that you see the blessings that fill our lives.

    With winter coming I will be sure to try the pudding recipe. My mother is a Yorkshire lass and her love of a good pud has passed down to my boy. We rarely have beef but when we do this is a must. The family recipe calls for snow. An impossibility in my corner of Australia.

    God continue to bless you as you and Todd move forward.

  3. Hi, dear Marie--Happy Mothering Sunday! :o) Your list today bursts with happy! What a very sweet gift of a ring you've been wanting by your young woman friend--what a lovely thing before you move. And so much kindness in that family that put you up while in Chester--that is pure giving. You dolls are so wonderful--their happy faces can't help but make a body smile. :o) I love baking too--such comfort in it. A busy weekend there--hubby working, and I got some sales at my shop (wonders never cease--LOL! ;o) chores, all sorts. So not much slow down here, but it's all good. Hope you & Todd are having a great weekend there. Hope we get to chat! LOVE YOU HEAPS ((BIG HUGS))

  4. Did you know that you can also make a sweet pud out of YP's? Plop a spoonful of cooked apple or some jam in the hole, sprinkle the pud with icing sugar and drizzle with a lemony syrup. Don't ask me what ut's like - our next door neighbour as kids (an Irish woman)used to do it! There were neverany Yorkshires left over in our house.

    Happy Mothers' Day!

    love. Angie, xx

  5. By the way, either Todd is going to break the habit of a lifetime and put weight on or your baking is going to have to find an outlet. Hmmm? It's worth a thought.

  6. Dear Marie
    I always enjoy your Sunday posts. They always filled with faith. What do people without faith in God do in times of crisis? Your Yorkshire puddings remind me of my English aunt, who made them every Sunday. I am definitely going to make them some time soon.
    Happy mothering day.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  7. I've bookmarked the Yorkshire recipe, and esp. noted the tip about letting it stand for one hour...I'll give it a try next time I make them, also didn't know about decreasing temperature every 5 minutes...thanks :)

    On another note, I am sure, as you are, the move and settling in Chester will go smoothly and that you can be confident of His care of you and Todd, as always.

    I'm praying that you will settle cozily into your new little nest and quickly find suitable and enjoyable work.

    Church communities are so precious, needs are met with such generosity.

    You do, indeed, have lots to smile about :)

  8. You got a job...what is it? Love the place you'll be living, it's so cute and yours will have a big yard too...great! Love the CTR's...once my daughter worked at a girls camp back east for a summer, she gave all those cute little Jewish girls a CTR when she left! Have a good Sabbath :D

  9. This YP recipe sounds A LOT like our recipe for Dutch Babies (aka German Pancakes) which are PERFECT with syrup and/or jam. We cook ours up in two 9x13 pans and only have a tiny bit left over.

    When the kids get bigger, we won't even have that left!

    Thanks for sharing so many great recipes!

  10. Such beautiful things that make you smile, Marie--me, too! Love that your sweet young friend brought you a CTR ring--how wonderful!

    Looking forward to trying the Yorkshire pudding recipe--yum!

    Hope you're having a lovely Sunday, dear friend--you deserve it! Love to you!

  11. Your post just made me smile, I love your Sunday Smile maker posts :)

    Love the dollies and love the recipe, I'll have to bookmark it :)

  12. These are lovely things to smile about Marie. Isn't it amazing that you were offered a place to stay in Chester - that is just one of the kindest of things to do. But I feel sure you would have done the same for someone else too. My Granny always says that what you give out in one hand is taken back in the other... this is so true. Lucie x PS Yorkshire puds looks lovely too

  13. SO GLAD you're back to your sunday six smile makers. It makes ME SMILE! Your thoughts are so beautiful and It's great to hear your testimony through your writing. Thanks :) I look at how many people follow your blog...and I am grateful because I am blessed to actually know you and have tasted your recipes first hand!! Plus--seriously--I have been looking for a good yorkshire pudding recipe. I WILL try this out. :) You're the best. Take care, send all my love to you and yours.


  14. I am glad that you have found so many smiles in the middle of your difficult times. In deed the Lord is with you and is blessing you. I am delighted that you have found a nice home to live in. I know it will be hard to leave the beauty of Oak Cottage. However, having friends and a suitable home in Chester will surely make it easier to make the change.
    How nice of your YW to come and visit and bring you a CTR ring. I know that will bring you smiles each time you glance down at it on your finger.
    I hope that you will soon hear good news from your employer and you can move forward with your new life. I hope that he will be fair and generous with you. He should afer all the years of loyal service you have given.

    Have a good week. I hope that it will be full of smiles. Hugs, Lura

  15. Dear Marie --

    Wonderful Sunday Six! What a sweet YW to bring you a CTR ring. I am sure your YW will miss you so much when you move. I am so happy to hear that you have found a place to live. It sounds like a wonderful townhouse and I hope you and Todd will be so happy there. I am praying that your employer is generous with you and that you find another position in your new location.

    Sending you prayers and hugs.



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