Thursday 1 December 2016

Raindrops on Roses . . .


These are a few of my favourite things . . .

I love Craftsy.  Sewing, knitting, painting, etc.  They have tutorials, online classes, patterns, supplies, etc.  If it has anything to do with crafting, its there.

If you like DIY and crafting, you will love Tatertots & Jello.  Run by my friend Jennifer Hadfield its a great resource for all of those things, decorating for the holidays, etc.  Plus she is a really nice person.  Wife, mother of four, daughter, friend.  She is an amazing gal.  Lots of freebies and plenty of inspiration to be found on this page.  When I flew out to Utah almost 8 years ago now, Jen and her mom met me at the airport.  They were so cute.

 photo IMG_0856.jpg

That was just one of my favourite trips ever.

I'm a bit of a latecomer to Instagram, but I love it.  Whatever your interest, there is plenty there to inspire.    (You can follow me @marierayner5530 )  If you like Calligraphy, you can follow people who do that and they post little videos and tutorials, etc.  If you like cooking, there is PLENTY of that.  If you like art, plenty of inspiration.  If you just like people watching, there is loads of that as well.  Whatever interests you have, its there.  I love it!

You don't have to be a Mormon to enjoy the Mormon Channel.  And watching it won't turn you in to one.  It is filled with lots of music, videos, television shows, radio shows, commercial free music, etc.  Right now you can see Handel's Messiah performed by the Tabernacle Choir in its entirety.  It is a wealth of good values filled entertainment.  There is stuff there for kids, for teens, for us oldies.   I watch it/listen to it  a lot.


Martha Stewart.  I was always a big fan of her television show and her magazine.  I have several of her cookery books.  Her website is a wealth of knowledge about just about everything you can cook, make, bake, etc.  She might be difficult to work with, I don't know.  You can't believe everything you read.   I like her.  I had fond memories of watching her show with my daughter Eileen.  We called it Home Economics. 


Her Homekeeping Handbook holds a wealth of information about anything to do with keeping a home.  It's my go-to reference for everything.  Stain care, making beds, etc.  If it has to do with keeping a home, its in there!  One of my favourite and most valued books.

Seriously.  You need this book.

Land O Lakes Baking Recipe Pages.  This is one of my favourite baking pages.  The recipes always work and there is everything you need to know about baking there.  I have been a huge fan for a long time now.

Taste of Home.  When I lived in Canada I was a big fan of the magazine and their books, and now I am a big fan of their page.    Lots of cooking inspiration there.

BBC Good Food.  I love the magazine and I love their books, their channel, their webpage, their recipes, their cooking shows.  When I lived down South I used to go to The Good Food Show every year and have a ball.  With live demonstrations and an endless multitude of booths pertaining with everything to do with food/cooking/etc.  They were always great fun.


Canadian Living.     You can take the girl out of Canada, but you can't take Canada out of the girl.  I subscribed to the magazine for several years after I moved over here, but then it got too cost prohibitive to do so.   I still visit the page when I am feeling homesick and longing for inspiration.  Some of my best recipes came from Canadian Living.   But it's not just food, there are decorating tips, etc.  It's just a great site.  I love Oprah.   I wish we still got her show over here.  I watched her for years and years and years.  Since the very beginning.  There was just something about her that spoke to my heart and still does.

I like Ellen too.  But Oprah was always my favourite.

And those are a few of my favourite things for this week! What are some of your favourite sites to look at? Lets share!!!

 The best I could do for glitter nails this year!  I will look earlier next year and start a lot earlier!

A thought to carry with you through today . . .

The greatest prison
people live in
is the fear
of what others think.

Spiritual Enlightenment 

In The English Kitchen today  . . .  Easy Drop Danish, along with my recipe for my very own homemade baking mix. Useful for all sorts and no preservatives.

Have a great Thursday.  The Elders are coming for supper tonight.  Not sure what I am going to cook yet, but it will be tasty at any rate.  I always pull out the stops!   Stay safe and stay happy, don't forget . . .

 ═══════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ ═══════════ ⊰✿░G░O░D⊰✿⊰L░O░V░E░S⊰✿⊰░Y░O░U░⊰✿
═══════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ ═══════════

 And I do too!   


  1. I guess you haven't seen Martha and SnoopDog's Potluck Dinner Party,
    wonder which one's doing the brownies? xoxo

  2. Good morning Marie. I loved the things you shared today. At present I am watching the final week of the Great British Menu. Those chefs are amazing. I am running very late. We spent half the day with Bridget's funeral and then went to the quilt shop for some diversional therapy.

    God bless you today and always.

  3. I do love Martha and Oprah and am thankful for the TV cooking shows and sites on the internet too. They tend to make me hungry though but I've tried out a lot of new recipes where I used to stick to the tried and true.

  4. Your little sign off about God loves you and I do too always brings a smile to my face - thank you x
    Having just returned from the best holiday ever in Canada I wonder do you prefer living here or in Canada?

  5. haha sis, I had not seen that but will certainly take a look when I have a bit more time! Thanks! xoxo

    A bit of retail diversional therapy always helps Suzan! I have not watched the Great British Menu in its entirety ever. I tend to watch bits here and there. Having had to work in a high pressure job like that I tend to stress with that kind of cooking. I don't find that or master Chef entertaining. I much prefer the Bake off and in all honesty only got into that with the last two series! Duh! xoxo

    I could watch the Pioneer Woman for hours Pam! I love how she cooks and her family makes me smile. Have a great Thursday! xoxo

    Thanks Julie! I miss people but not really the country. I love it here in the UK. I like that we don't get really cold winters and I think the social and health care systems are way better. For instance over there you have to pay for an ambulance and it's not cheap! A friend of my mom's paid a couple hundred dollars for an ambulance to take her across the road. Shocking! xoxo

  6. Those nails❤️🎨I favor pretty much everything you do! or two..nope;)Looking forward to checking the link!

  7. Thanks Monique! A casher in the grocery store this morning said she liked my nails, so I musta done a good job! xoxo

    Sis I checked out the first episode of that show and it was kind of cute. Martha has a sense of humor for sure! And Snoop Dog is a lot smarter than I thought he would be. xoxo

  8. Mormon Tabernacle Choir is known worldwide. They make beautiful music. Haven't heard their CHristmas music in many many years. Will look them up on YouTube. Your nails are fabulous!

  9. PS how do you keep those nails in good condition with all the cooking you do?

  10. Hi! I may jump on tbe, Instagram wagon, I'm thinking about it. I quit, Facebook, because it seemed to take too much of my time, and too much advertising, it drive me nuts! I undedstand, Instagram is not as bad...we'll see.

    So many wonderful cooking books and web sites! I do love, Martha, I have been a fan for years as well. Taste if home is another favorite, mostly because the cooks are just everyday cooks, cooking real food.

    Love listenibgvto, The Mormon Channel, beautiful music anytime of year.

    And, can I just say that your nails look beautiful...I love sparkles!

    Hugs and love,

  11. Goodness Marie, what a lot of places for me to look up today. I must admit I am not very good at looking things up on line. During the day Mary is always around and she really dosnt like to see me playing about on line so other than opening up to see if I have any more e mails I don't come on, however I am going to write down a the places you visit and see if I can find them as well. I didn't go to help at the coffee and chat this morning as I wasn't feeling very well first thing. Thankfully by lunch time I felt better and got the second lot of cards done..only Marys to do now so I feel I have at least made a start. I asked Lyn to bring through my nativity as I find I really can't bend down now without a lot of pain so if someone is around its sensible to ask for help...I love it when I start the Advent nativity started. The first thing to come out of the little drawer is the star which is now perched over the manger...wonder what will come out tomorrow.....Sporry I didn't get commenting yesterday but having just read it I'm glad you had a nice day in Chester, that sounds a good film, glad you and Todd enjoyed it NIGHT NIGHT GOD BLESS. Xx

  12. I don't know Linda! They just keep well. I am lucky I guess. When I used to cook for a living I could never wear polish or have pretty nails. I am making up for it now! Check out the Mormon app, you can download it to your PC also. 24/7 music. It's lovely! xoxo

    I am loving Instagram Barb and I think you would too. Just a photo a day, and its a nice way to keep in touch. xoxo

    Oh Sybil, I am so sorry to hear you are in pain again and not feeling well. Saying some extra prayers for you. You are way ahead of me in the card area! I haven't gotten many done at all! xoxo


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