Wednesday 26 November 2014

Wednesday this and that . . .

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It took me a couple of hours yesterday, but by the time our Spanish nurse got back from work yesterday Christmas had arrived at our house.   I think Todd thought it was kind of early, but I really wanted the decorations up before we do our Thanksgiving Dinner so that everything is festive looking for the Missionaries when they come.  Job done.  The photos are not so great because the lighting was already poor by the time I finished it all.  I will try to get some better ones taken today.

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Ariana was so excited when she came in last night and saw them all.  That made me happy.  It's nice to have a young enthusiastic person in the house.  I had not realized how much I missed that.  ☺

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My youngest son's partner Sara posted this photo of Baxter on FB yesterday.  I think that little furry family member gets cuter every time I see him.   He is so adorable.  I wish I could get a nice photo like that of Mitzie.  His personality is perfectly captured in this.

I have fallen in love with these dogs.  Nova Scotia Duck Toller Retrievers.  If I ever won the lottery (and I can't coz I don't play, lol) I would get one of these as a companion for Mitzie.  Sometimes I think she is really bored here with just us two old people to play with.  She gets really excited when anybody new comes in.

  photo SDC16300.jpg

A friend stopped by the other day with her young lad who is about 10 years old and she was so happy to see him, and of course she just love, LOVES it when the missionaries come over.  Not sure how she would be with another dog though . . .  maybe her feelings would be hurt?

 photo SDC13326.jpg

I don't know!  I am sure she would get used to it being here after a bit and then they would really enjoy each other.   Has anyone ever had any experience with this?  Share!

 photo copyrightpartydress_zps5958b36c.jpg

I've been working at building my portfolio this past week or so according to the recommendations of the Licensing company.   This is one that I have done.  They said that they prefer the smaller heads to the larger ones . . .

 photo copyrightcelebrate_zps744ba913.jpg

Happy faces and funky hair . . .

 photo copyrightboots_zpsaf845fad.jpg

Pin dot eyes and funky footware . . . crazy hats.

 photo copyrightqueenie_zps0dd20aab.jpg

Bright colours . . .

And so I am trying to oblidge.   Hopefully I am doing enough.  In any case I always enjoy creating.   I have a total of 16 main pieces to do . . .  8 that are inspirational and 8 involving friendship . . .  plus co-ordinating backgrounds and borders.   A tall order, but I am sure I am up to it.   At the end hopefully I will have a portfolio which is appealing to any prospective clients. Fingers crossed.

 photo SAM_2569_zpsa1cefe89.jpg

These past couple of years have been pretty lean ones and they are getting leaner.  I need something to give soon.  I feel like I have been juggling and juggling trying to keep all my balls in the air . . .  without dropping any, but  I'm not sure how much longer I can keep it up.  I'm getting tired of the juggling.  I really need to catch a break.  But enough of that.

Don't worry, be happy, right?  Right!

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A thought to carry with you through today  . . .


"Where charity stands watching 
and faith holds wide the door 
the dark night wakes - 
the glory breaks, 
Christmas comes once more."
~ Phillips Brooks 


  photo SAM_8251_zps24ebafc1.jpg 

It may not look like much, but looks are very deceiving.  In the English Kitchen today  . . .  Potato and Bread Stuffing.  An old time favourite.  Delicious and simple.

═══════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ ═══════════ ⊰✿░L░O░V░E⊰✿⊰✿⊰✿⊰✿⊰✿⊰░Y░O░U░⊰✿
═══════════ ღೋƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღೋ ═══════════

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!


  1. Oh how I pray that you get some good luck soon with your wonderful drawings/paintings you certainly deserve it...and it's long past the time that you got the attention..what about that place that took your gorgeous wee matchbox dolls ? I thinnkit was an art chp ? did thye never come back for more of your work...I would have thought that in Chesterthere would have been small craft /tea rooms/ shops that might have tried to sell a few of your paintings. I knwo now though that it is the cost of printing and framing that is almost ut of our reach pricewise...oh to live in a moneyless world....we coud just barter for things.!!...anyway love keep smiling and holding on to the faith that tells us "All will be well"....just please give us patience whilst we wait !! LOL
    Have a lovely day. IS your "girl" staying with you over Christmas or is she going home ? Your house is looking just wondreful...and yes I think Mitzie would be ok with another dog..however I also know thatthe cost of dogs are now getting to be prohibitive,bad enough the initial cost it is all the extra's like injections etc etc...

  2. Marie I can see why you are feeling frustrated and in need of break.

    In a funny way we did have a dog when we adopted my beloved Sam. My grandfather was dying and his dog spent a lot of time with us. At this stage Pepe was about ten. Soon after my promised labrador puppy arrived. They soon sorted each other out. Sometimes I want to get another cat but my Nimbus goes crazy every time Will brings his Toby up here. She hisses and scratches and is far from ladylike to Will and Tobes.

    God bless.

  3. They are so so so cute!
    You have talent much!
    Your tree and all the decorations..super festive..
    It does take time to decorate a tree..but sooo worth it!

  4. Your tree is so festive looking. I love everything Christmas and will start decorating this coming weekend. You are a gifted artist and have your own unique style. I'm sure you'll be a success. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday !

  5. Your Christmas tree looks lovely Marie! Very festive. It changes the feel in the home when it's up, doesn't it?! Ours goes up tomorrow after Thanksgiving dinner. That is so nice that you make a Thanksgiving dinner for the missionaries. I'm am sure they appreciate it very much especially if they're from the USA. Wish I were there to partake of your delicious spread.
    Wow, your artwork a bit more of that "something" extra. All of your work is fantastic. You always crack me up with their shoes. Especially those pointy purple ones and also the boots. Heee! Just darling!

    One of Mrs. Osmond's motto she used was, "Prepare yourself and the opportunity will come." Your opportunity will come Marie! xoxo


  6. Such a lovely tree.I sure the missionanies will enjoy the time they spen with you and yours.
    I love your playlist, so nice and claming , TY.oooxxx

  7. The Gallery in Chester is still going Sybil, but they wanted £10 a month from me to have my work there, plus they started demanding that their clients work for them in the shop at weekend etc. It started to be a bit much I thought. After all they were making money from my work to begin with. I could understand a fee, but not the having to work in their shop. You are right about the cost of dogs now. We can barely afford the one we have, but we wouldn't give her up for the world! Our girl is staying with us over Christmas. She will be working to make extra money to pay for her wedding. That will be nice for us to have her around! xxoo

    Cats are very difficult when it comes to introducing a new cat into the house Suzan! There is always a lot of hissing and spitting and it goes on for days and days, and something they never adjust at all! xxoo

    Thank you so much Monique! YOu are right, it is well worth the effort. I don't mind the initial decorating though, it's the taking it down. That's the pain and of course I always hate to see it go! xxoo

    Thanks Pam! You are so kind. I like to think that my work is recognizable. Fingers crossed it will be unique enough to be noticed by th right people! Happy Thanksgiving! xxoo

    Thank you so much Valerie! I love it when the Christmas decs are up and I hate taking them down at the end. I would love to see yours. I am sure it is gorgeous. Our two missionaries are from America. One is from Idaho and is actually going home next week and the other one is from Missouri. Looking forward to the day tomorrow, even if it will be a lot of work! Once again, more than worth it! xxoo

    Thanks Cathyjo! I love my play list too. It's the type of music I like to listen to. Uplifting. xxoo


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