Thursday 24 January 2013

Thursday thoughts . . .

The Winter is a stillness, and a darkness and a sleep 
But not a death, for in the  earth the roots of life go deep.
A rest . . . then re-creation and a glad new burgeoning.
Every day in Wintertime is one day nearer Spring.
~Patience Strong

I don't think you  can find anything more exhilarating than a country walk on a cold bright Winter afternoon in late January!

Your eyes  see so much more and travel much further in the Winter than they can in summer . . . for open hedgerows and naked trees reveal much that will soon be hidden by curtains of green leaf and pink blossom . . .

You find yourself leaning over kissing gates staring at the fallow earth, contemplating the beautiful bough structures of the trees once dressed and now unashamedly naked  . . . oak, beech . . . rare maple and rarer still the elm . . . the only ones dressed at the ball . . . the firs in their winter splendor . . . draped with the lace of a thousand flakes of white and glitter . . .

The quiet of the  furrowed fields in Winter seep deep into your consciousness . . . the fallow earth conveying a healing peace which you never find on a busy Summer's day . . . Nature is at rest, and you too . . . are able to capture a bit of the sense of her repose . . . it strokes your soul with cold, yet gentle . . .  fingers . . .

A walk home at the close of afternoon . . . when the pale gold of the sinking sun fades into the smokey grey of Winter's dusk.   The cold is bitter . . . and the wind may blow . . . but there is joy aplenty to compensate for the frost and fog . . . and sleet which sprays . . .

The joy of hot mugs of  cocoa  . . . and toasted crumpets, spread with lots of  butter and jam . . . while firelight flickers across the toes, warming and blessing at once . . . and then the company of a good book when lights are low and comforts are high.

Sweet is the reward at the end of cold, cold  days . . . life is good.

We had a bit of a worried beginning to the day yesterday.   None of us had been able to get in touch with my mother at all overnight and through to the morning.  What with the winter roads and anxiety over lung biopsies our hearts were somewhat filled with dread, but finally I remembered that I had the telephone number of one of my mother's neighbors and my brother was able to call and find out that all was well.   They had simply kept my mother in Halifax overnight.   The risk of a lung collapsing is great and so they did not want her to be more than 20 minutes away from the hospital, so she, my Uncle Harold and his wife spent the night at Barb's daughter's place in Halifax.  

They, none of them, were prepared and so there was a scramble to find toothbrushes and night gear, and my mother had none of her tablets with her, but in the end they soldiered through.   My mother also  had to have another x-ray first thing yesterday morning, so it only made sense.   We were all relieved when she finally arrived home safe and sound, and now begins the waiting game anew . . . as we await word on what will happen next.  It could take as long as two weeks before all is scrutinized and read and pondered . . . in the meantime your prayers are most appreciated.   We are so grateful for them and your love.

Yesterday's Silver Lining:   Although it was inconvenient for mom to have to stay overnight unexpectedly a lesson was learned.   It's never wise to travel without at least a small packed overnight bag at the ready, and any tablets you might be needing in the immediate future!

A thought to carry with you through the day:

If most of valued food, and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a much cheerier world.
~J R Tolkien

 photo SAM_4336_zpsac03f31c.jpg 

Baking in The English Kitchen today . . . Super Duper Bran Muffins.   Low fat, moist and quite, quite delicious!  One feels most justified in spreading them with a bit of butter for . . . after all there's very little fat in the muffin itself.  ☺

Happy day all!


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