Thursday 28 July 2011

Giving flight to our dreams and learning how to soar . . .

"Birds learn how to fly, never knowing where their wings will take them."

You can learn a lot from studying the ways of birds. I especially love to watch the fledglings in the garden as they test out the waters in the grown up world . . . practicing the ways of a grown up bird, but still clinging to some of their baby bird ways. It is so cute to watch them at the feeders as they crouch down, fluttering their wings as the mother bird continues to feed them in the way that she always has. This only last a few days and before too long they are flying back and forth from the feeder with all the confidence of an adult bird . . . the tentativeness of their youth all but gone . . . They lift, they pump, they glide . . . they land. They fly, as if the act of flight as always been their only destination.

As humans, we all too often confuse our lives here on earth with the obsession of just where we are going. It is not enough that we can fly . . . we have to have a purpose for doing so and a destination in mind. We tame and hush our needs to love and learn and seek out the truth . . . until we can be sure of the why's, where's and how's . . . never truly letting our hearts really unfold completely, or experiencing the joy of the journey.

We cripple ourselves with worry about the "What if's" and the "Why's" . . . and the "Yes-Buts" . . .

"Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself." ~Matthew 6:34

I fear in doing so . . . we never really learn to fly in the way that we should . . . and we never take the journey that we were truly meant to take. We, like the birds, were meant to soar . . . and all of our plans and schemes and doubts are like the makings of a nest that . . . once outgrown . . . we must leave.

Give flight to your dreams today . . . give them permission to soar . . . live the life you were meant to live.

Just my thoughts today.

Here's an oldie from my archives. I had some leftover brioche that wanted using up and then I remembered this tried, tasty and true! From the Big Blue Binder . . .

*Jammy Breakfast Sandwiches*
Serves 4
Printable Recipe

Quick, delicious and different! A hot eggy bread sandwich filled with lovely meltingly rich cream cheese and sweet jam, all brown and butterly crunchy on the outside and dusted with caster sugar. Quite simply, lovely . . .

3 large eggs
1 TBS of caster sugar
2 TBS whole milk
A few drops of pure vanilla essence
8 slices of brioche
4 heaping TBS of your favourite flavour of jam
4 heaping TBS of cream cheese
A large knob of butter for cooking
More caster sugar for sprinkling

Lightly beat together the eggs, caster sugar, milk and vanilla in a shallow dish large enough to fit the bread slices into.

Open the slices of bread and spread the cream cheese on half of them and the jam on the other half. Put them together cheese sides to jam sides in the middle, pressing firmly so that they stick firmly together.

Melt the butter over medium low heat in a large skillet until it is foaming. Soak each sandwich in the beaten egg mixture until all the egg has been absorbed, allowing them to soak on both sides. Place the soaked sandwiches into the foaming butter and fry for one to two minutes on each side until golden brown and crusty all over, adding more butter as necessary.

Remove to warm plates and slice into fingers. Dust lightly with caster sugar to serve and enjoy!

Cooking in The English Kitchen today a delicious Courgette and Dolcelatte Picnic Tortilla!


  1. I'm still drooling over these amazing recipes!!Thank you reminding me to live my Dreams!!Blessings,Cat

  2. yum yum Marie,, you come up with the best food,, this looks great,, you have a super day!!!!!!You have such a talent you do,, one very gifted lady,,love,, laurie..

  3. great post marie!! i'm trying to let my dreams take flight this week:) thanks for following my new site! i'm hoping it becomes "something awesome." i've always wanted to have my own site with a ".com" at the end. haha. just gotta figure out the best way(s) to spread the word!

    have a great day!! xoxo


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