Thursday 7 April 2011

Much ado about nothing . . . .

I just sat down to write this morning and . . . I got nothing! My head is a blank? I suppose it was due to happen sooner or later eh? I overslept too. I hardly ever sleep past 6. I remember looking at the clock at 4 am and thinking I got about 2 more hours to sleep and then I remember looking at the clock and thinking it said 6, but it actually said 7! Oh well, I must have needed it.

I spent all night in my dreams travelling too. In one dream I as faced with walking up a very steep hill. I knew I couldn't do it, not in the shape I am at the moment, so I spent a long time figuring out another way that I could make it to the top without having to walk up that path. I found another path that got me there but in a roundabout way. I was a bit distressed at having to leave my companions to take it, but I got there in the end. Oh, and this is the funny part. I found another path that would take me across from the path I was able to take to meet up with the path I should have taken and some old fart in a gardening hat shooed me away and refused to open the gate for me, so I had to go back again and try something else. I am sure there is some deep meaning to this, but darned if I know it!

Another dream involved my sister. In it she was visiting me and kept doing things to undermine me. I am not sure why. I remember having to wash the muck off of a hose and she was grinning and then she complained that I had gotten water on the baby. (All of a sudden there was a baby sitting in a baby seat under the hose that hadn't been there before) Anyways, I finished washing the hose off and was in the house and feeling really bad because of the way she had treated me and then she was apologizing to me and I felt better. Darned if I know what that was all about either!

No more popcorn before bed for me! Dreams are funny things aren't they. I often dream about my children, except they are still small. I never ever see myself, but I am always there, of course! Sometimes I see loved ones of mine who have gone on before . . . those are the special dreams. I like those. One time I saw the Saviour and that was a really special one as well. I only ever very rarely dream of Todd, which is a bit strange, I think. He's in my dreams but I never see him or talk to him. Places in my dreams are often an odd combination of every place I have ever lived, but seldom any place in particular, and I always dream in colour. Oh, and another thing, I am never fat in my dreams. How do I know that if I never see myself. I just feel myself and it is never a fat self, if that makes sense.

We are off into town today. We have a few bills to pay and it promises to be a very nice day. Let's hope the weather forcasters got it correct. It was 22* yesterday at the Tower of London. That's celcius folks and that's really warm! It didn't quite quite that hot up here in Chester, thankfully! I don't like it when it gets too hot, especially when combined with high humidity. I know . . . I'm nuts. I prefer somewhere in between hot and cold . . . oh yeh . . . that's warm!

My dental check up went well and I got my teeth cleaned. No cavities. That's a good thing! ☺ ☺ ☺ Me muther would be proud of me. I always hate going to the Dentist. I don't know why. Going to the Dentist today is not all that painful most of the time. Modern techniques are so good you hardly ever even feel the needles if you have to have one. I think it must go back to my childhood when things were quite, quite different! I do hate having my teeth cleaned though . . . it's a lot more invasive than it used to be and I have sensitive gums so it does make me quite uncomfortable when it is going on! I love how nice your teeth feel when it's done though!

Anyways, I won't babble on any longer about nothing. Do remember to keep Lura in your deepest prayers. She surely needs them. Have a great Thursday everyone. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, may the sun shine upon you!

Here's a tasty salad recipe that's a bit different and quite healthy. We love it. Ok . . . so I LOVE it, Todd tolerates it. Salad is not his cup of tea.

(photo from Delicious)

*Green Bean, Olive and Pinenut Salad*

Serves 4
Printable Recipe

Makes a delicious starter or accompaniement to any meal! Tasty green beans with a tomato/olive dressing and the added crunch of toasted pinenuts!

1/4 cup of pitted black olives
2 sunblush tomatoes in olive oil, drained
1/4 cup of Parmesan Reggiano Cheese, coarsely grated
1 TBS extra virgin olive oil
1 tsp good quality balsamic vinegar
1/2 pound of fine free beans, trimmed and halved
1/4 cup of toasted pinenuts

Measure the olives and tomatos on a board. Finely chop with a sharp knife. Tip them into a boil and whisk in the grated cheese, oil and vinegar. Set aside.

Cook the beans in a saucepan of lightly salted boiling water for 3 to 4 minutes. Drain well and then run under cold water. Drain well again. Add to the bowl of olive/tomato mixture and gently toss together. Add the toasted pine nuts and toss again. Serve immediately.

Over in The English Kitchen today, Garden Party Fairy Cakes for a Royal Wedding!


  1. I wondered what had happened to you this I know..I think it is good to have the occasional sleep in...hope you feel the better of it. Like you I like to be up and about around 6.45...As for dreams they sure are odd things. I am not in the habbit of dreaming but had one the other night where Mary and I had moved in togher to the ladies house along the way..we were in my own kitchen but definatley Bridgets house..
    LOve Sybil xx

  2. I slept in this morning too! Like you I woke up before it was time to get up and went back to sleep but I didn't dream. I rarely do but when I do, I don't remember much. I hope your day is a great one there.

  3. Hi, Marie! Dreams... they are odd things! Most of the time, I can't quite make out what mine are supposed to be about, or mostly why...why is my usual question on waking... LOL! So glad all went well with your dentist visit. LOVE the salad recipe today... and must go see about those fairy cakes! Happy Day, dear friend--LOVE YOU LOTS ((BIG HUGS))

  4. I'm n ot so fond of the dentist either, but it's always good news to know that a quick clean is all that is needed.

    I've never been much good at remembering dreams and those that I do recall are always strange. Not long ago I dreamed about doughnuts. So I went to a dream interpretation site and they wrote "To see a doughnut in your dream, represents the Self. It suggests that you may be feeling lost and still trying to find yourself and your purpose in life. Alternatively, it refers to growth, development and nurturance. You are not yet completely whole."

    Hmm... I figured that I probably just wanted doughnuts. :-)

    Many thanks for the salad recipe - I'm in the mood for lighter food as the wind blows those winter cobwebs away and this sounds really lovely.

  5. I don't often dream Marie,nor do I sleep in,wish I could.Grr.I am a very poor late sleeper.When I have had the occasional dream, I am always being chased by someone horrid.Work that one out,I carn't and it's always very scary.Have a lovely evening.I am late commenting today.Happy the dentists went well.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  6. Aren't dreams the darnest things? I heard if you want to resume the same dream if you awaken...Don't change your position and it will probably resume. Also every dream is in some way connected to the happening of the day. If you think really hard about them right when you wake up you will remember them. I have tested these and they are usually true for me. Weird, I know...??

  7. When I dream of my children they are always little too. I wonder why that is.


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