Sunday 9 January 2011

Update on Morgan

Morgan has been found and she is just fine! Thank yo uall so very much for your many prayers and concern on her and the family's behalf!


  1. Dear Marie,
    I am so glad that Morgan was found safe and sound. What a scary experience for you and all her family to go through. As Dee said..."Thank God".
    Your Sunday six made me smile as it always does. Happy Birthday to your darling little 2 year old grandson. What a little doll he is. I love that red hair. We both have red headed grandsons. Are we lucky or what????
    Your brother's picture cracks me up. I bet he is a fun person to be around.
    I'm glad that Mitzie is doing well after her surgery.
    Most of all, I am happy that you are feeling better about being in primary. I hope you love every minute being with those little ones.
    I must get ready for church. I am glad to be back home even if I still have decorations all over the place.
    I'm sending love and hugs your way.

  2. Thank the good Lord for his many blessings!

  3. OMG Marie I was soooo worry about you and family, Thanks God, take care! Hugggs!gloria
    I think a lot in MarĂ­a Esperanza, is like Morgan beauty, some rebel, son lovely and innocense, Thanks God.

  4. yea!!!! great news! i'm a little late finding out about all of this(sorry!), but glad she is okay!


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