Thursday 13 January 2011

Thursday thoughts . . .

Todd and I popped into town yesterday morning as we had a few bills to pay, and neither of us had been into town for a while. After a few hours of hobbling about on the cobbles, and picking up the few bits we needed, we stepped into the Chester Market to have some lunch at the cafe there. I have always loved the Chester Market Cafe. It looks a bit like a greasy spoon, but the food is good, simple and honest. We had egg and chips. Naughty . . . but very nice.

As a result though, we did not want much for supper last night. Todd simply had a grilled cheese sandwich, and I had a bowl of cheerios cereal. As we were sat there eating, I was reminded of a lovely memory from when I was a child. It made me feel all warm and lovely inside and so I thought I would share it with you this morning.

Because I was the eldest child in my family, I was often up after my younger brother and sister had long been put to bed. My father used to work a lot of shift work at his job as an aircraft electrician for the RCAF. (Royal Canadian Air Force) That meant that on many evenings my mother and I would be alone together.

My mother often spent the evenings puttering, getting chores done that she hadn't had time to get done during the day, or that were just easier or more practical for her to do at night. With three young children around, it just wasn't a simple thing do certain things during the day. Things like washing and waxing the floors for instance. This was a chore that needed to be done when there was nobody around to walk all over them . . . and I can tell you my mother's floors gleamed! She was always an imaculate housekeeper.

The floors in our post war Armed Forces home were the old dark tile floors which needed waxing with paste wax, along with a good buffing afterwards. It would take my mother hours and hours, working on her hands and knees as she did so, to get them looking as beautiful as they did . . .

Here is where the cereal memory comes in.

On this one particular night, I can remember my mother sitting me up in the highchair, off the floor, and turning on the television for me to watch. Then she gave me a nice bowl of cereal to eat, and rolled up the carpet in our living room so that she could wash the floor. I can remember sitting there eating the cereal in a chair that I was normally never allowed to sit in , the sound of the television playing in the background, as I watched my mother work around me . . . our time together spent in a cosy quiet companionship . . .

It seems such a simple thing, but it surely left a big impression on me as, here . . . some fifty years later, I am still remembering this occasion with a heart filled with warmth and love for my mother and a deep appreciation of all that she did for us.

Too often it is the big things that we remember others for and are grateful for, but we must remember too, that our lives are built from thousands of tiny and simple things which are just as sweet, and often have even more import . . .

A blind child guided by his mother admires the cherry blossoms.

Here's something that is small, yet impressive also. If you like Nutella you are going to love this. Todd is not overly fond of chocolate so I always make his with an equal amount of peanut butter. After his intitial remarks about how us North Americans have wierd tastes, he always eats it quite happily. I haven't quite been able to get him to cotton on to Peanut Butter and Jam yet . . . but I'm working on it!

*Nutella Banana Panini*
Serves 2
Printable Recipe

The title says it all. Mmm . . .

4 thick slices of brioche bread
4 TBS Nutella or other chocolate spread
1 small banana, thinly sliced
a big of vegetable oil for brushing
a panini or sandwich grill, grill pan or skillet if that's all you have

Preheat your chosen method of cooking the sandwich.

Spread two slices of brioche with the Nutella. Divide the sliced banana between the two, and then top each with the other slice of brioche, pressing down lightly. Brush each side lightly with a little oil and toast until the bread is lightly golden brown and the filling warmed through.

Variation: Peanut butter instead of Nutella. 'Nuff said. mmm . . .

In The English Kitchen today a lovely Grilled Bread Salad, with Basil and Cherry Tomatoes.


  1. I agree with every word you write here Marie.AS for theh Chips and Egg Hee-Hee why worry!!It usually is the worst looking cafe's that do realy good food.I have never liked peanut butter and it makes my mind boggle when I think of what we were offered to eat in the USA.Lots I don't think I could even try.I hated there white gravy Yuck.Have a good day.I am rushing this morning as I am once more about to set off for the Dentist.Praying that telephone doesn't ring again before I leave.Wish me luck.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  2. Glad you had such a nice day out yesterday... and lunch out--always a treat. Your banana nutella panini is outrageous! Hubby would love this... LOL! ;o) I'm under the weather with a cold just now, so wanting only soup and eggs... haha... Hope you're having a good day dear friend--LOVE YOU LOTS ((BIG HUGS))

  3. It's wonderful how little things like your cereal can trigger happy memories. I often have cereal for my super. Very often lunch is my big meal of the day. I'm going to have my day out with errands today. But I'm not stopping anyplace for lunch as there are leftovers in the fridge which must be eaten. I hope your Thursday is a great one!

  4. Chips, egg and peas with bread and butter and a mug of tea is my most favourite meal evvvvvvverrrrrrrrrr!!!

    I also enjoy that pannini as a treat now and again. A bowl of Cheerio's is often my evening meal when Ralph is at work. Can't be doing with cooking just for me.

    Your childhood memories struck a chord with me too. I was the eldest of four and throughout a rather unhappy childhood I do have some special but simple memories of time with my mother.

    Ralph was an aircraft Technician in the RAF so there is another He now works on the Typhoon, fitting the computers.

    We haven't been to Chester for a while, I think we are due a trip over there soon.



  5. I remember when my Mum used to put old wooly socks on our feet. She then got us to slide across the lino to buff it up for her. A great game for us and a chore halved for Mum. lol
    Fond memories are made of this.
    Thanks for jolting my memory Marie.
    Egg and chips are Bryan's favourite meal. If I can't be bothered to cook sometimes, then I ask him what he fancies, and he always says..."Egg and Chips". lol
    Jeanie xxxxx

  6. Oh yummy that panni sandwich looks oh so good. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comment and entering my giveaway! Good luck to you I wish everyone could win. I just love your blog I'm now a follower and will be back often to visit.

    Thank you again for your visit.

    The Gilded Cherub

  7. what a sweet memory. it makes me think that maybe someday the kids will remember me vacuuming and cleaning up their messes and appreciate it more-what a sweet daughter you are to remember that and the special time you spent with her.

    and nutella rocks. thats what i have to say about that. i tried it for the first time last year and haven't looked back :)


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