Monday 2 August 2010

Making each day count

Happy the man, and happy he alone,

He who can call this day his own . . .
He who, secure within, can say:
Tomorrow do thy worst, for I have lived today!
~John Dryden

Do you make a conscious effort to make each day count? Are you cognizent of the blessings, both big and small, that come your way each day? Are you able to find joy in small and simple pleasures?

It might be something as simple as stopping to admire the colour of the sky . . . or doing a good turn for a stranger.

Perhaps the supper you prepared for your family was very well cooked, and just what they love to eat most of all.

Mayhap it was a phone call to a friend you have not spoken to in a while, and it came at just the right moment, cheering you both up.

Whatever it is, or whatever you've done, or wherever you may find yourself and in whatever circumstances . . . may you end each day with a small sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. This is a day that counts, and perhaps the small and simple ways of life are the most satisfying and fulfilling things of all.

Better a golden hour that is . . . than two that were, or three that may never come to pass . Joy is so easy to find . . . if we but pause to look for it.

These may seem a bit extravagant for breakfast, but they are simple little pleasures . . . very easy to make, and quite . . . quite . . . delicious to eat . . .

*Little Berry Toasts with a Drizzle of Honey*
Serves 2
Printable Recipe

You could have these for dessert if you wanted, or even for a lovely tea break in the afternoon. We choose to have them for a leisurely breakfast. The smooth cheese provides a lovely and rich base for the tart berries and sweet honey. When you combine that with the crunch of the crisp toast beneath, you have something completely delicious! These are simple and delightful!

6 (1/2 inch thick) slices of French bread
1/4 cup of Mascarpone Cheese, at room temperature
1 cup of fresh berries (raspberries, blackberries, or even strawberries)
1/4 cup of fragrant honey, such as orange blossom or lavender

Preheat the oven to 180*C/350*F/ gas mark 4. Place the slices of bread onto a baking sheet and toast them in the heated oven for about 12 minutes or so, until they are toasted golden brown.

Place the toasted bread onto each of two plates. Spread each with the mascarpone cheese, dividing it equally. Arrange some berries on the top of each and then drizzle each one lightly with some honey. Serve immediately!

Mascarpone Cheese, while lovely to eat is sometimes difficult to find and when you do find it, it can be somewhat expensive. I have found this next recipe makes a delicious and more than adequate substitute.

*Fake Mascarpone Cheese*
Makes 1 1/2 cups approximately

This is a very good substitute for Mascarpone Cheese when you are not able to get the real thing. It works very well in desserts such as Tiramisu and others, and to be perfectly honest, it is hard to tell the difference between this and the real thing!

1 (250g/8 ounce) package of cream cheese
1/3 cup of heavy cream
2 1/2 TBS of sour cream

Whisk ingredients together until well combined. Use in place of mascarpone cheese in any recipe. Store in a covered container in the refrigerator.

Cooking in The English Kitchen . . . a Simple Carrot Cake.


  1. NO! NOT AGAIN - surely not first again. Isn't anyone getting up in a morning? Keith's getting a treat for brekky tomorrow - well, me too!

    I think there's something good in even the worst day, you just have to stay open to it. Even the simple fact God allowed me to be here to take part is worthy of note.

  2. What a lovely post for a Monday. It is important to make each day count. There are so many little simple things one can do to make an ordinary day extra special. I do hope your Monday is a great one!

  3. Oh yum those strawberries have made me hungry. You have no idea how much I have missed your cheery posts.

    I try everyday to find something. Nature is such an inspiration.

    Have a wonderful day.

  4. Each day is a gift... even a "bad" day--there is so much to enjoy, be thankful for, learn from, give... I like to think I do make each day count. LOVE these berry toasts, Marie. And as we've got raspberries galore just now, this would be a great weekend breakfast treat--thanks! Sorry we missed chatting. Just sent you an email... Hope we get to catch up during the week. Happy Day, dear friend--LOVE YOU ((BIG HUGS))

  5. I love cheese and meat on toast. It just thrills me to no end.

  6. Thank you for the reminder! I often feel like I let days pass me by without doing anything useful. The toasts look just scrumptious :)

  7. Hi Marie,

    I once filed away a clipping for making mascarpone - from what I remember, it's supposed to be quite simple, like just adding something like cream of tartar to heavy cream and leaving it overnight to thicken, but I never tried it, so I don't know how well it works.

    I'll let you know if I manage to find the clipping.



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