Friday, 12 June 2009

Special Giveaway on The English Kitchen

If you are fond of chicken, especially roast chicken and live in the UK, you might be elegible to win a free Organic fruit and vegetable box from Abel and Cole. Hop on over to The English Kitchen to find out more! Yay! I just love being able to give things away!! It was so generous of Abel and Cole to donate this prize!


  1. Buaahh!!! Im not elegible, I know, I live soooo far away!!! besoos, kisses, Gloria

    Some day I hope to go to know your kitchen Marie. je!! is a dream

  2. Haha....I love that chicken picture...

  3. How cool! I hope you win Marie!


  4. Well I'm eligible and I'm going over to see what's afoot right now, this instant minute!


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