Thursday, 11 September 2008

The day the world changed . . .

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"Your task . . . to build a better world," God said. I answered, "How? . . . this world is such a large, vast place, and there's nothing I can do." But God in all His wisdom answered, "Just build a better you."
~author unknown

On September 11, 2001 . . . our world changed forever. Oh sure, we knew that evil existed, but for the most part we weren't that touched by it. It was something that touched other people's lives, but it wasn't something that truly touched our own. That day everyone's lives were touched in a direct and profound way. You did not have to be in the Twin Towers or on the ground below them, in order to feel the devastation, fear, or sorrow. You did not have to be an American to feel it either. A profound sense of innocence was lost on that day for everyone, the world over. I know that, for me at least, it was the day it dawned on me that people actually were willing to die themselves . . . in order to kill me, and others like me . . . without even knowing who I was, or what kind of life I had lived, or even what I had done in this life, for good or for bad . . . that I, who had only ever tried to help my fellow man in whatever way I could, that I was seen as someone's enemy . . . never again would the world be seen in quite the same way, not by any of us.

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On that day . . . we saw the true meaning of selfless heroism as we watched literally hundreds of people put their own lives on the line to try to go into that area to save countless others, and indeed, hundreds did give up their own lives in the attempt. We were no longer nations. Yes . . . the attacks had happened in America, but we stood together as one mass of humanity and we felt each other's shock, and pain, and remorse, and sorrow . . . and anger . . .

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On that day . . . there was no you and no me . . . there was us . . . and we all stood together as one, united together in our grief and disbelief. I think it made each one of us stand still and take stock of our lives and realize that each day lived is a gift and that, there, but for the Grace of God go I . . . It could have happened anywhere, in any place . . . and it could have been any one of us. There is no safe place anymore . . .

On that day . . . everyone united in prayer, both silent and spoken. We prayed for those who were directly impacted by the horror, and for those who watched in silent disbelief, and for the innocence that was lost in that one instant of time . . . and still we pray . . . how can we not . . . we pray for those we lost, we pray for innocence lost, we pray for fallen heros, and those left behind . . .

We must never forget. I will never forget . . .

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Today the battle against terrorism goes on, and lives are still being lost in the cause of freedom and safety for all. From the innocence of everyday people at work or traveling on a beautiful fall morning, to the nobility of a service member accomplishing their mission with honor and courage, there are lives that deserve to be remembered today, and always . . .

There's been a lot of talk lately about the rising cost of food and I know for myself, my food dollar (pound) is not going near as far as it used to go. I am having to use my food storage and to rely on the principles of thrift and economy that I learned at my mother's knee.

Here's a delicious meal that you can have on the table in next to no time at all, and it uses things most of us have in our larders at any given time. I guarantee this won't cost you anywhere's near a fiver!

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*Tomato Dumplings*
Serves 4-6

Lightly and fluffy and wonderfully savoury dumplings floating on a delicious sea of a robust and tasty tomato sauce. What’s not to like about these lovely taste tempting babies?

½ cup peeled and finely chopped onion
¼ cup finely chopped green pepper
¼ cup finely chopped celery
¼ cup butter
1 bay leaf, broken in half
28 ounces of tinned chopped tomatoes, in their juices, undrained
1 TBS soft light brown sugar, packed
½ tsp dried basil
½ tsp salt
¼ tsp freshly ground black pepper
For the Dumplings:
1 cup plain flour
1 ½ tsp baking powder
½ tsp of Italian garlic seasoning
1 TBS cold butter
1 TBS snipped fresh parsley
2/3 cup of milk

Melt the butter in a large skillet (with a lid) over medium high heat. When it begins to sizzle add the onion, pepper and celery. Cook, stirring, until they are tender. Add the bay leaf, tomatoes, brown sugar, basil, salt and pepper. Cover, reduce the heat, and simmer for 5 to 10 minutes.

Make the dumplings as follows.

Whisk the flour, baking powder and garlic seasoning together in a bowl. Rub in the butter with your fingertips until the mixture resembles bread crumbs. Stir in the parsley and then finally stir in the milk, mixing it only until mixed together and all the dry ingredients are uniformly moist.

Remove the lid from the simmering tomato mixture and drop the dumpling batter onto the top of the simmer liquid by tablespoonfuls. Cover tightly with a lid and simmer for another 10 to 15 minutes without peeking, until a toothpick inserted into one of the dumplings comes out clean and they look set and somewhat dry on top. Serve immediately, spooned out onto warm plates.


  1. Marie, you're right that events like that may never be forgotten.
    I can't believe how much my food bill is going up and up, it doesn't seem to stop, so thanks for sharing a cheap and cheerful, yummy looking recipe like that.

  2. Hello, Marie. I feel so detached from the world. . .I didn't even think about today being September 11th. Until I read your post.

    I was living in Washington State, the day of the attack. Jason and I had been married a month & when we got into the car to head to work & school that morning, the radio announcers were reporting that the Pentagon had been struck. I wondered if it was the beginning of WW III. Indeed it was, just with a different name. But I also remember telling Jason how glad I was that we had just gone to the Bishops' Storehouse & purchased some food storage supplies.

    Do you mind if I quote you (or quote you quoting an unknown author)? I've got to give a sacrament meeting talk on the 21st & your opening quote is perfect.

  3. Thanks for the beautiful reminder. I'd love to try your tomato dumplings since they're nice and cheap but still look delicious. I love how you British use the word larder. Of course we say pantry and whenever I hear larder I think of Beatrix Potter and the Tale of Mrs. Tiddlemouse.

  4. You captured the feeling beautifully. I'm so glad you liked the story!

  5. Lovely post, Marie. I will never, ever forget 9/11. I went around in a state of shock and felt so - violated. The news just kept pouring in to the point where it was just a relief to go to bed. Love the tomato dumplings, we make them sometimes, too! I find my food dollar does not go near as far any more, either, so there will be lots of soups and stews on the menu for this winter! Much love, Raquel XO

  6. A day that is forever etched in our minds and hearts. You truly wrote what so many of us are feeling. We need to never forget that this can happen, and that we need to continue our work to keep all that is right and loving and beautiful growing daily in our lives.

  7. Thank you for the remembrance of this terrible day in our history. I know it was heartfelt.

    BTW I gave you an award. Please pick it up on my webpage.

    Great Dumplings. Must try.

  8. Marie
    these look perfect...filling!

  9. Dear Marie --
    Thank you for your post. It is so important that we never forget. Your words were beautiful.

    I will have to try the tomato dumplings - they look scrumptious and I think my children would gobble them up. Have a wonderful day!

  10. thank you for sharing your thoughts today on september 11th. it was truly a day that changed the world forever. i remember it was the day after i had given birth to aubrey, my oldest. i was in the hospital and saw it on the tv screen in my room and it all seemed so unreal. unbelievable. i didn't understood the full depth of what happened for at least a week or two. i was in my own world trying to figure out motherhood. anyways, it was such a sad day. so many lives lost to evil. i'm so grateful for those that are fighting against the evil that exists in the world today.

    on another note, thank you so much for your words of comfort this week on my blog. i have appreciated your support and love more than you know. thanks marie!!

  11. Dear Marie, yes I m with you was a terrible and sad day that still many people is hurt by this, familys, dads lost, childs without parents, etc.and my childs were at school and have only 7 years and arrived in shocking at home and didn't understand.
    I talked with them the other day and they said they remember all!!if you think they live so far but to all of us was terrible. Thanks by your post.xxxGloria

  12. Hi dear Marie
    THank you for the beautiful post. It is hard for me to walk this double line. My mother's birthday is today and a great friend's wedding anniversary.
    So I grieve the lost lives and families left alone as well as the change in history and complacency we so enjoyed.
    On the other hand I celebrate life in its smallest celebrations of birthday's and committment to each other for 37 years.

  13. Marie!

    Thankyou so much for the reminder of such an awful and tragic day in the history of our country. Bless you this day!


  14. As I said earlier on Raquels blog -my heart goes out to anyone, in any country, that lost someone that day.
    Such a terrible thing we (all of us) will never ever forget. Jan xx

  15. Ahh Marie ... visiting your blog is like a daily dose of sunshine to me.

    Your words are so wise and true. Reading your post about remembering this day ... made me remember ... and feel truly grateful for the way we all came together to rise above the tragic events of that day.

    And yes, I can also feel the pinch in our food budget. I must say, your tomato dumplings look absolutely divine and I do believe I will be trying those very, very soon. Thank you so much for sharing the recipe.

    Hoping today was kind to you and that you are well and in good health.


  16. Dear Marie,
    Thank you for your kind words and thoughts about 9/11. It is touching to hear that you shared our grief on that tragic day.

    You are right in saying that we were all changed forever....sadly so...

    I must rush to get ready to go to the temple. I send love as always and will try your tomoto dumplings when I get a chance.
    Love and hugs, Lura

  17. We will never forget.
    I've never seen a recipe like this before Marie. I love everything you make, your Ritz chicken was OUT OF THIS WORLD GOOD!! I love the idea of the dumpling and tomato sauce. One of my favorite things to do is put tomato sauce on mashed potatoes, it my sound gross but it's good! LOL!!

  18. Great entry Marie. Yes all people living in peace loving countries were forever changed on that day. That awful day....Linda in Washington state

  19. Dear Marie,

    You said it so well.. how could one kill another without knowing the other at all. I can still remember that night clearly.. a friend called to tell us to turn on the TV.. and what horor! We couldn't believe our eyes.. we were 'confused' and kept telling ourselves that it must be a Hollywood movie.

    We continue to pray for peace and for love.. Pope Benedict XVI's first message to us (the world) "God Is Love". We need to replace the hate with love. If one loves a fellow brother/sister, one would not inflict such harm on the other.

    Yes, we feel the pinch of rising cost too over here. A bag of 10kg basmathi rice that used to cost USD10 now cost double!!

    Have a nice weeked!
    Angela KL


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