Thursday 19 January 2017

An update on today . . .

I know you didn't all expect to hear from me today, but it didn't take as long as we thought and I felt you have all been so lovely and supportive that I would update you as to the goings on!  We were up early this morning, well . . .  the normal time for me, but very early for Todd.  He usually doesn't raise his head above the covers until 8:30 or 9 o'clock.  Me, I am always up between 5 and 5:30.  The curse of having raised a large family and always having to be up early to get them off to school, etc. and from working as a chef where early work times always applied.

The drive to Clatterbridge went relatively smoothly considering the fact that it was dark and the rush hour was beginning, and we didn't know where we were going.  Not easy, but we only got lost twice.  We learnt that we need to update our GPS as well, as it was trying to send us down a road that didn't exist and wasn't directing us to the road we needed to go on.

Once we got to the hospital we were not sure where to go.   It was dark and we couldn't see the signs, etc.  I think we tried several different parking lots, but eventually we did find the right spot and the parking was free for the Cancer Centre, and everyone was so very helpful and kind.  I was not able to go in with Todd, but there was a comfortable waiting area for me to wait in and free wifi was also available.  I had my little iPad with me and was playing my game, but a lovely couple came in and I ended up making friends with the wife, whose husband happened to be having the exact same procedure as Todd today.   He is also going back for the Planning Session on the same day and will be having radiation therapy at the same time so we can be buddies as we help to support each other through the experience.  Misery loves company I joked, but it is true.   She was ever so nice, her name is Sue and her husband is Dave.  Lovely people.  A load shared is a load halved, and if we can keep each other company off and on through this it will be great.  The Lord works in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform.

I found this this morning.  Considering the fact that Todd was having his prostrate seeded with gold pellets in prep for the radiation therapy I felt it quite appropriate.  Talk about a Divine signature right when you need it!  I loved this thought.

On the down side I have been holding too much in and it has manifested itself in a return of the shingles.   In the same place, my left arm.   The neuralgia from my episode with them in December 2015 has never completely disappeared, but this week has seen it increasing so much so that last night I was in an incredible amount of pain and have started to get the rash.  I will be going to the Doctor tomorrow to see if I can get some medication to halt its progress.   I try so hard to put everything into the Lord's hands but . . .  obviously I need to try harder! 

I am going to go and relax now and spend the rest of the day with my honey.  Will be back tomorrow with my Friday Finds.  Thanks all so much for your happy thoughts and prayers.  They mean the world to both of us and I can see the tender mercies of the Lord around me.   Love you! Bye for now!

PS - Look at this lovely photo that Bethany posted of her mum Suzan (in Geneva)!  She looks so happy.  They are on their way back to Oz now, but I think they have had an absolutely brilliant holiday together!!  I think it is wonderful that mother and daughter can go on a holiday like that and enjoy themselves so very much.  It must be such a special thing!  ♥♥♥


  1. Glad you worked it all out and got the first session over. When my husband had treatment 5 years ago we made loads of friends with the other regulars. I would go with him just like you and wait outside.
    We stayed in a small hostel in the big city run by the cancer hospital and everyone looked out for each other. Some sad stories but everyone was bright and positive .
    This too shall pass!!! Love

  2. PS look after yourself too. MOST important

  3. Thanks Linda! That is so encouraging! Love and hugs right back! xoxo

  4. So nice you will have a friend there.
    I hate early morining appts..we leave 1.5 hrs early..sometimes there in 30 minutes..sometimes I am nervous we won't get there on

    and it is disorienting the first times you go somewhere.
    I think you become a different person once I the system..not in a good way.
    He is lucky to have you and yes nip those shingles in the bud.
    Suzan..from your blog? LOOKS so happy!!

  5. Hi Marie. So pleased everything went OK today and that you made a new friend. It helps so much to be able to talk to someone who knows what you're going through.

    Wow! Suzanne looks so happy! So pleased she enjoyed her holiday, safe journey home Suze.

    Lots of love xxx

  6. Hi Marie~

    You and Todd will be in my prayers and my thoughts as you go through this trial with cancer and shingles. It's always wonderful to have a buddy, who is going through the same thing as you are, they will be in my prayers as well.

    You are an amazing woman, and I know that you will be blessed and cared for! I love the quotes today. I think we all feel broken from time to time, but we are all loved, and unique!

    Hugs and Love,

  7. Best of luck to you both...
    As I am new here, why did Todd not have his Prostate removed?
    Just wondering, as my husband's brother had his removed 10 years ago, when his PSA suddenly spiked..
    Perhaps things are done differently here in Canada...
    Get those Shingles looked at!We have a vaccine here for those nasty things...
    Linda :o)

  8. Thanks Monique. I am a person who always leaves early for things also, because as you say you never know about traffic and things. I would rather err on the side of caution! As it was we arrived only with minutes to spare, so it was a good thing we had left early! Yep Suzan from the blog! xoxo

    It sure does Kate. I am positive God put them there for us on just that day. I had been content to just sit there and play my game. Her husband first offered me the remainder of his eye glasses wipe to do my glssses and then she started talking and it really made the time much more pleasant! Thanks for your happy thoughts! xoxo

    Thanks Barb! Much appreciated! Life is hard eh? oxox

    They don't do that here because of the risk of compliation Linda, not if they don't have to as more often than not it can leave a man with incontinence and impotence. I am trusting that the medical people know what they are doing best! We have a vaccine here also for the shingles but you have to be a certain specific age to get it. Not sure why that is. xoxo

  9. Sorry Marie,, I missed this when I was writing the comment on today's blog !....I'm delighted to see that the good Lord has provided a ...mate....for you so you can go through the treatment days together, I am hoping that you will go to the Dr this morning and get something that will stop the darn shingles in their track...Thankfully as we are over 70 we got it free, I refused the flu many who had it down here were so unwell afterwards,broth of us said no thank you, but yes please to the shingles one. The nurse explained that the shingles vaccination was a once only kind so doesn't have to be done every year. ..another plus !!....take care get the pills as soon as possible...
    Very very cold and frosty but blue skies so sun will be out soon. Xxx

  10. Both good news and bad for you there. Hope the doctor can provide some meds for relief for you. When it rains it pours ! Truer words were never said. Take good care !

  11. Your Bible has "always"?

    I checked that the Greek means as the Catholic Bible has, "every day" or "all days".

  12. I use the King James Bible which we consider to be the most correct translation Hans. To each their own!

  13. You know, there might be a reason Reformers didn't like "all days".

    If you think this impolite, this is it.

  14. Wow, I am happy you got to the cancer treatment center safely. I think it is so awesome that you met this woman and her husband and that you can have someone to be with when you go in for the treatments. I find that a tender mercy for sure.
    I am so sad that you have the shingles back; that is awful. I do hope the treatment will take it away quickly. I hear about people having shingles today than ever before. I have a friend in one of the wards that we work with have them on her face and almost lost her sight. I didn't even know they could be on the face and I am a old retired nurse.
    Praying for you always and sending lots of love and hugs as you go through this experience of healing from shingles and Todd's cancer treatment. Big hugs for you both!

  15. Thanks Hans, will check it out.

    Thanks LeAnn! My mother had them on her face and they left her partially blind in her right eye. She still gets the pain. Dangerous things! Thanks so much for your prayers, love and hugs, oxox


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