Sunday 26 April 2015

Oh to be able to afford whimsey . . .

When I was a much younger woman . . .  in my 20's and 30's I used to buy magazines about home decor.   Country Living was a real favourite of mine and I had every issue saved for a very long time and often used to go back through them looking for ideas.   It was always my dream to have one of those houses like the ones I saw in the magazines . . . .

You know the kind I mean.   Perfect.  Nothing out of place.  Immaculately groomed lawns and gardens.  Amazing interiors, fresh and shining, uncluttered and beautiful.

 I used to wonder who did all the cleaning in them . . .  who spent all of the hours it must have taken to keep them as pristine as they were??? 

 photo retro-kitchen-dechippypaintcountryl.jpg

Often described as being filled with whimsey . . .  sigh . . .  a bit of whimsey would be lovely in a home . . .  but it often comes with a hefty price tag.  Clean and cluttered is about as whimsical as I can afford, lol.

Oh, I do still love to dream however . . .  of ripping up carpets and replacing them with wood flooring and scatter rugs, and painting walls and all sorts.   At the end of the day however  . . .  my wallet is too empty and I am too lazy . . .  and time is too short for us to do anything of the ilk . . . about the only thing I can do anything about is the clutter and this is how it goes . . .

 photo countryliving.jpg

I open a cupboard with thoughts to get rid . . .  and then I see things that I love and I just can't bear to throw or give them away.  I become distracted by the cuteness, the colour . . .  and yes sometimes even whimsey.  I start to thinking about why I bought these things in the first place and how I might use them . . .  and then I put them all back and think . . .  another day.   I'll tackle it all another day.  I am far too sentimental for my own good.

We do need to get rid of a lot though.   I already gave away most of our books.  The novel kind.  I still have a ton of cookery books.   Those are a lot more difficult for me to get rid of I am afraid.

Yes  . . .  I am a hoarder of cookery books.  I have some cookbooks . . . okay lots of cookbooks . . .  that I have never ever even cooked one recipe from.  Why then do I keep them??   Sigh  . . .  that my friends is the $25,000 question.  If I could answer that one I'd have it cracked! And my house would be a lot emptier.

What is your muse?   What is/ the thing(s) which you have that you would love to get rid of but can't bring yourself to give or throw away?  I really want to know.

A thought to carry with you through today  . . .

"Precisely the least, the softest,
lightest, wren's rustling, a breath,
a breeze, a moment's glance . . . 
it is little that makes the best happiness."
~Friedrich Nietzche


Cooking in the English Kitchen today  . . .  Toffee Apples with Vanilla Mascarpone.  Quite simply delicious.

Have a wonderful Sunday.   Don't forget . . .

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 And I do too.


  1. My children call me a hoarder because I keep so many things. Seems like the minute I throw something out is when I wish I still had it. It's a comfortable clutter here for me though. House beautiful it will never be. But it's home. Hope your Sunday is a blessed one !

  2. So timely..I just booked out The Life changing habit of tidying up..

    My husband cracked up.. he said you of all people don't need this.
    I am a bit of a neatnick..ok a lot..
    I confess..

    I do have things I want to get rid of..but as soon as I do..that craft needed it;)
    But they are tify..until I take them out to use..and then I put them away again.
    Magazines ..Country Living..Victoria..loved them way back when.I find I get wonderful ideas online now.

  3. You too Suzan! xoxo

    I am a bit of a hoarder too Pam, but thankfully not as bad as those ones you see on the telly. I feel so sorry for them. That is an illness. Hope your Sunday is blessed as well! xoxo

    Haha Monique. I am like you with the craft room. When I am in the middle of a project it is a pig pen! Loved Victoria magazine also. I fell in love with Susan Branch because of Country Living and her illustrated recipes she had in it. You are right, magazines are almost moot now . . . so much more information on line and it's free!!xoxo

  4. I had to laugh when I read about your clearing out your clutter !! I do hope that you manage.. Mary is a bit of a horder as well...I put it down to her not having many "things" when she was a child and she now finds it hard to get rid. Me I'm the opposite I don't keep very much..I used to be awful never put out a card etc etc...but when my Father died Mum and I had so much to clear out for him,,,stuff we never ever imagine dhe had kept it was quite upsetting and Mum said to me...No one will ever have to do this for me and at once set out to throw all the things she had kept for many many many years...and so I have kept that in my mind ever since and so I dont ...or try not to...keep "things"..but I am a bit like Ma when I do throw things away the next day I am sure to need it LOL. Hope that you have had a good day. The sun has come out thi evening and as I look out the window there is the mot beautiful golden glow over the green gras and trees on teh rec..jut the near distance is the spire of the Parish church jut peeping from behind the trees and here is a "golden" cross on the top the is beautiful it all is.. well night night Marie. ( I slept in this morning...well I didn't actually I fell asleep once I was up with Masy lying on top of my chest !! )

  5. I can get rid of quite a lot (I recently got rid of half of my Christmas decorations), but when I went to get rid of children's books (my youngest is 20) I could only pull out 4. Too many good memories of reading to my children. I just couldn't do it. I need to though. Someone told me to pull each one off of the shelf and try that way.

  6. Oh Marie is really difficult for me get rid magazines.anyway time on time I make...
    And make the same with books but is not easy!
    Ha I live wirh a lot of magazines and books!
    And this make crazy my hubby.
    He think I have to many magazines.!
    And is true:)

  7. Like you Sybil, I think about who is going to have to get rid of it all when I am gone. Such a huge job for someone to have to do while they are grieving. It's not really fair. It was gorgeously sunny here yesterday, but rather cold. Today looks to be more of the same! xoxo

    I would be like you with children's books Laura. Lots of happy memories in them. xoxo

    Men, Gloria! I don't think they understand our magazine compulsions, but then again I don't "get" cowboy movies! lol xoxo

  8. This was a cute one. I too love country and would love a home with a big front porch on that you could just sit and rock away looking at a beautiful yard. We have a lovely home but it isn't country.
    I would love a kitchen that is country and that isn't going to happen either. I do enjoy my home however.
    I loved the pictures.
    Ok, I would have quite a list of things that I should get give a way. I have a hard time parting with books. Also, clothes because I have various sizes and I keep them in case I need them sometime.
    I love that you have cookbooks that you haven't used; I do too. I also copy a lot of recipes and only occasionally do I use one.
    Love, hugs and blessings for you both!

  9. It's nice to dream LeAnn, just so long as what you already have makes you happy anyways. I have lots of print outs of recipes I am going to make, lol. I ever make them. But I do like to think about it! Love and hugs. xoxo


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