Thursday 2 May 2013

Another Mom Update

Another update on my mother. She was taken back into Halifax on Tuesday afternoon from Kentville. Her thoracic cavity was filling with fluid and the felt she needed a chest tube put in. The Doctors in Kentville were not comfortable doing it. In the meantime my brother had to go back to Ottawa.

They took her into Halifax and put in the chest tube.  I called yesterday morning and they said she was in a bit of pain, but otherwise ok.   Things went very pear shaped from there.  I was contacted late in the afternoon to say that she had complained of a sore leg.  Her leg had turned black, which they felt was caused by a blood clot and there was concern that necrosis had set in.  They needed to do some tests, ie cat scan, and determine the extent of it and then would be operating to remove the clot, and possibly her leg.  Scary times.

My brother called me at about 1 am to say she had had a successful operation, they had removed the clot and she was back in her room, chatting to the nurses. No amputation needed.  They will be keeping her in there for a few days before sending her back to Kentville.

I am going into the city to see her this afternoon. Thank you all so much for your continued prayers and happy thoughts.  I am hoping now that she has turned a corner and real healing can begin!


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