Saturday, 23 June 2012

Poetry Saturday . . . Beyond Our Asking

More than hearts can imagine
or minds comprehend,
God's bountiful gifts are ours without end.
We ask for a cupful when the vast sea is ours,
We pick a small rosebud from a garden of flowers,
We reach for a sunbeam but the sun still abides,
We draw one short breath but
there's air on all sides.

Whatever we ask for falls short of God's giving,
For His greatness exceeds every facet of living,
And always God's ready and eager and willing
To pour out His mercy, completely fulfilling
All of man's needs for peace, joy, and rest,
For God gives His children whatever is best.

Just give Him a chance to open His treasures,
And He'll fill your life with
unfathomable pleasures . . .
Pleasures that never grow worn out or faded
And leave us depleted, disillusioned, and jaded . . .
For God has a storehouse just filled to the brim
With all that man needs, if we'll only ask Him.
~Helen Steiner Rice

Another beautiful poem by America's first lady of inspirational word . . . Helen Steiner Rice. What an amazing talent she had to touch people's heart with her words!!

I am not so sure now I am going to go have my nails done . . . I'm a bit worried now after all I have heard about it. I don't want to ruin my nails . . . I just want them to look decent on the day.

When Todd and I first got married, I had quite long nails, but he didn't really like them that much and so I have kept them short ever since, and working with food like I did for so many years, long nails were not really hygenic. I just want them short, squared off and French manicured. I think that is the classiest look, although to be sure there are some really cute things out there and ways to do them . . .

I am far too old for cutsie. That is a much younger woman's game to be sure.

Good news . . . it's not raining today, although it's really cold??? Maybe it will warm up as the day goes along. Here's hoping!

Two weeks from today my daughter gets married . . . she and Tim are such a cute couple. It is hard to imagine my baby girl is now going to be someone's wife . . .

It seems like just yesterday she was my little girl. I remember how very excited I was when she was born and they put her into my arms. I already had Anthony and I loved him to pieces . . . but here was my very own little girl . . . and I felt complete. I had always wanted a little girl and now I had one. I can remember babysitting for the people across the road from our house when I was a teenager and they had a baby girl. I was very naughty and used to wake her up so I could play with her. Little boys are great fun . . . but little girls are so sweet. No matter how old she gets . . . she will always be my little girl.

But then again . . . your babies are always your babies, no matter how old or how big they get!!

I watched the second part in that series on the BBC, The Men Who Made Us Fat last night. (We had taped it.) What an eye opening series this is and as I watch it, I really start to feel quite angry at how we have been manipulated for the sake of corporate greed! It actually makes me feel sick when I think about it. Our health has been compromised so that these company's can become richer . . . and our Governments have allowed them to do it, because they make money off it too . . . One might say we are all responsible in a way, and I suppose we are. Nobody makes us eat any of it . . . but one can never underestimate the power of the advertising dollar, and the way society is manipulated by the media.

Mind you . . . I've never been a "supersize me" kind of gal . . . when I see those huge buckets of popcorn and those gallons of soda . . . I think to myself, how on earth could anyone get through them . . . and what's more why would you want to??? I like medium sizes myself, but when you think that today's medium is twice the size of yesterdays . . . well, the mind boggles. Slowly but surely these things have crept up and up. They say the way to boil a frog is to raise the temperature of his water . . . one slow degree at a time. The frog never realizes that it's being cooked, and before he does . . . it's too late. He's toast . . . despicable.

Well, enough of that . . . an inspiring thought for the day, ok?

"Happiness is not the absence of problems, but the ability to cope with them."
~author unknown

On offer today in The English Kitchen . . . Roasted Summer Berries with Honey Whipped Cream!

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